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Wielding the Sword of Resolve

Have you ever given thought to how much resolve Noah must have possessed to spend 120 years building an ark to load with a sampling of all the animals in preparation for a flood that had never been experienced before? It must have taken great strength of character. It also took strength to realize that all you had ever known, nearly everyone you had ever known were going to exist only as a memory in the future.

After spending over a year on the ark, his first act was to build an offer and make a sacrifice to the Lord. Do you think at that time there was a weariness in him or was there a resolve in him?

Resolve is the firm determination to do something. It is firmly deciding on a course of action. The long ordeal was now over. The question is, how do you think he felt about being right?

I would imagine he had a good resolve, but how is resolve built?

Resolve is built by seeing the faithfulness of God.

Has resolve been built in us?

We would like to think so because we probably have resolve on many levels, but we also think about other challenges.

Do you think Noah knew there would be challenges? Of course. We need to treat resolve as a wielding sword. It's a placement in our spirit versus our soul or body realm.

If you wield resolve as a sword, it cuts away the doubt that infringes.”[1]

Doubt infringes on people. We must learn to wield the sword of resolve and do it properly. Then we will experience victory.

Resolve is an important factor.

Factor in math is any of the numbers or symbols in mathematics that when multiplied together form a product. In this case it forms the product of the sword.

It's also a number or symbol that divides another number or symbol. The situations we face are symbols. The sword can divide the symbol.

I request the factor of resolve to be wielded as a sword from my spirit in Jesus’ name.

I request resolve for my spirit to wield it like a sword cutting away all doubt that infringes.

I am in unity and harmony, so I have a knowing my soul and body are in unison with this and with my star.

I charge my spirit angels of my realms to help me wield the sword of resolve.

I ask, Father, (since you are Lord over my Spirit) that you would help me wield the factor of resolve within my spirit that will then teach my soul and then my body. My soul and body are one with my spirit.

As the prayer above was prayed, a huge angel showed up and presented a glorious sword that was shining brightly. We took the sword and put on our spirit.

[1](Infringe: Actively break the terms of (a law, agreement. Violate, breach, transgress, break) Oxford Dictionary

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