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Wisdom's House

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Immediately after an engagement with Malcolm (a man in white who tutors us), we were inside Wisdom's house.

Stephanie described what was occurring, “We are being asked to sit at her table. She pulled the chair back for each of us. It's a round table. It reminds me of sitting in a garden and we're having tea.”

Stephanie released what Wisdom said to me, “You are being entrusted with The Wisdom of Ages. The Father has longed for the release of this. There is a trust (and she just laughed for it is another play on words with that), that has been invoked upon you and with wisdom and understanding there will be simplicity with this. Part of the process in this is to invite her into this process when we specifically go to look at the Generational column of the Ungodly Parameters.(1) This is an instruction for her invitation by us every time. That will create the ease. Thank you, wisdom.”

She got up and put her right hand on my shoulder as she was standing behind me and said, “I have entrusted you with The Wisdom of Ages.”

Stephanie said, “She's showing me that some of the hidden things in the book of Daniel are being played out through this. This is an in time and out of time revelation and it needs to be treated as such. In doing this work, you will do this in time and out of time and in every age and dimension on behalf of the realms of the peoples.”

She just said it again, Stephanie said, “This is The Wisdom of Ages created before the beginning of time–for time, for this time, for this age, for the people, because of the Son, because of the Father's love. Thank you. Thank you, Father.”

Stephanie continued, “So now I'm seeing that she has walked us over to her wall which is made of pearls. There are all sizes. Some very large, others medium-sized, and others quite small. I'm seeing inside of each pearl it's as if I'm looking at every person on earth in their timeline. It’s like I'm looking at their specific life and looking into their dimension.”

Wisdom said, “Oh, how I have longed to be invited into their situations.”

Stephanie and I both said, “We invite you into mine.”

Stephanie continued sharing what she was hearing, “That's why it is important and relevant that as we do this parameter work, for her to be invited.

Admitting that I was having a bit of a struggle understanding the term “parameters,” she handed me a plateful of little petit fours and in each one of them was a pearl. She said, “You are going to digest it. It is going to be a digestion within you. And because you've invited me, I am going to walk you through this as you digest it because you have been entrusted with The Wisdom of Ages.”

Stephanie replied, “Thank you, Wisdom for allowing me to even have a seat at the table.”

Wisdom replied, “You have it because you keep inviting me into your situations.”

Again, Stephanie replied, “Thank you, Wisdom.”

As we walked out the door, she patted us both on the head and laughingly said,

“You have some things to digest.”

Stephanie described the petit fours saying, “These little petit fours are about this big (fashioning her fingers into a small square about 2 inches by 2 inches. They are completely iridescent. They are outlined in solid white, and I can see the pearl inside of them, but I can also see what I would think of as the texture of caramel on the inside of it, but it's not the color of caramel. And on top of them they have a beautiful scrolling, like intricate artwork.”

In wisdom’s house you’ll find delightful treasures and the oil of the Holy Spirit. But the stupid squander what they’ve been given. (Proverbs 21:20 TPT)

(1) This is explained in the book Dealing with Bonds, Trusts and Consequential Liens in the Courts of Heaven.

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