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Timing Devices & Taxation

A couple of years ago Heaven taught about an angelic weapon called Timed Devices. We discussed this in the book Engaging Heaven for Revelation - Volume 1.

In this engagement with Heaven, we learned about a vastly different item known as Timing Devices. Stephanie and I had been discussing the concept of cycles of time and how some people experience attacks in certain areas of their life at the same time each year, or each month repetitively. You may notice in your own life that there is a certain month of the year that you are essentially loath because it always seems to have calamity of some sort associated with it. With that on our minds, Heaven began to unpack how to deal with this type of situation in the Courts of Heaven.

Timing devices are encroachments upon our timeline designed like a bomb to go off at pre-appointed times. When asking if we could get more insight, Moses joined us and said the word ‘frequencies.

We watched as the ground opened in front of us, but it was a picture of what hell would be. The frequencies from hell are oracles[1]. Our instruction from Moses to deal with these frequencies was to shorten them. The reason being, that when you shorten the frequencies, they cannot reach you.

We paused and two phrases came to mind: chain of events and deciphering of the timelines. We understood that these were hell’s strategies. Hell is deciphering timelines. Hell is using people in conjunction with lingering human spirits on assignment to create hell on earth for many people. We need to repent on behalf of those human agents that are being used.

Cycle of Events

The understanding of a cycle of events has to do with generational things. Helping people deal with their generational line and bringing repentance for the issues we find is critical work. We need to also look down the generational timeline. On the generational timeline is where these Timing Devices are put in place. The chain of events in this cycle is like chains of bondage and taxation.

How do we do that?

First, identify the problem. Find the first inception of this from of taxation being placed on the family line. Do not be fooled. An individual can put this upon themselves when they walk in works of darkness. This can be generational and like regular sin. We need to include both ourselves and our families in our prayer paradigm. Wisdom is key here. Wisdom is going to unlock the eyes of our understanding as we search for, hear, and see the storyline.

First, identifying the problem asking when was this placed on the family line?

Second, offer repentance. Third, request the shortening of the frequencies.

Court of Covenant

Moses is taking me on a journey right now. We are looking at the ark in the middle of torrential rains and flooding. He asked, “Would you say this is a time and a season?”

Stephanie said, “I am going to say no.”

He said, “Would you say it affected the times in the seasons?”

Stephanie replied, “It did. This will bring newness of life.”

She asked, “Can you show me which court we are going to go in for repentance and dismantling this?”

We were led to a new court – the Court of Covenant. In this court you could see cubby holes with scrolls everywhere. Moses picked up a scroll and said, “This is the covenant between you and Heaven. This paperwork of our covenant with Father is profound and it brings an enrichment of understanding.

We can come here and find if there are timing devices placed on our timeline. They are an encroachment of hell because our covenant is with the Father and with Heaven. There will be many blows inflicted upon the enemy because of these encroachments. We have permission to come to this Court of Covenant, but this is not so much a court as a records room. The Court of Covenant is separate from the Court of Records.

There are many encroachments here and we saw on the back of the scrolls and attachment – like an addendum on the back of the scroll where there have been encroachments.

Sometimes the encroachments seem to be a visceral attack because it has so much momentum. However, the Father will deliver as many blows as soon as necessary to the enemy until they are taken care of. As soon as they are identified and dismantled, the enemy will receive many blows.

Then obtain legal paperwork from the Court of Covenant and do repentance work on behalf of the generations that set this timing device? This paperwork details the encroachments – the Timing Devices that have been set in place against our timeline and the repentance for the sin(s) that started the process.

There are timed devices that we were taught about that is a weapon that our angels can use in our behalf, but they are different from these Timing Devices of the enemy. The enemy always steals. His motto seems to be, “Why create when I can copy?”

Small Claims Court

Once we have the paperwork from the Court of Covenant due to the repentance for the sins and iniquities of the generations, we take it to the Small Claims Court. This court is entirely different from what we would (in America) consider a small claims court.

This court is called Small Claims Court because it is justification of the Father's claim upon us. It is not Small Claims Court like what we see in on earth. This is much higher.

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie asked, “May we see a court case?”

Moses asked, “Would you like to see yours?”

“Yes,” she replied not realizing it was going to be about her. She explained, “My children's father died in September.” Stephanie had been married when she was young, and the marriage ended in divorce. One year after their separation (in September), he died. His mother and sister, in their grief, blamed Stephanie for his death. They were angry because they had to pick up the pieces of his life after his death.

Stephanie continued, “First, I only saw one September, which was his death, but it was two – it was when I left him and when he died. The enemy took that situation because I walked away from the marriage vows, and he used it against me even though the Lord had had released me from those vows.”

Stephanie realized the reason Moses was with us it because he gave the law around divorce. Although she had every legal right to divorce him, she wondered what justification the enemy had.

Moses explained, “Because it was under the law.”

For clarification, Stephanie asked, “Are you telling me the enemy was able to use the law against me?”

Moses said, “He binds people with the law. There are a lot of people that are so under the law. You were under the law of religion at that time so that is what he used.

“Because you were entangled with the spirit of religion, which was the entry point. When you detangled yourself from the spirit of religion this was still present because you had not dismantled it.”

“This is an enemy tactic. This is just one way that the enemy has used this to put upon things people's timelines. Sexual immorality is another one. By the very act of that immorality, there can be timing devices put upon the people. This is an unveiling of those things for your freedom.”

We asked, “What else can be used besides divorce and sexual immorality?”

Moses said, “Often it is a matter of looking and seeing if there is an encroachment.

You get to come to the Court of Covenant and find out if there is an encroachment upon your timeline. You invoke Wisdom, look at the storyline, find the original sin, and repent of it. Then go to the Small Claims Court. This is where the fun begins.”

He said, “Do you believe this, Stephanie?”

She replied, “You know that I do. Why did you ask me that?”

He said, “Because seeing is believing that what we are seeing is in the spirit and in the natural.”

She asked, “Are you saying that this is such freedom that it will be seen?”

“Let’s try it,” he said.

We went with him to the Court of Covenant.

I would like to access the Court of Covenant, please.

I would like to see my covenant paperwork with Heaven with the Father.

I call for Wisdom and Council.

The court attendants went over and pulled several scrolls out. They rolled one of them out on the table. There were three encroachments on Stephanie’s timeline.

We began repentance for the sins that allowed the placement of these encroachments upon Stephanie’s timeline. Once that was completed, we received paperwork from the Court of Covenant to take to the Small Claims Court.

I ask to enter the Small Claims Court.

I call for Wisdom and Council.

I present my paperwork from the Court of Covenant which details some encroachments upon my timeline, Your Honor.

When we do this, we are not agreeing with the accuser as we do concerning accusations because this is an encroachment upon our covenant.

We are acknowledging the encroachment.

Moses asked, “So, what is your repentance here?”

She replied, “My appearance today is around obedience, not obedience because I left him, but my disobedience because I married him. I had no business doing that and I did not listen to You.”

Moses said, “This is not about the fact that you married somebody. That is not what this is. You did, but it took you both off your timelines.”

Stephanie responded, “Well, the Father blessed me with two children. Right? And it set up this in my life, and now that I am looking at it, I was blaming my current husband for this September thing, but it was me. Forgive me for my disobedience in my life. I repent for I did not listen, and it set up this destruction upon my timelines.”

Stephanie said, “I see the enemy and he is seething right now. I am curious, Your Honor, you said it is not about the fact that I married him. It is about ‘obedience is better than sacrifice.’ So, there were a lot of times I was disobedient. The enemy knew what was going on in my first husband's life. I did not.

Chain of Events

“This is where the cycle and chain of events came in because when I started by my first disobedience it created a chain of events in my life.

“Your Honor, about all the times I was disobedient, did it set up a time?

“I have repented for my disobedience, and I am now in good standing.”

The court attendants brought in three separate Timing Devices. They appeared like small square boxes with a light on the top. The light is either illuminated or off as if it were armed or disarmed. Each box had chains around it. If the light is off, it means the necessary repentance work has been done to stop its occurrence.”

They placed the Timing Devices on a table in front of her and she was drawn to the first one.

Stephanie continued, “I would like my timelines to be claimed back into covenant with you. I claim that my life is in covenant with you and that I am forgiven.”

The red light turned off and was no longer on.

She was then drawn to the second one. She did not yet know what this one was concerning.

The Judge looked at the second and the third encroachment on her scroll of covenant. The second one was around sexual immorality, but the light was off because of all the repentance work that she had done. This was in place due to her personal sins in her past, and not generational.

She asked, “Your Honor, are you saying that this timing device that had been upon my life was already deactivated because of repentance?”

The Judge said, “You repented for the curse of the bastard so, yes, it is off. The enemy thought he had this in his back pocket to use on you later, but it had been deactivated and now the Judge is making a public display of the enemy.”

The third Timing Device was activated. It was related to generational iniquities.

Stephanie pleaded, “Your Honor. I have done so much generational work, but I know that it is continual. Will you show me what I can claim here in this court on behalf of my generations to stop this chain of events?

She began to see her mother’s face as a young woman in her twenties.

Stephanie’s mother had specific plans for specific things she thought Stephanie should become. It was a form of control, but it was multi-dimensional. It was not just her, but it was down the family line. Control was a huge factor.

“What is the repentance work around the generations?” Stephanie asked.

Your Honor, on behalf of my generations, I repent for the control – for using it and for yielding to it.

Father, I repent on their behalf and mine. I asked the blood of Jesus to be applied. I forgive, bless, and release all of them.

I claim that I am in covenant with the one who does control everything.

I would like to claim that my times and seasons no longer have any of these constraints upon them.

In every timeline I claim victory because of my covenant. May these Timing Devices be used against the enemy and placed on his life.

I claim this from this court because of the encroachment that the enemy receives from Heaven, because he encroached upon my covenant.

I request the redemption of every September and the redemption of all other times I have not put my finger on yet.

I request redemption from the Timing Device that has been deactivated.

I claim the full redemption of my times and seasons.

As she prayed, the light went off on the third device. She then asked for the angels to take the timing devices and completely dismantle and destroy them.

Claim Tickets

She then saw three claim tickets in front of her where the timing devices once sat. She picked them up and was directed to the Redemption Center. It was about a covenant renewal – a renewal of the original design.

The Redemption Center

Stephanie declared, “Thank you, your Honor. Thank you for the claims that you have upon my life. Thank you for the covenant. I see my scrolls with the encroachments that are removed from my covenant scrolls and are placed back into the Court of Covenant.”

We will discuss the Redemption Center in more depth in few moments, but first let us talk about a couple of ways we experience loss.

Freedom from Taxation


What we discussed in the previous chapter pertained to taxations upon our lives, but the Redemption Center covers more than just the things lost to us because of taxation, but also those things lost because of trespass and thievery. At times, the enemy has simply trespassed one our territories and stolen things that were not his to steal.

Thievery is periodic

When we realize the thievery, we can petition the Courts of Heaven either here or in the Court of Reclamation for the restoration of that which has been stolen from us. We also have the caveat that we can request a seven-fold return on things stolen from us by thievery. We have a promise related to this in Proverbs 6:30-31:

People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is starving. 31 Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold; he may have to give up all the substance of his house.

We know our enemy is not starving, but he is a thief. We know from John 10:10 the job description of the thief:

A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I (Jesus) have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow! (The Passion Translation)

Provision has been made for us:

Everything we could ever need for life and complete devotion to God has already been deposited in us by his divine power. For all this was lavished upon us through the rich experience of knowing him who has called us by name and invited us to come to him through a glorious manifestation of his goodness. (2 Peter 1:3) (The Passion Translation)

However, if we do not realize our enemy is a thief and he and his minions simply want to steal from your life to harm the Father through you, he will have carte blanc in your life to steal and ravage your life. In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss – it is unnecessary.


The other means of loss comes through taxation. Taxation occurs on a regular basis of some sort.

Taxation is systematic.

It may be annually at a certain time, monthly at a certain time or it may occur during noteworthy events in ones’ life and does not always entail money being stolen. It could be the loss of property, or children or others close to you emotionally. Most often taxation is the result of covenants made by our ancestors in which case the pathway to freedom is to repent for the profane worship and the ungodly trades that were made in which taxation was promised to the deity of future income or increase. Sometimes the taxation includes the death of someone meeting the criteria for the taxation.

National Taxations

We have found that certain nations always place a taxation on those born in that nation. Invariably we find that they have been experiencing taxation upon their lives for as long as they can remember. We have specifically seen it with Haitians, Nigerians, Jamaicans, and other nationalities. Due to dedications of the children born in those nations the entity that is (for instance) Nigeria, places a tax on the income and earnings of that child throughout its life until or unless it is stopped by repentance for the dedications and the claims upon the livelihood are dissolved in the Court of Titles and Deeds and Court of Cancellations. You want a transfer of ownership from the entity of the nation to the Lord of Hosts.


You do not have to be living in one of those nations to experience taxation.

Realize the nations have a reason for referring to you as subjects. You are subject to their rules, expectations, taxations, and more. You may not have been born in a particular nation to experience taxation. You can be an ancestor of someone born in that nation and the entity of that nation imposes a taxation on the one born in that nation and upon all future generations. Parents, you want to get that broken from your children in the Courts of Heaven.

Visiting a Taxing Nation

You do not even have to have been born in a taxing nation or be a descendant of one born to it. You can simply have set foot on the soil of a taxing nation, and they will lay claim on you and your income. You want to be sure to cancel EVERY covenant and EVERY covenant within contract that was invoked by your presence on that land. Do so in the Court of Cancellations.

Father, I request access to the Court of Cancellations.

I repent for coming into agreement for taxation by this taxing national entity whether knowingly or unknowingly, in Jesus’ name. I repent for every ungodly trade made in the process of visiting the taxing nation and while on the soil of that nation. I ask you forgiveness.

I also forgive those who imposed any taxation upon me regarding this, in Jesus’ name.

Once the repentance is complete and the forgiveness rendered, we can request release from the taxation we have experienced and request restoration of that which has been lost.

I am requesting the cancellation of all covenants and covenants hidden within contracts that I may have intentionally or unintentionally come into agreement with by my presence upon any nation I have visited.

I request the cancellation of every ungodly trade made while upon that land, or in preparation to visit that nation. I request the cancellation of every ownership claim made by the entity of that nation upon me and my generations.

Await the verdict, then request access to the Court of Reclamation. In the Court of Reclamations, request to know of the court what you can request specifically. You may need to visit this court successively over a period of time as this court does not release all you have lost to you all at once. This court releases things stolen gradually.

Here you get to exchange it for some things you want from the Redemption Center. This was a vast place and Stephanie hardly knew where to start. She decided to walk around in the Redemption Center for a while until she decided for what to exchange the claim tickets. I doubt she was going to walk out with just a toaster.

Download a printable PDF of this file.

TIming Devices+Taxation
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[1] An oracle is an authoritative opinion or decision

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