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Understanding Trade Routes

Continuing from the prior engagement, we asked Osirus, our instructor if he could he assist us at the basic level to understand trade routes–the galactic trade routes that we saw–the pathways in the heavens that went into the earth.

He began, “I have much to tell you, but there are some things you cannot understand. Like what Jesus told the disciples. You can know that there are hidden trade routes that intersect dimensions of the earth realm of which you are not aware. These trades have been ongoing. Broaden your mind to understand the largeness of the Creator and the differing realms and beings.

The goal of trade is power.

Donna said, “Can I ask you a clarifying question? The goal of trade is not authority. It is power. It is like illegal power?

He said, “In a phrase you would call that demonic power, but they don't refer to it like that because it is not that race of being, but it is a pursuit of power. They know they cannot pursue authority.

“What they are doing is pursuing power outside of authority and that makes it illegal.
“A purpose of a demonic trade is to one up you.

A demonic trade is to one up you. So, I am not going to ever trade righteously with you. I am always going to trade with my thumb on the scale. I am always going to seek to outdo you to get a bargain over you–get a get a one up on you. Then, that gives you some something like bragging rights when you can prove to other galactic beings that that is what you have engaged in and successfully done. This is in Hollywood movies and has been for a long time. “

So, you must imagine a realm completely without righteousness, completely operating in the dark, in, in non-elimination, completely content to operate that way. But it is unrighteousness–wickedness at every turn. It is like wickedness trying to outdo wickedness, evil trying to outdo evil. The redemption, the redemptive work of the saints is to the Godhead is for the eventual overturn of every wicked realm beginning with the earth. But moving into other realms and we, in the natural, we have seen wickedness in human history, but we have not connected the dot that those operating like that and who are being moved by these galactic leagues that are competing against each other for power. It is like you said, ‘This like a giant board game to these beings?’

“They resultant authority given to the sons of God and those sons operating in their authority as they grow up in the church, and by that he means as the bride herself gains more of her own authority and moves in it.

“I'm talking about collective large group unity movements. We do not have those yet, but eventually we will. It will, at one point, cause the heavens to unroll mentioned in that verse in Revelation.”

We asked, “Why is the earth the goal?”

Osirus replied, “Because Yahweh has decided that he will marry the earth realm with the realm of His Kingdom and that He will, in revealing the overlay of His Kingdom on it, He has divinely chosen to do this through the earth–through the creation of earth, and thus the earth is the point of contention. It is the goal. It is the prize. Thus, to Adam, He said, ‘Subdue the earth’ and in subduing, He meant to steward it before the Lord so, that it could become the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. So, that is your basics.”

He says, “You can look at it like this, these galactic players gain power by causing misery and by wooing the human sons of man, not the sons of God, but the human sons of men, by wooing them, luring them, and tempting them into agreement with their evil agendas. Thereby, they take that human who thinks he has all this power, but really, he is a pawn and being used by these galactic players.

Many of them are finding unnaturally long life due to the powers given to them to from these galactic beings and because they are still living, they have need of their carcass. They not being human (they are spirit beings of some type) and these galactic beings must have a point of contact. They must have a human to carry out what their goal is.


I asked, “Is that why some of these men will manifest as reptillians[1], or is that a different league altogether?

He replied, “Yes. Over time a human engaged in this sort of endeavor that human eventually surrenders their life to that entity–that galactic partner. Imagine that evil covenant and they are engaged. So, you have an evil covenant, you have evil worship. So, rituals and all that stuff are a form of evil worship, but the more you are engaged in that…you know how as the sons of God we died in Christ and were raised in Him. Well, it is the same way with the dark side too, where when they die, they give their life away and they are promised covenant promises from that evil side. If you can think of it as totally mirrored other side of that. They eventually lose their life, and that entity is able to take over.”

She asked, “Is that what we would call reptilian?”

He replied, “It's one league of that. It is one player of that.

He continued saying, “But you can't take the full amount because then that carcass would no longer be human so, it is a delicate interplay of how much they can get away with until that carcass is no longer human. But the minute they cross that line, they lose all their power. They are hybrids of a sort.

“There are other races of beings that exist on the interplay of dimensions, but all of these interplays of dimensions have access to earth. Should they choose to engage with earth they could. Many have. Many in ancient times have, many have decided earth is not worth that right now and they are not engaging in the earth realm in the dimensional field or the plane that would be the portal opening between their realm and earth.”

Donna asked, “The sons of man are meant to redeem all of these, aren't they?”

Osirus replied, “Not the demonic, not the league players, but the other races. They are to trade with them.”

Donna replied, “That's why I saw the ship. Was what I just saw, can you bring me to a landing place with that?”

He replied, “Concerning the Fathers’ race of humans it was the divine will to come as the Godman through Jesus to redeem sons to himself for the purpose of those sons to redeem all races–even races you don't know about right now, at least to play a part in that and to play a part in the judging of the nations. But it is not nations in the sense of geography as much as it is judging of the races, it is judging of the DNAs, if you could say it that way. It is the different races being redeemed to the creator through the sons of God who are in connection with Jesus, operating in oneness with Him.”

He then gave Donna an example using the science fiction movie Star Trek saying, “You know how, in the recent feature film movies where the aim of the inter-galactic council was to go out and explore and usually what they did find was a race in need. So, in their humanity, they helped them out and helped things come to some resolution. And the counsel that sent them out is trying to befriend them so that a trade happens. This may not be real Star Trek, but this is what I am saying. So, if the sons of God or that council, working with the court realm of the Heavens you always have the legal means through the court to bring all things back to Him. So, all things that want to remain out of alignment with Him, the sons of God are given the opportunity to bring into alignment by the working out of the courts and the grace and the mercy that they would extend to a race because they are working in their Father's business. Think of it like that. You could say in a future era or in a future age and age to come, that is why the contention is going to land on. The point of the final war is going to be on the earth because this is where we are. And the evil side of that.

“That is what the plan of Yahweh is for His sons to operate in, briefly–doing the work of redemption back to the Father. If the sons of God are employed in the work of redemption, everywhere they go, redeeming things back to the Father, back to alignment, back to rightness with him, then the work of those who have chosen to stand as enemies against God are doing the exact same thing only from the dark side. And since they do not have what the sons of God have, they have only to spy on them, trip them up, bring them into temptation, and all of that. Hoping against humanity understanding the Father reaching out to them to afford them a way they can get freed of those shackles they find themselves in. That is just a unique way of saying the gospel, isn't it?

“On the earth you have all the different races of men and so the Star Trek Federation thing is trying to give us a picture of what we are about. They are always going on peacekeeping missions to other solar system and to other planets.

“Think about how you, Ron, have a family. You want to redeem your family first, right? You want to see it all go well with your family, right?

“Think of it like this in from the terms of the Father, He wants to see His family–the earth, that it will be right with this first planet. But what this planet does not realize is there are all these other outside races affecting what the Father is trying to do with His family. There is some analogy there too.

“So, we are told to go to the city, the state, the county, and all the different levels. But where does it have to start first in my house, but also in my family house. Then I must have my state running well. These are the various roles of the sons of God, even to nation states and then to races and then know timeframe to do that. This is part of the broadening ability of the church as the Bride grows up.

“It is not that we are still really young, it's just that we have a way to go. But not to think linearly because with exponential growth, it mushrooms. Therefore, the understanding of the era is important.

Osirus asked Donna about the church and the bride and how she saw the difference.

She replied, “I'm not sure.”

He began to explain, “Yahweh is content that not all members have to be awakened, but if some of the members in the Bride are awakened, they are self-wakening up all her members. That is why you cannot dis the other people in the Bride. They are just not awakened, but they will be. It is the tares are involved too.

Not every church is a church that Yahweh built.

Osirus said, “What they're hoping to do, one of the league's agendas is to find a remnant in the earth that is neutral to God and open. They are not evil. They have not fallen into the pit of evil. They are not shackled to rituals and all of that, but they are not hot for God either. They are in this middle of the road and the aim is to create a larger population that is in the middle of the road because they can do something with that. They can sway that. Therefore, Father said, ‘Be hot or cold, don't be lukewarm’[2].

Creating Neutral Populations

“The agenda of the leagues is to create a populous so neutral that their conscience is seared to God.

They no longer have a moral compass, or they do not have a compass at all. So, they wander. A wandering populace, if a nation falls into that, that is a preferred state according to these leagues. Like in the days of Noah with everyone turning to own way and doing his own thing. Everyone doing according to his own way.

A populace neutral to God is available for trade.

“These are the souls of men whose souls are seared, and seared soul is not evil. It is not like they are hot to serve. They have been marked neutral. So, if you are marked neutral, it does that equate to they do not have to worry about these people and they become the subject of the trade.

“The cares of this world and things like that will cause you to be neutral to God. forgetting whose likeness you are made in and if they feel like they have one (these leagues work to bring that), if they can bring a populous–let's say a nation, let's say a league of beings is working through a particular nation to bring it to a neutral state, then they gain power from that and in their world–in their realm, and they trade on that. It somehow gives them power to trade.”

Donna remarked, “With this idea of trade is, it almost becomes like there is not an actual thing that they trade, it is just this power marker.”

As we were receiving these insights, we paused to reflect on how we were having to let some old concepts (or misconceptions) go and embrace new concepts. You may be facing the same thing.

Continuing, we asked, “How do the sons of God trade all that neutral population to bring it to God? As we see the galactic leagues trading for them, there has to be a redemptive way to bring about the opposite result.”

Osirus responded, “The trade is unto God as we redeem them for Him–these neutral ones. Rescuing them, showing them how to become disciplined not to be neutral.”

Donna remarked, “I never saw it like that but that is an amazing way to see that. I bet if you did a word study in Scripture about neutrality and all the different things Jesus said, all the different positive things he said about keeping your fire burning, keeping your heart hot for God, those things are instructions about how not to fall into this neutral state. The fear of mankind falling into the neutral state is their deceit. That is their deception.

“I was going to ask Osirus, “If their goal is to bring more populace to neutrality, what would be the purpose?”

He said, “To bring to God this amount of population made in Father’s image are who are no longer hot from after God, they are neutral to God. And therefore, to force His legal hand for they know who rules in righteousness and justice, to force the legal hand for him to give up the earth, to give up his own creation, to give them over. But then they will never win. That is their deception. He is God and they are not. They are created beings. Satan knows they cannot gain more glory than God. He already tried that and failed. So, what he can gain though is he can take those that would worship God, make them neutral, and then present God with a package that says this many on the earth are neutral. They are neither for me, but they are neither for you. And therefore, the accusation against God is that God has lost power and Satan has gained power because of the amount of neutrality in the earth of the sons of men. The playing out of this is the scope of a scope I cannot see and understand, but in somewhat of an essence that is true. Satan does know what his ultimate end is, and he knows it more than you do. He understands it at a greater depth than you do. That does not mean he is not working overtime. This is where the nation of Israel, those who are born after the bloodline of Abraham come in and it is the trump card that you always will use against Satan's argument. Because the Father will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers[3]. He will create a fire in that nation and by nation he means genetic bloodline, Israel. He will fulfill his promise to Abraham and to David.

Resisting Neutrality

“There's a mystery there. Paul said that to you. You know how Scripture tells us that God knows the heart. The heart reveals the degree of heat for God, the passion for God–for Yahweh, and it has made up of that heat for God. Many things contribute to the loss of passion, including the bloodline. The curse on a person is from the iniquities of that bloodline. Thus, the work of the cleansing of bloodlines is to give people a fighting chance, not to fall into neutrality, but to continue to have the ember of God in them burn after the Creator–and yearn for God. When Adam fell and lost his glory covering, he lost the yearning of his heart to know God. Even in his fallen state, the degree of glory that was still at work because the glory had been on him was still so powerful that Yahweh could meet with him even after he was released from the garden of Eden. That amount of heart beating for God.”

Donna noted, “I think he's using the word heart in a lot of diverse ways here.”

He said, “The memory of Adam’s blood still held the quantity of the memory of the Glory, and therefore, God could still meet with them and talk to them. For that reason, Cain and Abel were able to talk to God and to commune with God. For that reason, they knew what worship of Yahweh was.

“So, the battle then would be over the territory of man's heart, but it's really not territory. Mostly it is the needle of that man's heart and belief system–his conscience. That is enough for today.”

Thank you very much Osirus.

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[1] Refers to those who shape shift from human to reptile-like. [2] Revelation 3:16 [3] Malachi 4:6

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