Understanding Evil Timelines

Following the Coastal Carolina Conference Adina, Robert, Jody, and I underwent severe physical attacks because of some very bold declarations I had made. We had stayed an additional 3 days at an AirBNB near the beach. Several strategies of the enemy were put into play one after another. I won’t discuss all of those at this point, just the most pertinent one where Lydia instructed us on Understanding Evil Timelines.

On Monday, Donna and I met, and she mentioned that over the weekend she had what she considered were some radical thoughts that she shared in a text with some of our intercessors. She texted, “Here are my radical thoughts. See if you can go with me here. Ron and Adina are suffering from a physical ailment with which they are not in agreement with, and they do not have the fear of it. They will recover. However, and here's the radical thought…we need to declare a timeline shift–the shift over to the other godly timeline, where Ron & Adina never got sick–the spiritual timeline in the spirit, which is the true timeline, not the fake. I know this line of thought is weird.”

What brought her to this line of thought was a dream she had over the weekend. She described the dream. “Last night, several times in the night, I had this dream. I saw two images of Ron. The two Ron's I saw were identical copies of each other and they were standing nearby each other, but one was elevated. I worked this dream through with Holy Spirit, and as I pondered it to this point. I believe He's showing that there is another timeline in play here and we can invite the true timeline in since it's the truth and align with the truth and speak that over Ron and Adina.”

She and the intercessors did some prayer work earlier related to this but did not feel it was complete. More information was needed.

Donna continued, “It's almost like this; when the four of you left and went to that condo, that wasn't very happy, you stepped into a weird portal that took this alternative timeline and ran with it. And we had to close the gate, close the door to that. I don't think it's finished.”

The Skate Key

Donna continued, “So, the other dream I had, and I'm not sure it's connected, but I feel like it is. I had this thought sometime in the night. I was suddenly thinking about a skate key. In the morning, I even had to ask Lawrence if he even remembered this object after decades of not ever thinking about a skate key. I had the thought that I had been given something called a skate key (for use with your old-fashioned roller skates).

“Do you remember back in the day? Metal skates were adjustable. You put the skate on your foot, but then you had to lock it using the key, so it would fit you. Everybody always said, “Don't lose the skate key! You had it on a shoestring tied around and hanging from your neck because you needed it every now and then because the skates would loosen as you skated. I probably had this when I was in the first grade.

“So, I was given a skate key and I kept thinking about a skate key all night long. Something had been awarded that was a key. Jesus owns all the keys–so, it came from Him. I had a key, and it was to skate, but I had to lock it on and keep it locked. In other words, you must lock in! You must focus if you're going to receive the thing that's going to cause you to skate. I think the skate analogy is just moving forward at a faster accelerated pace. So, I praise the Lord for that, and I do think that's happening because I'm getting some revelatory flow on some things.

“So, back to this timeline issue.

“As a son of God, I step into the Business Complex of Heaven requesting in the name of Jesus to meet with Lydia.[1]

Understanding Evil Timelines

Lydia began, “You've heard it said that Satan attempts to change times and laws. This is true with the fabric of time and his desire to be able to create as Yahweh. The Creator, creates. You must remember, there is no end to the lust that Satan has for the attributes of God, the attributes of Yahweh, the attributes of the Most High. This has gotten him in trouble, and it will eventually result in his destruction. Nevertheless, before you now is the understanding of his attempt at capturing time.

“It's true. Witchcraft is used in this, even incantations from of old. And when I say old, I mean, ancient, I mean pre-flood. I mean the knowledge of the Counsels of Heaven of which Satan had knowledge of at that time, but for which, when he corrupted his being, he was cast down.

“Nevertheless, being cast out doesn't mean he lost some of the knowledge that he carried–that his former self carried. However, his former self–it was not his current self–in that moment. So, his knowledge was corrupt. He had knowledge, but it was corrupted knowledge. He had corrupted it by the corruption of his own being. (This sounds like a circular argument, but you'll find a pathway in it.)

“Therefore, he attempts to bring time under his dominion. And the creation of another timeline is his attempt. You'll notice that the corrupt timeline is only an attempt.

It can be reversed by the sons of God, through the glory portals of Heaven.

And the sons of God are learning to do this. The reversal of corrupt or false (you may call them evil timelines) is first to see them in your vision. That's what you were shown.

“You were shown Ron's realm. Then you were shown another “Ron's realm” and it appeared an identical copy. Yet, there was no combination. They were separated. You (Donna) were shown this.

“Heaven’s help is to adjust the timeline back to the original–to the Word of God, to the Word of the Living God. Evil attempts to corrupt the Word. Your sense of this was correct. So, to progress to the next step your understanding must catch up with what your spirit knows and that is the part I'm playing. [That was the part Lydia was playing for us.]

“Your soul is going to want to know why, but I want to show you the reconciliation of the time, and where it malfunctioned due to corrupt beings and agents of darkness. I am not going to show you the humans that were used to accomplish this because there are many, but just know that the deception Satan pulls on humanity is for the purpose of using them for his gain, which is to corrupt all things for

Satan can have dominion over corruption and things that are corrupted, but he cannot have dominion over light and things that are righteous.

Satan will take that which is righteous and attempt to corrupt it to bring about his will over that human. For the human agents of darkness, this is their pit, this is their temptation to sin, which has trapped them in deception.

“Some of these will come out. Some of these will not, because their will has chosen their preference and their conscience has been seared. So, while I will use the words incantation and witchcraft, you may know that there are many voices in this hour set against the Glory of God, but Ron has determined to be the releaser of The Glory and the agents of darkness tremble. When I say tremble, I'm telling you, they don't have an answer for this. Therefore, they must stop the portal that it's coming through. If coming through Ron's portal, they seek to shut it down. Do you see how this is not a personal vendetta against Ron? It is a generalized fear of light and glory through God’s timeline fabric.

“You have heard me say this before, paths can be smooth and made without wrinkle. It's the wrinkle that is the issue. It's the problem. The wrinkle is the point of the two timelines, because a wrinkle comes when you have an overlay of fabric. It's a wrinkle–an aberration in the fabric. So, it layers one on another. The need is to smooth, straighten, and stretch out the timeline fabric with the release of angels to do this and with the verdicts of courts to release for the destruction the other timeline. These go hand in hand.

“The destruction of the other timeline needs a verdict of the Just Judge. You are seeking a verdict of destruction of the false timeline. This is an ownership issue of one’s timeline fabric. I say “timeline fabric” because it's not a