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What if?

As we began our engagement with Heaven, we heard someone saying, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (That verse makes sense by the end of this encounter).

From Heaven, “What if Tuesday was Thursday and Thursday, was Tuesday?”

Stephanie replied, “Okay, I'll entertain this. What if Tuesday was Thursday and Thursday was Tuesday?”

From Heaven, “Remember, there is no time in Heaven.”

Stephanie responded, “I'll remember that as we move forward in this session.”

From Heaven, “There is no time in Heaven, but the timing of the Lord is very explicit. That's the problem with earthbound folks, they are not willing to wait on the timing of the Lord, but mostly because they don't understand. There is no time when it comes to the Father. He's inside and outside of time. So, what if Tuesday was Thursday and Thursday was Tuesday?”

Stephanie thought Malcolm was tutoring us, but instead, it was Einstein[1] and she replied with her understanding, “If people were to realize that today's issues and problems are just todays, that by the time Thursday rolls around things are quite different, aren't they?”

Einstein replied, “Now you're getting it kid. Focusing on today's problems without realizing that in two days, those problems may not even exist, if the sons can look ahead, understanding that the Father is already ahead of them; He's ahead of time in their lives, on behalf of them, they could gain such strength. The indwelling of today's problems is a spiritual mishap with the sons. In their sorrow and in their struggles, if they can think about the notion of ‘What if Tuesday was Thursday and Thursday was Tuesday’, they can pull themselves out of the miry clay and the pit of despair in that particular moment.

While on earth, the reality that the Father goes ahead of us. People have been singing about this for years. The sons really have no concept that this is actually true, but if they did their thought lives would be so different if they understood that their Tuesday can really be Thursday! He already has the victory for them. Get outside of the time where they are thinking that the time they're in, in that very moment, is forever. Forever is here. Forever is in this realm – in Heaven. The duty of the sons is to stay out of the earth time and to stay in Fathers timing.

Stephanie remarked, “Einstein, thank you for that.”

He said what he wanted to say, and he is gone.”

[1] Albert Einstein is a man in white linen, as is Malcolm, who often tutors us in the realms of Heaven.

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