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Walking on Water

This day we had our first engagement with Peter. As he walked up to us, he affirmed that he was the Peter from the New Testament and he said, “I walked in the ‘strength’ and in ‘adjudication.” To adjudicate is to act as a judge in a court case and render a decision in the case.

Peter said, “Remind the people that in their weakness, HE is strong, especially in the court processes. This is where you lean not upon your own understanding. The people will bear much fruit in that humility.”

Peter handed Stephanie a scroll that had the words, “Next Steps” written on it. He said that he would be coming alongside of us. It felt like he was joining our team. I took the scroll and placed it in my heart.

Peter continued, “You want to talk about governing? I had to learn it the hard way. I'm here to bring ease in the matter.

Governing is not just a tool, it's a right.

It's truly where there is strength and adjudication. The perception has been that a person is too weak in their understanding to go into the courts. It is not in their strength. If they could go into the courts with the mindset of where they are weak, He is strong, then there will be strength in the adjudication process for every person. It is truth. This is not in and of yourself. Lean on counsel, lean on Wisdom.”

Stephanie asked, “Peter, how did you struggle with this?”

Peter replied, “I had walked with Jesus. I thought I knew everything. It was only the beginning. Today, I am here for such a time as this. (He showed us that revelation would be coming at lightning speed.)

Stephanie remarked, “Thank you, Peter, that you're going to be bringing ease of this for everyone. I find it interesting that you're telling us you're going to be bringing us lightning speed revelation.”

Peter added, “The Father never gives you more than you can handle.”

Stephanie replied, “So what you're saying is, we can handle lightning speed revelation. Amen. Hallelujah! That's all glory to God.

I asked, “Can we take a look at the next steps scroll now?”

Peter responded, “I thought you would never ask.”

Stephanie requested, “Help me with the lightning revelation. To hear it and to see it properly, to discern it well, to transcribe for the people. I have said yes to being a phonograph. May I hear the frequencies of Heaven, in Jesus’ name?”

She noticed that suddenly Peter was walking on water. We remembered that Peter was the one that got out of the boat, and he had always been razzed for sinking in the water while everybody else was safely in the boat.

Peter said, “What if I told you, you could do this too?”

Stephanie replied, “Well, many of us have read your story, Peter, and all of us have said, “Well, if Jesus said we would do these things and greater, we believed it in our head but not necessarily in our hearts.”

Peter added, “Why do you think I sunk? I got all up in my head. Walking on water, it isn't head knowledge. It never can be. Everything is a spiritual matter. (When he said ‘matter’, he just showed us the matter that the water is made of.)

He asked, “What's the matter with this matter? (Now he has raised his feet up showing me the matter of what our bodies are made of.) What is the matter with that matter? It's heavy and it sinks, doesn't it? But, if you were ‘Spirit Forward’, your spirit would carry your body.”

Stephanie exclaimed, “Wow, WOW, Wow. I'm blown away right now! Our spirit will carry our body!

“You blew my mind for a second because I saw our spirit come forward and be like the bubble with our body inside of it.”

I added, “And bubbles can float.”

Peter explained, “When Jesus called me onto the water, my spirit man was forward. I was excited realizing that was Jesus out there on the water–the one that I loved, my brother, the one I believed in so much. Before I realized what I was even doing, I was on the water. And then I got into my head and my spirit man took a back seat and my soul came forward. That's why I began to sink. Don't get me wrong, I believed the principle of being spirit forward. It will make you think every time, in every situation.

Live spirit forward and you will walk on water.

And boom, Peter was gone.

Stephanie remarked, “Look at the revelation you were given about living spirit forward, and now we're going to come to this new thing of being spirit forward and knowing we can walk on water. This is also where we're going to be able to suddenly be in a different place! I love Heaven. Wow!”

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Walking on Water
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