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Trading Outside of Time

The seer and I were scheduled for a podcast with Spirit Centered Business host Bralynn Newby. Lydia (our heavenly Business Advisor) joined us and instructed us about the upcoming podcast. Heaven had downloaded insights into Commerce for Sons and Daughters of God which we shared at the initial podcast and ended that conversation with the statement, “And we haven’t even talked about trading outside of time,” (See the Preface). We were about to gain some insights into that with this engagement.

Lydia said, “Talk about the practical components of operating from Heaven down with this audience. Start with talking about how from Heaven down, those in Heaven (men and women in white, angels, and others), are primed and ready, they have already accepted assignments from the Father in the realms of Heaven–the eternal realms, so they are just waiting on those on the earth. They are not twiddling their thumbs waiting, but they are waiting for any who will come and shrug off religious paradigms that prevent the access of heavenly revelation.

“As you know it is a combination of belief that you have an invitation to trade from Heaven down to engage Heaven's input for your trade, to access hidden wealth, wisdom, functionality, creativity, and nuances of relational ideas that come from Heaven that are quite easy to follow through on from earth.

“Start with talking about operating from Heaven down once you have documentation (your Declaration of Trade and the Deed of Commerce and Trade), and a beginning relationship with those assigned to you from Heaven for your business/ministry. Heaven is always ready.”

Lydia said, “We are quite ready to do this. Heaven is waiting on you. They are waiting for those who bravely launch and try.

“For example, when your child/grandchild is learning to walk, and they fall over after 2 toddling steps. You do not get upset if they fall. You are excited that they are trying.”

Lydia said, “We are fully invested in your toddling steps. We are primed to help you. We are never disappointed. We are happy with your effort, and your desire to understand this way of doing business from Heaven down. This is the way it has always been meant to be with the sons and daughters of God.

“Heaven has so much to share, and all Heaven has to share comes from Father.

Everything Heaven shares comes from the vast warehouses of the Fathers’ ability, creativity, provision, etc.

Since Father is always creating himself, then Heaven wants to help His sons and daughters with the new.

“Heaven may not necessarily be going to talk to you about the old. They will talk about what can be and what should be. God’s people and Heaven creating the future together is one of the plans of the Father. Doing this from trade–which is taking something and multiplying it is ideally suited for this.

“Know that the enemy wants to corrupt what you have determined to believe.

Until The Day the corruption of his character will remain. He will operate from the corruption of his character until then.

The child of God focused on Heaven does not have time to worry about Satan’s mess because we are so engaged in putting into practice and operating from the design of Heaven.

Some call these the blueprints of Heaven. Some call these the will of Heaven.

Some call them the negotiations of Heavenly realms through the portals which are the sons and daughters of God so, that the earth becomes a reflection of Heaven. This is the plan of the Father and these plans do NOT fail.”

The Fabric of Time

At that point I asked a question of Lydia saying, “Yesterday, The seer reached back in time and pulled something forward. Is that how some inventions were ahead of their time, can these things now be pulled into this present day so they can be actualized now?

Lydia responded saying, “Time is like fabric and malleable from the spirit realm. When you step into spiritual places the time fabric is different. It does not move or sway like you are accustomed to on earth. It is unsettling at first to recognize that...

From eternal realms - all things are possible

“So, the reaching back in time, reaching forward in time, bringing time together, or the melding of time is possible here. Of course, it would be, but you must learn not to be freaked out by this.

Discipline the soul to receive that this is possible.
“Don't consider it odd or off limits because it is not!”
Access has been granted.

Lydia asked, “How will sons and daughters of God grow in these things if they do not come here and try? If they do not embrace what manner of depth, that exists in heavenly places.

I will tell you a motivator - your enemy and principalities and powers of darkness have been trying to do this for a long time.”

“When you understand that those who are trying to operate in the occult, which is illegal access to Heavenly realms, illegal access to what God has reserved for sons and daughters of the King. If they value it enough to try to steal it, it must be valuable.”

The seer noted, “So, why are we not trying to come in and understand how time works or lack of time, or how time is malleable in different dimensions? We should absolutely understand that our Father created it all. He created the eternal realm, which is the ‘not time’ realm. And he created the time realm for sons and daughters of God.

We are like Jesus in this and can operate in and out of time.

This should not be a surprise. It should really not freak us out, and if it does, we are still trapped by religious paradigms.”

Lydia continued, “Religion will keep you from your inheritance. The religious find their comfort in ritual. The spirit of religion behind religiousness is wicked because it wants to box in and prevent access to all that the Father has made available to His sons and daughters.

It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. (Luke 12:32)

“This verse is the invitation - the proof text of the Father’s willingness to work with those who will step into heavenly realms by faith, with belief and trade from there.

Abraham did this.

Abraham traded out of time!
“He traded out of time for the purpose of the heir.

His request was so firm, and he was so firm in his understanding that even as a man of time he could wait inside of time for the fulfillment.

“What you see in his life's story are the interruptions of demonic temptations and his struggle to remain firm in faith regarding the trade that he knew he had made. He knew this trade was not initiated by Abraham–this trade was initiated by Heaven.”

Trading Outside of Time

We asked, “So how do we trade outside of time?”

First understand that faith is the currency of the trade.

“The trade is spirit. It is eternal–outside the dimension of time so, therefore it is eternal–it is spiritual. It is outside of the dimension of the 3-D plane. It must be engaged in by your spirit. Your soul cannot trade outside of time. It cannot trade with Heaven. Your spirit trades with Heaven. Your soul cannot be involved.

All things transfer through the spirit realm using the currency of faith for the manifestation of what you have believed for.

“Attempts have been made is some areas that were very infantile, but notice Heaven is not upset with those who tried. Some simply ran ahead without wisdom. They ran ahead without understanding. They ran ahead without counsel and were not even yet crawling. They were still infants lying on their back.

“But just because the attempts were infantile, Heaven does not close the door to it. The access is still open. It has just been a momentary need for the Body of Christ to have time to mature and come alongside.

“After that was the understanding of the will of Heaven and the will of the King and the will of the Kingdom and the reminder that you are as righteous sons and daughters of God in Jesus Christ, you are to seek first that Kingdom, that Kings’ domain, the Kings realm and the Kingdom inside the King’s realm and the King inside.

Inside the Kings realm is the Kings heart.

“You must mature and learn the ways of this Kings’ realm.

“Unrighteous activity, deeds of darkness, and manipulation (being motivated by control to rule over others by way of gaining identity) is not the Kings way.

“When you seek to grow up in this area Holy Spirit is the teacher and counselor. The need of the son or daughter of God is to pay attention and be willing to surrender and be schooled by the Spirit of God within.

Trouble happens when the unction of Holy Spirit is ignored.

“And when all the signs are being displayed by the hands of angels to assist the saint in remaining free of temptation and in the will of Heaven is ignored. This is when trouble for the saint begins. The grace of Heaven comes into play at the point of repentance, for that son or daughter is never lost to the Father being in the covenant blood of Jesus, but the blessing may be lost until repentance is sought and you gain a willingness to play out the role that you have been given and not anothers' role.

“For example, the son is not the father, the father is the father.

Corruption comes when the son tries to be the father.

You can take this either from natural or spiritual understandings. The same is true.”

Frustration with World Systems

Lydia continued, “I will speak to the sons and daughters who have a deep current riding within them that causes their frustration with world systems. These who are aware of the intensity of the dissatisfaction with world systems, to these very sons and daughters of God is given the invitation to bring forth what Heaven has as the alternative to world systems.

Do not expect the world system to run to your door when you are bringing something from Heaven.

“A lot of spiritual establishment has to take place before those who have been lured by world systems will turn their face to encounter the jewel that you have mined from Heaven and are now presenting as an alternative.

“Yet, there are many names on many scrolls that are embracing the jewel you have mined from Heaven. Your stewardship of that jewel will be not to expect the world systems to give you honor or recognition for it, for those remain for you in heavenly places.

Some of this is a surrendering to the point of willingness to turn one is back on world systems and their measured ranking of recognition.

“Yet, Lydia says (with some satisfaction on her face), there are scrolls written about this in Heaven that have already been opened and are being read by us here in eternal realms and now our true excitement grows! This new opening of intensity for the sons and daughters of God to throw off shackles of identity from world systems, forsaking that for what has been stored up in heavenly places for them outside of time.

To these sons and daughters are given the invitation to bring forth what Heaven has as the alternative to world systems.

She said, “You have a saying – ‘If one life is changed it is worth the doing.’ Equate this to the scripture where it says Jesus would leave the ninety-nine to find the one sheep, not lost as in salvation, but lost as in having lost its path to be shepherded by the good shepherd.

Jesus was making trade by being a shepherd.

“And he does it well. He does it with excellence.

She asked, “Do you see the new measuring of what you would deem or term success?”

“Do you see the new measuring of Heaven has to be engaged once again.

The soul is not suited for this, but the spirit is because it has capacity to gain spirit knowledge.

This is a satisfaction of the spirit of a man or woman.

All things are not profitable, but all things are possible.

Discernment from your oneness with the Spirit of the Lord and all His seven refractions [1] will equate to Heaven’s success through your portal.

Lydia said, “I will tell you of a pitfall–that is where you measure by emotional terms from the soul realm that which should be measured by the spirit. This sets a disharmony and dissonance within the vessel–the body of the person. It is simply because the soul is trying to do the job of the spirit, or the soul is out of alignment where life from the inner man should triumph even over life from the soul. Is this not the final triumph?”


[1] Referring to the Seven Spirits of God found in Isaiah 11:2.

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