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Trading on Ungodly Bonds

We had been asking about a current global crisis and Eric (a man in white who was tutoring us) said, The realm of darkness is engaged in ungodly bonds, and they are trading on them. Some ungodly bonds come from soulish actions of people, others from the courts of hell, and still others from galactic interference.”

He said, “Imagine an entity–a galactic beings who is trading on the power of how many ungodly bonds they have released against the sons of God.”

“How does that work,” we asked?

He said, “They don't receive power directly from the person they have put the bond on. That realm has a sort of scale that gives them knowledge of that. They can tell. So, searching out the counsels of hell, searching out legalities, like the bond can be, iniquities in the bloodlines and things like that. The searching out of that to continue to put the bonds on the living is the work of darkness and these galactic beings get recognized for however many ungodly bonds are successfully applied. This is what makes the courtrooms of Heaven revelation so imperative for the sons of God to realize they have access to remove the legal grounds, because the enemy is using the legal grounds against the saints. And that realm is somehow able to recognize those who have studied and found loopholes and devious ways to even trip the saints up so that they can bring charges and have legal grounds to then implant an ungodly bond.”

I had a question, “Is it the volume of the bond plus the value of the person? Is that a component in there?”

He replied, “The power that came, (not the power of the person), but like you would gain ungodly power out of the ability to affect the numbers of people that the ungodly bond would impact. That power could be applied and works generationally through a number of the people living on the earth. So, let us say you have a person in India and an ungodly bond is loosed against a man a community, however many places that his life touches that is going to exponentially increase. So, to afflict a man who has a lot of sway in a community would grant the being more power. The more influence, the more power derived from placing the ungodly bond.t would be important to trip up major leader in the Body of Christ.

“Sphere of influence, following (that would be sphere of influence) and even family lines. So, imagine Celebrity A marries Celebrity B and the influence of that one celebrity to the other it cross-germinates so influence in multiplied. They would get more brownie points for that kind of big score.

Eric began speaking of height and depth. We wondered what that meant.

He explained, “The height of a person's status and the width of their reach, but don't let that confuse you that the councils of hell are not also searching out the grandmother who prays in her house constantly and has little influence or power. They work to stop both.

“Imagine a grandmother like that praying in her from her living room but operating in the courts to remove the bonds not only from herself but from others, what a powerhouse she is; what a hidden fire she is.”

I asked, “Are there different levels of bonds?” We had a sense that the bonds that were on the galactic level were on a different plane than the bonds we have been dealing with typically.

“We have dealt with the demonic principalities and powers, but on occasion we end up dealing with galactic entities or a galactic prince. They are the ones responsible for the high-tech tracking devices that are not your average run of the mill tracking devices. They have a bond that seemed to go on a different level. That was the inference to us. We had been coming across that fairly often.”

The seer said, “Eric, I'm just going to ask you to speak to that and let me hear what you're saying.”

We moved to a classroom. This would fall into the category of other realms-bonds from other realms and Eric says, “This is the essence of the dirty trade and the other realm beings are interested in working with spirits assigned against the earth. So, the galactic beings do not want to get their hands dirty, so they are working like hidden slave masters behind the curtain, and they are employing. So, my sense of this is these beings are separate from your low-level demons. But they feel more intelligent. So, you have your low-level demon who works for a boss, right? That boss works for a boss. All right? Those are all earthbound earth realm evil beings. But the beings behind the curtain are these galactic beings that are employing the bosses that work the demons as slaves. It is like that.

The intensity level of the evil here is increased exponentially. It is vastly increased, and these evil beings have divided themselves into leagues and there is a great competition among these leagues to gain influence and power in the running of the evil realm, the evil spirit/low level demons.

Prince Pretenders

For instance, a low-level demon manages to trip up a person of profound influence. Then he brings that to the boss and that boss brings it to his boss. The earth-realm principality boss then takes that to the galactic being. The galactic being somehow (since that is in his realm), his league is empowered by that trade and that translates that he now has more status against the other leagues. They are prince pretenders.

I asked, “Do they have another title?”

He replied, “Princes of the power of the air.”

I asked, “Do we go about removing these bonds in the same way or is there a different location for those records?

The reply, “You are going to need greater access for that.”

We asked, “Is that a key we need? Is that a badge we need? Can we request it, or do we have to apply for it? What?”

The seer said, “I see a box. I do not see a key. I do not see that we have been granted access to that. Is it like that?”

He replied, “It has to do with timing.”

“So, if we run into this just keep doing the bond severance the way we've been taught?”

“Yes,” Eric replied. “The bond severance that we've been taught. the spread of it and the use of it by the saints, the especially the use of it over cities is so young still that it needs to have time to grow, and we must have more embracing of this revelation by the saints. We must have more engagement of the severance of bonds. Remember individual, family, city, nations, it has to mushroom. It must grow. It must be more seeded into the earth realm. As we do that, the gained power of these prince pretenders. The power they have been given is redeemed. There will come a day where the next level of bond severance is open to the saints, but that has not happened yet.”

And he says again, “Don’t think it's a linear thing, just work so that you're approved as a good workman and can continue in the task until that day.”

We thanked Eric for his tutelage, and he left.

Transition of Trade

The seer remarked, “Why am I seeing a ship? I am just seeing this giant ship. Eric is gone so; we are going to have to go back to the Help Desk.

“The ship is a trade route. I see this large ship with sails. It looks like it is Phoenician and so, asking the Holy Spirit, ‘Why are we seeing this?’ He said, ‘Because what we are undergoing in the current day is a transition of trade. The populations of the earth right now due to corona virus are undergoing through duress, a transition of trade.’”

Returning to the Help Desk we asked, “Is there someone to talk to me about the current trade transition?”

Asked by someone at the Help Desk if she had seen the ship. The seer replied, “Yes.”

A person in white came forth whose name we were not given. The seer asked, “Can you give me your title or how is it that I've come to talk to you?”

The tutor explained that he operates in the merchant area of the Business Complex.

She asked, “Can you explain to me why I'm seeing a vision of a ship?”

Holy Spirit said, “This is in reference to transition of trade.”

The seer remarked, “I need the elementary version.”

The tutor explained, “Nations are created to trade. Their population within the nations itself is created to trade on many levels of trading. The unseen realm works through trade as well. The profaning of trade was sin and when you profane trade at certain levels it corrupts purpose and destiny. Trade routes are being traded in galactic areas right now.”

The seer remarked, “So I heard you say that the trade routes themselves are up for auction.”

“Yes,” he replied, “in the earth.”

The seer continued, “That is why we are experiencing this?”

The tutor said, “Yes.”

The seer asked, “Did corona virus start this?”

The tutor replied, “Corona virus is being used as a tool to implement this. This is against the will of the Father and outside of the timing. Satan is trying to change times and seasons.”

The seer asked, “So do trade routes and all their many dimensions are they synced with the time of the Lord?”

“Yes,” was the reply.

Holy Spirit said, “This was like the days of Nebuchadnezzar.”

She asked, “Can you explain that?”

Holy Spirit explained, “Nebuchadnezzar had reached a pinnacle point in the control of trade which began to corrupt him and for which he paid dearly. This was related to Babylon. It was premature. Nebuchadnezzar was like a pawn to galactic entities trying to make trade route changes that had not been approved by the Father.”

The seer remarked, “This just bends your mind.”

Holy Spirit said, “You would have to look between the lines to see this in scripture, but it is there. Remember the statue that Daniel saw. Each of those markers of time were other attempts at the violation of trade routes and they are trading off their bluffing like at a poker table, when you say, ‘I have this and the other guy says, maybe you do.’ It is like that. It is not a pleasant honest activity that they hope to engage in one day. These beings will use humans or spirits. They will use the interplay of their spirit realm society’s maneuverings. They have been doing this since ancient times.”

The seer asked, “What is their goal?”

He replied, “Their goal is the earth and to dominate humanity.”

The seer remarked, “This will make you just let go of all your little silly religious stuff, won't it?”

I asked, “Who is teaching us? Can we know your name?”

We were told, “Osirus[1].”

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Trading on Ungodly Bonds
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[1] Osirus is a man in white who assisted in this engagement.

[RMH1]Ended on 4/19

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