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Walking with Wisdom

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Stephanie and I had engaged Heaven when Wisdom appeared with a large iridescent pearl in her hand. She was turning it in her hand and reminded me that she had given me the Wisdom of Ages a few days before.

She instructed us to tell the people to invoke her. Invoke wisdom in everything that they do and in all the teachings that are being taught.

She said, “If they come to her door and request wisdom and the use of the simplicities of the Capture Bags and the use of the extraordinary things that LifeSpring brings to people that she will give them the Wisdom of Ages. It is the Father's desire that you carry wisdom–the pearls of wisdom around your neck.”

She set that large pearl of wisdom on the table in front of me and said, “It is yours for the keeping. It's the continuing of the Wisdom of Ages. As I teach you, I want you to teach the people that she must be invoked–she must be invited. It is necessary.”


Ezekiel then appeared demonstrating how he and Wisdom walk together through things and that as we teach the people about Wisdom and the need to understand that using wisdom and all of these things including arming your angels, co-laboring with your angels, that it is an important piece of the puzzle.

He's showed us that he and wisdom were holding hands and that's how he wants the people to see themselves as holding hands with wisdom and wisdom holding hands with Ezekiel, which is also representation of their own personal angels. It's a three-cord strand.

He smiled and began to walk away hand-in-hand with wisdom. In his other hand he slung an orange bag over his shoulder.

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