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Working with Paradigms & Realms


The entities Wisdom, Knowledge, and Under-standing joined us in this upper conference room we were now in and took a seat at the table. Wisdom said, “You do not have to focus on how massive it is in front of me.”

Stephanie remarked, “She is having me look down at the table at something she rolled out. What I saw was the word, ‘paradigms’”.

Wisdom explained, “You are walking in a paradigm. There are other paradigms. There are Godly paradigms and ungodly ones.”

Stephanie said, “I am seeing these paradigms as councils. This paradigm is a council. There are multiple paradigms and in each of these paradigms, each one is its own separate paradigm. And there is a governing in each of them.”

Lydia quoted the Scripture, “‘Choose you this day whom you will serve.’”[1]

Stephanie remarked, “Lydia just blew my mind by showing me that that Scripture is a paradigm. It is a choice of a paradigm.”

Lydia said, “You have just learned about trading in and of yourselves into darkness, and that is a paradigm. There are evil councils and wickedness that are set up that have created the routes with which each of your pieces of yourselves are traded on.”

Stephanie explained, “Now she is going to show us these other paradigms. There is good in them. There is good, Godly counsel. These are strategic places upon the grid.

“What I saw on the grid when there was a Godly trade, was that the witness then made trades in those Godly councils, the paradigms within paradigms. It is the same concept. Satan is a copycat. If Satan can trade pieces of us which are ungodly trades, then there are Godly trades made in and of ourselves as well.”

Stephanie paused, “I have a question. Is a witness, a person in your generational line, or is it someone else?”

I responded saying, “They could have been somebody who knew you, a relative, or somebody that was aware of you that you did not know or anyone else Heaven assigned to you.”

Malcolm remarked, “It is like their role at that place in time on the grid is as a Godly trade is made. They go to this other paradigm, and it is like- they are turning in that trade and it is recorded and put on the books. Then, from this Godly council of people decisions are made related to that trade. It is like a decision-making process among them to not only trade back into that person's life but to trade greater things back into that person's life.

“There is a decision-making process among this counsel to not only trade back into your life, but to trade greater things back into your life because Heaven never does less.

“It is as if that man in white- that witness- took this piece of Stephanie and handed it over to the council and then they came back and said, ‘We are giving this back to you bigger, much greater that the original piece…above all you could ask or think.”[2]

Stephanie looked down on the grid and could see where there are places that the enemy has set up along the trade routes that you have to give a piece of yourself to keep going and moving forward down that path. She said, “I am also seeing places where these witnesses are set up for when you trade Godly things. These dominions of evil councils are set up above these places. I am seeing above these Godly paradigms (it is as if it is a place, just like the ungodly is a place), but they are above. They are higher than these other paradigms.

“It is not like a dominion. This paradigm is a place. It is a place, but it is just a different paradigm of a place. It is a strategic place that the Father put around this matrix where these Godly trades are made. That is why He is always bringing us back into himself in a greater capacity. Because even though we have traded into darkness, through the Godly trades that we have made, there's so much more given back to us.”

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energizes you.” (Ephesians 3:20) (TPT)

Malcolm just said, “Oh, you mean pieces of your inheritance? Yes.”

He said, “When you choose to trade with Heaven, pieces of your inheritance are brought back to you.

“When you choose to trade with Heaven, pieces of your inheritance are brought back to you.

“When you choose to walk upon that original path, all your inheritance is laid before you.

“When you choose to walk upon that original path, all your inheritance is laid before you.”

“That is what this means. As you are walking on this path, remember I told you that there were still pieces that were not all the way back, but as you are walking this out, those pieces are being brought back to you. The completion of that is the full inheritance. It is where we can tangibly see and experience the full inheritance that is ours laid before you from the foundations of the earth. That is why the enemy fights so hard. They must fight harder because there is so much more stacked against them in the Godly trades.

“There's so much more given back to us than what they take from us.

“You have never been told that. That is why there has been hope deferred. People did not realize when they traded into the Kingdom of Heaven, even the simplest thing, so much more is restored back to you. That is why the enemy fights so hard because he does not have a leg to stand on. If you understood that victory, you would walk in this.

“There is no comparison to what the Kingdom of Heaven has in store for His people.

“That is why ‘greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world’.[3]

“So much more is traded back into you through Godly trades than what was traded out of.

“You seek this principle of understanding.”

Stephanie remarked, “So, he just showed me a simple example. You are walking along in your Christian life, and you slip up. You realize what you did, and you repent immediately because you do not want anything between you and the Father. Your immediate repentance is a Godly trade. What was meant to be taken out of you–that small bit of yourself that you gave away for a moment, what is restored back to you is so much greater. People will not walk in the shame and be belittled by those mistakes that they have made- those mistakes made by those stepping off the path that they have made- when they realize so much greater is given back into them and to them from the Kingdom of Heaven, from these different paradigms, from these councils for you have traded into Heaven.

“That is why the Bible says that there is so much more for us and on behalf of us. There are so many more for us than against us. I always thought it was just the angels. It is not. You have witnesses on your behalf. We have always heard and known that Jesus is our advocate. He is always praying on our behalf and interceding for us, but we also have these witnesses too! We also have these Godly counsels that are trading back into us that are set up by the Father, and we have the angels. We have those that are men and women in white that are our family members that come up to that line that I saw that one time, and they are interceding for us, too. There is so much greater for us than against us.”

I said, “Matthew 6:33 and the verses around it are examples of trade. As you seek the Kingdom, all these things (housing, clothing, food) are added.”

Stephanie said, “I am just so blessed by this, because just as an individual person walking this out (and I do not walk in this anymore where I would just be so overcome with shame for the smallest thing that I did), people will not walk in that kind of tormenting shame because they understand how much more is being traded back into them than what they traded out of themselves. Wow! I love Heaven.”

———— · ————

Understanding Realms

Our instructor for this encounter with Heaven was Malcolm. He wanted to give us an understanding of realms. He began, “Realms of Heaven are what you would call galactic or intergalactic. They are represented by spheres. Your spirit and your star are like this. The planet is like this, and the realms of Heaven can flow in and out of these spherical containers. They are many and varied. They each contain a flavor of the expression of God’s knowledge, wisdom, power, and might. The Father and the Son, through the power of Holy Spirit, know all things in all realms from cycle to cycle. To understand this, you will need to consider the density of time. You will need to think of time as dense layers of cycles.”

Malcolm continued, “Imagine taking a slinky and putting its ends together, and what do you have? You have a spherical donut-shaped object with layers, each ring representing a layer. Now, imagine those rings are without end.

Realize that realms are related to time, but it is easier to say that they are linked to time density.

Some realms have yet to be opened, as they are reserved for other cycles. Some realms have been closed, having completed their revolution.”

Building Realms

He went on to explain, “When you open the silver channel,[4] you are opening a passage to a realm. When you build from creativity, you are building a realm, because you are made like the Father, and you are an heir. Those made like the Father, who are not heirs build realms of darkness in league with total darkness. They capture things in those realms and therefore Satan needs them and is using them. He has convinced them through deception, but he holds them in bondage, some having given themselves over to him. Their realm has become not only dark, but a hollow, vast wasteland of nothing. This causes them to seek to deceive others, so that that they might capture another’s realm.”

He added, “This capturing of realms is what you see in satanic rituals. They use the soul, or the 3-D plane, to access the realm within the person. Therefore, they intentionally fragment soul realms. They are seeking after the spirit realm that is connected to the soul realm.”

Malcolm elaborated, “To you, your realm is protected with the blood of Jesus and with angelic activity. It is protected with the Word of God and with righteous deeds. It is protected by a position that seeks to be filled by Holy Spirit, so that the clash of these realms in the density of time takes place.

“There are many realms in your Father’s Kingdom. Not all realms are available to you as natural, living beings.

However, your spirit will eternally investigate realms, creating within the Father’s massive realm His expression through you and through your spirit.

Nations are also realms, having been built by a collective agreement.”

Levels of Agreement Create Realms

Malcolm continued this fascinating teaching, “Do you see how levels of agreement create levels of realms? A neighborhood is a realm. A city is a realm. When two or more individuals agree, a realm is created—the individuals are filled with the agreement. This is what happened to Eve. She gave agreement to the one who coveted the realm she was responsible for stewarding. She had assignment to multiply. She came out of agreement with Adam and into agreement with darkness. This was a trade, and when other realms saw a human trade like this, it created illegal trading floors where they wondered at the centrality of Almighty God. A portion of these other realms saw that they could trade with the offspring of Yahweh in illegal ways. This still goes on today. These illegal trading floors will be overthrown, and this is happening even now.”

Steward Your Realm

“As you can see, you must steward your realm,” he instructed. “As you steward your realm with what you call the ways of Yahweh, you enlarge and empower it, and it becomes recognized by other realms. As you think larger, you began to see an unlocking effect. Some realms only desire to trade with human realms that are filled with light because that realm is associated with the Most High. They are convinced of His centrality, meaning His Word is truth. He is who He is, as He told Moses. The statement, “I am that I am,” was a signal to other realms, but it so filled Moses’ realm with ability that he was able to accomplish what he did.”

Concluding he said, “Many realms are watching this play out. Innumerable realms exist that you want to and can trade with. What they trade from is an expression in their realm of who the Father is. Those who are lacking the Father’s light and the centrality of who He is—they trade from deception, control, bondage, and plunder. They trade what they have stolen from other realms because they have nothing good to trade. Right now, they are trading for your words. For this reason, you must speak the Word of God in season and out of season.

"Realms desire to trade off the words of the heirs of the Father.”

———— · ————

[1] Joshua 24:15 [2] Ephesians 3:20 [3] 1 John 4:4 [4] Opening the silver channel refers to one of the steps for releasing lingering human spirits. See Lingering Human Spirits by Dr. Ron M. Horner.

Lydia and Malcolm are persons in white linen who assist our ministry.

Ezekiel is the chief angel over LifeSpring International Ministries

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