Using the Keys for Harvest

Donna and I had but a brief time to engage Heaven this day and had appealed to Ezekiel to come near, however, he was in the midst a battle and was unable to come for at that time.

In the meantime, we entreated Lydia to speak with us.

She spoke briefly: “The angelic realm is busy. Commissioning angels continually is catching on and it is good to commission your angels. Some of them are pleasantly at work for the first time in a long time. Some are new to their duties, having new networking skills with the angelic host and Ezekiel.”

At that point Ezekiel appeared having completed the battle he had been engaged in.

Donna began, “Thank you for coming and letting me know that you are here. Are there weapons that you need? You need weapons of warfare and weapons for plundering. He is also asking for assisting angels."

Ezekiel said, “These are not necessarily backup angels, but they are additional assistance for the ranks.”

Donna prayed, “Father, we ask you in the name of Jesus that the angel Ezekiel and his commanders be supplied with assisting angels for the ranks. So which weapons do you need? Which weapons of warfare do you need?

He replied, “Battle axe. Something called a sledge[1].

Donna asked, “Is there any other weapon of warfare that you need?”

She heard in reply, “Listening devices, and binoculars.”

Now we inquired what he might need as weapons of plunder that he had mentioned earlier.

Ezekiel said, “A sack.”

Donna said, “It looks like a belt that has pockets.”

We asked, “So what it is? What do you call it?”

Ezekiel called it a sash and said it holds small things for safekeeping. It had openings in it that served as small pockets. He also requested keys. Specifically, he requested keys to doors underground, keys to doors under the earth and keys for doors under the sea.

Ezekiel said “The sons and daughters of God in Jesus have not fully grasped that they have the keys that Jesus has.

We possess the same keys Jesus possessed.

The keys that Jesus has are ours. Many act like they are not.

The human race who are in Jesus Christ and yet alive on the earth have not realized that they have authority to use the keys that Jesus has, and he has ALL the keys.

Angels do not have the keys!

The sons and daughters of God have the keys.

Angels can bring keys to the sons and daughters of God, or the sons and daughters of God can release keys to the angelic realm to those angels that they have authority to work with.

“It is important to note that not every son and daughter has access to every key, but to the authority that they have been given by the King they have keys to those things.

These keys are not obtained by angels. They are obtained by the sons and daughters of God. Therefore, the express unlocking of new territories, the express unlocking of the warehouse wealth of the Father's warehouses and of the harvest and for the removal of veils these keys remove veils on God's people and on people who have not yet acknowledged the Lordship of Jesus Christ. These people are the wanderers. This grouping of people would be the ones that you call the lonely.”

Donna inquired, “So would you say the lonely–those who are wandering, because they are operating from the emotion of being a lost one–not being connected, or lost as in they are not joined, that we can release the keys of God's Kingdom to angelic hosts for the opening of doors, and the removal of veils?

Keys remove veils and keys also bring harvest.

By harvest he means the wealth of the Kingdom and the timings of God's timing. We have the keys! We the sons and daughters of God have the keys to authorize angels to use.

We have the authority to authorize the angels to use these keys.

Donna asked, “Ezekiel, is there a specific key? I feel like this ministry has already a key to a revelatory flow and you ha