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Working with Your Assignments

As we stepped into Heaven to find out what we were to talk about this evening on the Courts of Heaven Mentoring group, Donna could hear all kinds of musical sounds. They were happy sounds. The sound just made her spirit happy.

She asked, “Lydia, what are these happy sounds?”

Lydia replied, “These are the joy sounds of heaven. The joy of celebration, the joy of His (Jesus’) beauty. The joy of His success. The celebration of His courts. The people of God need to know that they can come to Heaven to receive this sound of Heaven. They suffer because they lack seeking after the Kingdom of God. This is seeking after the kingdom of God, when your soul is stepped back, your body is relaxed and your spirit man is forward, ascending through Heaven to hear the heavenly sounds.”

Lydia asked Donna a question, “Did you feel the sound in your spirit before you heard it?”

Donna replied, “Yes.”

Lydia continued, “Did you hear it first or feel it?”

Donna answered, “I felt the sound in my spirit before I heard the sound. I also hear a lot of laughter and what sounds like a room full of fellowship, where people are eating and laughing and chuckling.”

“Is it joyful?” Lydia asked.

“Yes. It's very joyful,” Donna replied. “It's very lighthearted. There is not a negative thing in the sounds. What beautiful sounds of Heaven.”

Lydia explained, “It is the sound of Heaven's fellowship; enjoy enjoying the presence of the son. His presence is everywhere in Heaven. We easily enjoy His presence. You can come and easily enjoy His presence.”

“Yes,” Donna replied, “We lose out because we don't step into Heaven and hear those heavenly sounds.”

The atmosphere then shifted to a more quiet, sober, and serene atmosphere within what seemed to be a different area of the heavenly realm. Lydia explained, “This is the sereneness of purpose. What you sense is the subtraction of busy-ness. It is the flow of purpose. It has things to do; things to accomplish, and places to be, but it does not hold distraction and it does not hold busy-ness. It does not hold anxiety. It does not told anxiety about the outcome. It holds faith and belief in a good outcome. This is His presence as well for the increase of His glory on the earth, to be at peace and operate from peace. Peace is a strength of Heaven, and you can engage this peace from your spirit, from your spirit man.

“Sometimes humanity in the body of Christ has them trying to do the work that angels are supposed to do, and they get in a state of anxiety. The angels are supposed to war on our behalf, and we are supposed to direct and co-labor and work with them. We simply must believe that they are capable.”

Lydia began giving an example of Leviathan, “When people find out about demonic entities, such as Leviathan, they begin to wonder and have some curiosity about it, and they step over into alignment with Leviathan and that's not good. You can know about it, but you need not know everything about it or worry about it. You will need to just put angels at work about it. Call your angels near and let your angels step in. You are not meant to fight against Leviathan so let the angels of the Host fight through the angelic network.

“When Ezekiel tells you that he has been working against Leviathan in victory, the anxiety you feel is because you've overstepped into thinking you need to do something about that when it's Ezekiel that does things about that. You just direct him and see what he needs. See what the victory is. Continue to encourage him in his activity against Leviathan and remember, Leviathan is a defeated spirit. It is an absolutely defeated spirit. What humans do is they think about that spirit and forget that it is defeated, and it grows. The deception is that it will grow in their mind as an undefeated spirit when it is totally defeated. It knows it is defeated, but it is counting on the fact that you forget that and that you do not know it is defeated and then it can work against you. It works through deception. So, you must be very discerning about it.

“You must think of these spiritual entities that have been defeated as very small, because they all are small. But what they do is they project themselves as large, as impenetrable, as impossible. They are lying to you. They are deceiving you. You are greater than they are. You are more powerful than they are in Jesus. You have a bigger projection than they do because you project from the realm of the Kingdom of God. But, when you forget that and, and just do it from your humanity–from the physical plane, then you are unequally matched, but angels are NOT unequally matched.”

Donna began to describe a visual of Ezekiel taking a spear with a fork at the end of it and just poking that slithery, lizard-looking thing (Leviathan) and it was obvious it was afraid of Ezekiel. It was slowly slithering away.

Lydia said, “It is good to visualize that. Don't let the enemy project his largeness to you when he is little and under your feet.”

As often is the case when speaking with Lydia or Ezekiel, when they are done with a subject, all discussion has ended on that topic.

We asked, “What is something we need to share with our group tonight, the people of God that gather on Tuesday night to hear revelation?”

Receiving Assignments

Her immediate reply, “Let us talk about assignments. The people of God who are seeking the Kingdom are the ones who receive assignments. The people of God who have yet learned to seek for the Kingdom of God are not receiving assignments from Heaven, instead they are making them up and assuming that there is an assignment when there is not. This causes the body of Christ to suffer unnecessarily and needlessly. An assignment from Heaven can be known when you seek the Kingdom. You can step into realms of heaven and ask if there is an assignment for you, or Holy Spirit can give you the unction that you have an assignment.

“Assignments are activities–sometimes of words, and sometimes a deed. They work to bring the peace of God to the earth. They work to bring the manifestation of the principles of Yahweh to earth. They often have signs that follow them.

“When one completes an assignment or is working through an assignment in faith, there are many signs along the way to confirm, but assignments are spiritual things. They come from Heaven. They do not come from the earth realm. They do not come from the intellect. They do not come from thinking it up.

“Assignments can be found in the Court of Records. Saints can enter the Court of Records and find out if there is an assignment list, what is at the top. Some saints may be surprised at what is at the top of their assignment list.

“Assignments from Heaven come with timing. So, if you have missed an assignment, it may no longer be on your assignment list because the timing for that in your life has passed. Heaven knows that you are in time. Heaven knows that you are in space (and by that she means geographical space).

“Being led by the assignments of Heaven make for a richness in one's life, because it's a spiritual assignment that the spirit receives.

"The spirit gets the agreement of the soul and the body to carry it out. And the spirit must be forward and receiving the flow of Heaven to continue.

“The assignments come and go. They are not static. They have a flow to them in time and space and you can miss an assignment if you are not in the right timing. These assignments can be with others, can be with teams, or can be solo.

“With the assignments of Heaven, you can get an assignment, or you can get an inclination of an assignment in a dream. You can get an inclination of an assignment by listening to Holy Spirit in your quiet time or in your journaling time, or by praying in tongues. If your spirit is focused on what Heaven is doing, even if your soul is in front, your spirit knows your soul is in front, doing something very necessary like caring for a child or caring for an elderly parent. If your spirit is also focused on Heaven because you have had quiet time to get that assignment, then during your day your spirit is connected with the Spirit of God. Even when your soul is doing things, your spirit man is going to know when to break in to do an assignment.

“Some of these things are prayer, or kindnesses, or the release of language to another human. Living by the function of the spirit is another way to say this. This gets settled in your day when you open your day in some manner of seeking after God and giving yourself permission that your spirit is going to abide with the Spirit of God all day, and your soul is giving permission to your spirit to come forward and break through at any time.

“Your soul and your spirit are divinely matched. They should work beautifully together in a flow of which one of them needs to be in operation in the moment.

The trouble is for many humans, the distraction of the physical plane, the distraction of intentional distractions by world systems and the capturing of the attention of the spirit through witchcraft, pharmakeia, wounding, and activity of demons…these things distract.

“Let me explain what I mean by ‘capture your spirit’. Your spirit is not captured, but its attention is captured. Its ability to flow with God, to thrive in the presence. It is not ever away from you so much as it is just turned to look at these other powerful things that are gaining its attention. So, what happens is the soul compensates and the soul takes on a double-duty and tries to be the spirit and the soul. The spirit of a man is refreshed in heavenly places, by the Spirit of God and by ministering angels. But it also can be disciplined to live that being's life.

“It is a spiritual discipline. It is a work of pausing to determine what part of me should be working right now. What part of me should be presenting up front right now? There are times of the day, times of the 24-hour clock where it is really primed for your spirit to be receiving from Holy Spirit and many do not do that. Therefore, many are sad, they are sick, they are hopeless, and they are purposeless because your assignment and your purpose come from Heaven.

Little pieces of assignment make up the whole of one's purpose.

“And it flows in through one's lifetime–through the times of one's lifetime. There are times when it is seasons, it is cycles, it is times of the day, it is times of the week, times of the month, times of the year. It is where your blessing from Heaven is so available. If you will tune your spirit and receive.

“These are also the times where the enemy is at work to deflect, divert, and disengage you from your primary life-giving moments of spirit to Spirit and operating and working from heavenly realms working in heavenly realms. So, the continuation of learning to live spirit-forward continues and must be practiced and advanced. When you feel stuck you must learn to ask your angels to come near to help you and they will.

“Assignments can also come from messenger angels. These are for the mature saints. And by mature, I mean those who are several years on the planet, as well as the number of times spent in the presence and seeking heavenly realms.

“Wider portals are opening for this even now in the earth. Wider portals and more saints operating from their spirit. And all of this is going to bring Heaven closer to earth.”

About Resistance

Changing subjects, Lydia said, “I want to talk about resistance for a second. Satan and his demons will work to resist you operating in your spirit. If you do not know that, you are going to let his lazy efforts keep you from being spirit forward. And he is very lazy.

“The primary thing he will project to you is that this is too hard. The second thing he will use is others are better than me at this. I will just leave it to them. When you fall for these things, the kingdom of darkness wins in that moment. So do not be like that. Be assured and confident that you are competent, that you are a spirit being, you have spiritual access to the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, angels, the cloud of witnesses, heavenly realms, and that this is meant for you. Then practice, practice, practice. Make time to pause. It will be surprising to you that even if you pause for 10 minutes and seek the Kingdom for 10 minutes, how it will change your morning or your afternoon, even amid clamoring distractions and natural things that have to be taken care of.”

Continuing, Lydia said, “Here are some of the lies:

  • I cannot do that.

  • There is too much going on.

  • I cannot do this now because I am no good at it.

  • I can't pause and get into presence and be in spiritual realms even for 10 minutes, because there is no time.”

Lydia said, “These are some of the lies of the enemy and you must surmount them. You must overcome them. You must leap over them. Stand on top of them, rise over them, conquer them, and put them under your feet and see how small and inadequate and piddly they are. Your practice at doing that a couple of times in a row in a season is going to really help your soul step back, sit down, and rest and your spirit and your life be enriched.

“Quite honestly, you need to encourage each other in this. You need to encourage one another to be spirit forward. You need to talk about the enemy's lies and his distractions. You need to help each other understand when they have fallen into a pattern of being diverted, and discouraged, and distracted so you can encourage one another to break out by getting in the presence, getting in your secret place, and getting there in a consistent manner. And to recognize that Heaven knows when you are attempting to do this, and Heaven is trying to help you. If you have time for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, that is better, much better than no minutes.

“Let this be the biggest encouragement you give the body of Christ. Two minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, 18 minutes of being in heavenly places, seeking the Kingdom of God, stepping into the realms of Heaven is so much better than no minutes.

“Give them this word: ‘surmount’. I will surmount the distractions. I will surmount the diversions. I will surmount and seek the Kingdom of God.”

Surmount and seek the Kingdom of God!

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