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The Wellspring of Life

Updated: May 18, 2022

I don't know why I'm always in a garden, but that's where we are again. I'm on a very distinct path of a garden. I guess it's because Heaven has gardens everywhere.

This is outside of our LifeSpring complex. I've come to a spring, and I heard the phrase ‘wellspring of life’. Can I ask who's talking to me because I hear you talking. It feels like Malcolm[1].

Malcolm, can you come into view for me? Malcolm said, “Where is the Wellspring of Life?”

Stephanie replied, “I don't know where the Wellspring of Life is.”

Malcolm then showed Stephanie that this spring is inside of her.

He instructed, “Draw from it.”

Stephanie responded, “Okay, I'm going to draw from this Wellspring of Life that is inside of me.”

Malcolm said, “Doesn't it seem refreshing?”

She replied, “It does Malcolm. When you initially asked me that question, I figured it was inside of me, but I was going to hear your answer.” He just showed me a very clear picture of a Christian who doesn't understand drawing from the Wellspring of Life that is in them, and they don’t realize just how dry they are.

Stephanie asked, “Malcolm is this their soul or their spirit?”

“It's their spirit,” he said. Malcolm asked, “What has the church age brought to the people?”

Stephanie replied, “My first thought Malcolm is confusion.”

He said, “That is a correct answer. How does one know where to tap in?”

She responded, “I'm going to say through correct teaching. Am I right Malcolm?

Because I don't really know where this is going, and it feels like the basics to me.

Yes, Malcolm, you have been talking about keeping it simple. Many are getting caught up in the confusion.”

Malcolm asked, “What does Father want more than anything?”

Stephanie replied, “He wants a relationship, doesn't he Malcolm?”

He replied, “That is the Wellspring of Life. Remind people to step in, to just be with Him. These spiritual encounters are necessary, but the relationship is vital. A lot of revelation knowledge coming. A lot of revelation knowledge that has been given. This is a reminder of the relational aspect of the Wellspring of Life. They cannot lose the focus that is their first focused knowledge of the stars–knowledge of quantum. All of that is a work in progress. But the vital nature for the spirit is the relational aspect of stepping in and drawing from the Wellspring of Life–which is Jesus, which is Father.

“So, this is like back to the basics, isn't it?” Stephanie asked.

Malcolm responded, “Yes, and as you go back to the basics and draw from the wellspring, the rest of the knowledge, the quantum, the stars–all of that, the soul will be able to handle better because of the relationship.”

“How will the people govern without the relational aspect of the wellspring of life? Think of these times, these moments as checkpoints, These are checkpoints for the spirit and the soul. They are reminders.”

He then showed a picture of driving where you come to a checkpoint. He said,

“You have to have a pass in order to proceed through the checkpoint. Without this

pass you can't go any further or any deeper. The people need to be reminded of that.

“You see, you are dealing with a lot of people that are new at some of this They are catching on and gaining quickly, but they need to get out their pass and show it to go further. The pass is what they will show at the checkpoint.”

Stephanie replied, “Well, I am getting out my pass. Malcolm took a look at it, stamped it, and handed it back to her and laughed. Thank you, Malcolm.”

The Gyroscopes and the Crowns

As Malcolm ended his instruction, we summoned Ezekiel[1] and he appeared wearing a crown and had a gyroscope in his hand. He was standing in front of a large gyroscope awaiting a commission.

Stephanie explained, “Ron, he needs two things from the Father.

“Father, we request for Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks gyroscopes and a large gyroscope.”

We received the items and then commissioned Ezekiel to the full use of them for the Glory of the King. We then were instructed to commission them to release these items into the realms of all of those that are part of LifeSpring.

Stephanie then asked Ezekiel, “Why do you have on a crown?”

He replied, “It's a picture of you as sons. It's a reminder of what we wear.”

Stephanie asked, “Are we to request crowns?”

Ezekiel responded, “I have crowns for the sons, from the Father. This is part of your governing to act and to commission him, to take what is from the Father–the gift of the crowns.”

Stephanie remarked, “It feels like these crowns have something to do with us all being put in this place that is the large gyroscope. It seems like an entry point that will all come through as sons as we learn about quantum and learn about paradigms. He just showed me a bag full of crowns that is from the Father. What a gift!

Ezekiel, we commission you to deliver the crowns to the sons as deemed by Heaven according to their scrolls.”

He walked inside the giant gyroscope and disappeared immediately.

Lydia's Instruction

As Ezekiel left, Lydia[2] appeared.

Stephanie noted that the giant gyroscope seemed to be in a positional place near the LifeSpring complex.

Lydia said, “Many will come through this in this place. This is a permission to the Body to walk through this place through Heaven. This is specific to LifeSpring.”

Stephanie immediately thought of the television show Quantum Leap. She said, “This is part of their discovery.”

Lydia said, “Some will see the gyroscope, and some will hear the frequency of it.

Some will know that they are standing in it, and some will feel the presence of it around them as they learn to come to this place.”

Lydia then showed us how eyes, ears, thoughts, and feelings are going to be opened as they walk through this knowing of this quantum.

Stephanie remarked, “It feels like the next level. I mean not, it feels like this is what's coming. This is next. And since we've already walked in quantum, this will be something new. Thank you, Lydia.”

[1] Malcolm is a man in white who tutors us in our ministry. [2] Ezekiel is the Chief Angel over LifeSpring International Ministries. [3] Lydia is a woman in white who advises our ministry.

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