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Utilizing Keys

Donna and I had engaged Heaven for insight into several matters when the subject of keys came up. The previous day Donna had met an angel bringing keys with different people’s names on them. During our Tuesday mentoring class Donna had distributed some of them by instruction of Holy Spirit. In this engagement on Wednesday morning, Malcolm, a man in white, who often instructs us on a variety of topics came and began speaking.

He began, “You are wondering how to teach the people to receive what has been bestowed. A key is for unlocking. Keys are symbols of unexplored or as yet unexplored territories or spaces. This can equate to a gifting, an expansion within your realm…many things. A key from Heaven unlocks a new place you have yet to explore. I am not talking a space geographical spaces, rather I am talking about dimensional spaces. A new key provides access. It could be access to a new manner of living your life, a new relationship, a new gifting, a new manner of being. Remember, God is the great, I AM and some of these keys are to your ‘I AM ness’ as He expands Himself in you.

“The Father is delivering many keys right now. And He sent out angels with keys and key rings into the earth to dimensional places in His people with the enlarged understanding of spiritual realms. You need keys to access what you have not yet had access to. I am not talking about places in the heavenly realm. You already have access there and can freely move in the heavenly realms. These are tangible and intangible things in your world. In the 3D world, they will manifest as tangible things, but in the spirit world they will be apprehended, walked through, or walked into–that is a better way to say it–walked into in–tangible ways.

“For instance, wealth from the kingdom of God will manifest in the heart of the believer who has unlocked that area, having been given a key to unlock that area in his heart that he may begin moving in new paradigms of all manner of wealth. I am not talking about money. I am talking about wealth or riches. Some keys unlock riches. Riches do equate to financial increase. This could also be financial increase in–not money, but objects like houses, cars, real estate, buildings, travel, and associations. Then some have been given keys to new giftings. These are spiritual giftings that touch the church–the gathered ecclesia, the corporate bride, or the corporate body. They make her glorious when engaged in corporate things.

Some are receiving keys of knowledge. This is like access to realms of books, libraries of books, the mind of Christ, or the knowledge of the Father. Some are being given keys of relationships that have now been unlocked. And some are keys to destiny scrolls that now is the time for their unlocking. This has to do with mountains and access to mountains. Some have been given keys to illumination like the place of His flame and flame within you–dimensionally a new access to that for the purpose of His power to come through you. Keys level you up by giving you access to places you have not explored or had access to yet.

Utilizing a Spiritual Key

“The way one utilizes a spiritual key is to receive it with joy, agree with its work of unlocking what has previously been closed, then to take the key insert it into a spiritual lock, on a spiritual door or a door in the spirit. (That would be like a prophetic act.) Put your key in the lock, turn the key, and open the door.

A key holder has already been given the authority of opening the door.

“The key had to come first. The door has always been there. The person may have stood in front of the door for a while spiritually speaking, but once given the key, they put the key in the lock, they turn the key, but then they must grasp the handle of the door and open it. This type of door swings inward. It swings into the space that you are accessing and provides your entrance to explore this space.

Dropped Keys

Malcom said, “In past seasons there have been dropped keys. You may find these dropped keys when you are traversing the realms of Heaven. You may find these dropped keys in physical territories of the 3-D realm. When you find a key ask the Lord if this is your key or if you have a right to use it. If you do, you will be told what it opens. If you do not, you have recovered it for the Kingdom and an angel will come to receive it back to His Kingdom. You have redeemed a key. This is recorded in Heaven about the individual redeeming a key.”

Exploring What Has Been Unlocked

“To most intentionally explore what has been unlocked is a journey with the Holy Spirit and angels. You can know the pleasure the Father has in seeing you engage what He has released the key to unlock.”

Malcolm continued, “Humans cannot achieve this on the fly. This takes willful, intentional spiritual work to be a child to step into the realms of Heaven, ask about the key, ask to be informed. Write it down. Follow it through in the natural realm and let it build out as it grows.”

Donna noted that Malcolm was serious in delivering this information. She described it as he was happy even elated, but he also was very sober about it. It felt holy and that is because these keys are tied to the times. Keys are always tied to seasons, times, cycles, ages, forward movement; for the Kingdom of God is being built on earth as it is in Heaven.

With that our engagement ended and we went to immediately share with our closest partners what we had received.

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