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Truth in Trade

As my Executive Assistant and I engaged Heaven, we were taken to a conference room where Lydia was seated. When asked what she had to share with us, she stated, “The Subversion of Truth.”

To understand more clearly what Lydia was saying, my seer looked up the definition of subversion: “The undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.”[1]

My seer remarked, “So, it's the undermining of the power of truth? Lydia, can you tell me what the subversion of truth is?”

Lydia replied, “Everyone believes they have a version of truth. People grow up believing their version of the truth. That it is truth, but that is just the thing–it is their version of the truth. Seeking the truth from the Father is a whole separate means of knowing truth of living, truth of becoming. The deception is believing your own version of truth. The truth of truth is the most impactful thing in a person's life. The despairing of truth in people's lives comes from their own lack of understanding that they are walking in a truth that is not their own. It has come down from the family line. That is their version of truth. That is where the rubber meets the road.

“They must seek the Father's truth for them. They must lay aside what is believed to be true and ask the Father. He is willing–He is wanting to lay all true truths before His sons, even the smallest measure. Wisdom is standing BY truth, Understanding and Knowledge all are there for the sake of truth. This is a lesson for all. This is a point of laying down yourself. It means laying down everything at the cross, to the feet of Jesus and asking Him the question, the one who will give you the truth. Ask, seek, and knock, and you will find this truth.”

The seer remarked, “Thank you for that. Lydia. I think what I'm hearing you say and a point to the people is, that we all have a version of truth that we believe in ourselves, truth about family, truth about our lives. And it could be just that–our own version. What you are saying is to put everything down to Jesus and say to Him, ‘I believe this about myself. Is it true? Or is it not?’ He will give that person who asks for the absolute truth, no matter big or small, the truth. Is that what I'm hearing you say? Is that the point you're trying to make today?”

Lydia responded, “Yes. Even the smallest truths that have a bit of untruth in them, makes the whole matter untrue.”

My seer replied, “The only way to walk in this life is with 100% knowledge of who you are in truth. That's good to know Lydia. This is about us laying everything before the Lord–old mindsets and religious thinking. I see it clearly now, Lydia, thank you for that. This will allow people to ask this of themselves, and especially regarding religious thinking. Is there anything more you want to tell us about truth?”

Lydia said, “It's imperative.”

[1] [2] Matthew 6:33

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