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Things Are Beginning to Swing Open & Expectant Faith

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Swing & the Expectation of Faith

On our latest journey into the riches of the realms of Heaven, our time started with a vision. Donna describes it in this manner: “When I, when I stepped into Heaven, the first thing I saw is this big vision of a swing. It was like the kind of swing that your grandfather would have made for you in the backyard with a board and two ropes tied to a tree limb. And it was a giant tree, a giant tree limb, and a swing. The swing was just going back and forth. It did not have anybody in it, but it was going back and forth and I heard the word ‘swing.’”

We sought more clarification on the meaning of the vision and this was Heaven’s response:

The Swing

The vision of the swing is a metaphor for things that are swinging open. A great many things are beginning to swing open and the reason you saw the vision was so that you can bring hope to the people -- the people of your nation and the people of the nations of the earth who need to begin to grasp hold of the hope that is contained in the phrase, “Things are beginning to swing open.”

The natural world is going to receive the manifestation of the swinging open or the many things swinging open: open and shut, shut, and open, left to right, right to left. Many things that are on the wrong end of their spectrum are going to begin to swing back to the other side of the spectrum. I am telling you this so that you can begin to grasp hold of the hope it brings. We have already administered through the hands of the angelic hosts the oil of hope. Now hearts need to hear the word of the Lord --

“Things are swinging open.”

They are swinging open for you. They are swinging up and for your relatives. They are swinging open for your loved ones. They are swinging open for nations. They are swinging open for cities, counties, states, provinces. Things are beginning to swing open. This word comes to you that you may announce it from your physical flesh, releasing the frequency of Heaven regarding the swinging open.

Your spirit understands and gets this more than your soul and your spirit man can announce to your soul,

“Soul, announce this ‘Things are swinging open! Things are beginning to swing open. Let the swinging open begin. I agree with Heaven's announcement -- things are swinging open. Things are swinging open for me. Things are swinging open for you. Things are swinging open for us. There is a great swinging taking place.’”

Next, Heaven instructed us to look up the definition of ‘swing’ in the natural. Here is the definition:

“swing - to cause to move vigorously through a wide arc or circle (//swing an ax); to cause to sway to and fro; to cause to turn on an axis; to cause to face or move in another direction (//swing the car into a side road)”[1] 

Swing or swinging is an action. It is a verb. Swinging carries with it a momentum of movement. Let the momentum of movement take place from your spirit.

Have your spirit translate it to your soul so that your soul begins to look for the manifestation of the swinging so that you may glorify God. Let the swinging open appear. Let the swinging open occur. You can even declare, “My eyes will see this swinging open of a great many things.” Heaven says the swinging has begun. The swinging open has begun. The swing has begun.

This should bring a great deal of hope to your soul. This is what your soul has been looking for. It is the translation of the spiritual breath of God -- His word -- from your spirit to your soul. Have your mouth say this, “Awaken soul to the swinging open of what God has directed to open. Wake up to the swinging open that Yahweh has initiated. Open your eyes and look for the manifestation of the glory -- of the King of glory in the physical world. Wake up soul, hear the sound of the swinging open.

As we continued our engagement, Heaven continued on another topic.

Expectation of Harvest

In an engagement with Heaven the prior day, Ezekiel (our ministry angel) was given a bag of seeds. Heaven wanted to speak to us about these seeds this day.

Many of you are aware of the phrase “seed time and harvest.” Heaven wants to give you a new understanding of that phrase today.

A seed already comes with its harvest.

A great many things that have been seeded in prayer by the saints and their faith belief is even high that they will see an answer to their prayer, but some prayers have been sown as seeds without the expectation of the harvest that that seed is going to bring. A lot of reasons exist for this. Many have been taught in the body of Christ that when you sow you must wait and wait and wait and wait for the harvest. This is an incorrect teaching in the body of Christ. The truth of the matter is that a seed of prayer sown in faith with expectation of triumph over time, via supernatural conditions of power that are released by the faith of the praying one can come to fruition instantly, exceedingly instantly, quickly, astonishingly quickly and generally fast.

When you pray, your prayer must be mixed with faith. Your prayer must spring from faith. Your prayer needs to be given wings of faith with not only sure, expectation of answer, but within this hour with quick, quick, quick, quick expectation of an answer.

I am announcing to you so you can announce to those you know that the expectation of the quickness of the answered prayer that is mixed in the sowing of the seed of prayer is that the harvest of that prayer seed responds in quickness to the faith of the quickness in which it was sown, Let me repeat that.

A prayer seed sown with quick expectation of an answer receives quick expectation of an answer!

The belief of a quick answer in this hour! I am not talking about yesterday. I am not talking about 10 years away. I am not talking about seasons from now. I am talking about in this hour, your prayer seed of faith needs to be for quick turnaround -- quick answer.

Quick harvest needs to be mixed with the fact that you expect to harvest quickly.

When you sow the seed of prayer and you expect a quick harvest, does the scripture not say that the harvester will overtake the plowman? (Amos 9:13) That is what I am talking about. The Father has made this available, but it falls to the saints regarding their belief, teaching, sharing, sharing of the belief, sharing of this teaching, that it is with expectation NOW that you can expect a quick harvest, much quicker than you have in seasons past. But it will always (as it has always done) rely on the faith of the one who prays in expectation of that quick harvest.

For a while, the church needed to understand that they needed to pray with faith that eventually the prayer would be answered. But now is not the hour for that. Now is the hour for praying for quick manifestation of the harvest. So, begin to pray for a quick manifestation of the harvest. Use the phrase,

“I am asking for a quick manifestation of the harvest. I sow this seed (this prayer seed) with faith with expectation of a quick harvest.”

Release your expectation for a supernatural harvest.

Supernatural harvest is the springing up instantaneously of the harvest that the seed contained,

You need to see the seed as if it carries the harvest for which you are requesting.

If you can see the harvest inside the prayer seed, then release the prayer to the Father with the faith of expectation of that harvest and add to it the faith of the expectation of a quick harvest.

Let me define the word quick to you.

Quick is the movement of Holy Spirit, where he is able to bring the answer with a swiftness that is due to the fact of:

  • the increased number of angels, which have been released onto planet earth,

  • the greater number of people praying as one (remember, you do often need prayer agreement), and

  • the timing for supernatural harvest.

The timing of supernatural harvest is here, but how can the bride bring in the harvest if they have not sent the prayer seed with an expectation of a quick harvest or where they have not seen with confidence and assurance that their prayer seed already contains their harvest.

Let me tell you plainly.

Your prayer seed already contains your harvest.

See it and believe it. When you pray, are you seeing in the realms of Heaven the springing up of the answers to your prayer? If you can see the springing up of the answers to your prayer in heavenly realms, then all that you need to do is invite angels to bring that harvest into the manifestation in your realms and circumstances. You can now release angels to bring that harvest in a swift manner!

I am talking about digging deep within your soul to agree with your spirit for the quick manifestation of that prayer seed that you have requested of the Father.


You must have an agreement between soul and spirit for a quick manifestation of it.


The reason there needs to be a soul agreement and a spirit agreement within your being is that it is a prayer agreement between soul and spirit within your being. From which place it generates hope for the harvest -- it sets your soul in an expectant mode to see your answer, to see it manifest, to see a thing right itself or straighten itself, to see the circumstance touched by God, to see the supernatural overlay of the will of the Kingdom of God and of the King to come to pass. That is also what Jacob referred to in James 5:16 when he wrote that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. This kind of prayer is impacted by faith and expectancy. Expectancy energizes faith and without expectancy your faith is dead.

I caution you that this is for those who pray with the Holy Spirit in maturity.

The mature prayer of the sons of God mixed with seed/harvest expectation and quickness of manifestation of that prayer will see it come to pass quickly. You will see this!

If you are aware that your soul does not believe this, you may repent to the Father and be forgiven that you may…

Believe for quickness.

The enemy has worked against this timing through false teaching, through resistance against faith within the body of Christ and where previous manifestations did not occur quickly. Forgetting what lies behind press on to what lies ahead. (Philippians 3:13)

If you need to repent to the Father for wallowing in the pit of despair due to lengthy delay of manifestations of answers to prayer, then do so. The Father holds no condemnation for you and your repentance will help you exit the wallowing pit of despair. Then, get your soul healed in the presence of Yahweh and through his love and healing angels, then began to request a new awakening.

Remember what Heaven said earlier.

Awaken your soul to the possibility so that your soul and your spirit can agree for a quick manifestation of the prayer of faith.

I have told you so many times before, and you've heard in the realms of God's Kingdom, your abuse of your inheritance (which is the right to expect a quick manifestation of your prayer), the abuse of that expectation is simply a measure of how you have not heard Holy Spirit in the prayer and little children -- those who are immature among you who:

  • often pray from soul alone,

  • not mixed with their spirit in agreement, and

  • not hearing the Holy Spirit have set themselves up for much trouble.

But the bride of Christ is growing up and she is learning to pray with and in conjunction with Holy Spirit, the will of the Father. These prayers are the object of our discussion here today. Now I am telling you -- mix in the expectation of quick manifestation.

Heaven gently says, “I know that you have many wounded among you with regard to this topic.” Run into the strong tower of the Lord and receive your healing so that you will be the mature sons of God.

One last thing. By the Holy Spirit's indwelling power within the members of the bride of Christ the word ‘quick’ is a continuum. Think of the many expressions of Yahweh within the people of earth and within humanity. There are many varied definitions of that word ‘quick’, but aligned with the Holy Spirit, from their spirit these believers will have an ability to gauge the sense of the quick so that they do not despair and give up hope but are continuing to mix faith.

Let me tell you this clearly. The more expectation of your spirit mixed with your soul's expectation of quick manifestation; these are the avenues of trade from the heavenly realm with which your Father wants to release in this time.

Meditate with the Holy Spirit, from your spirit man on the goodness of the Father in releasing quick manifestation. Do not take your eyes off his ability, his power, his kindness, his goodness, and, and the lengths that he will go for his children.

[1] Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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