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The Second Pushback

As we engaged Heaven, Lydia came with Malcolm. Timothy also came from the strategy room because of the push back we were experiencing.

Timothy remarked, “The strategy of hell is when the saints push back, they push back.”

Stephanie remarked, “Obviously Heaven has a better strategy.”

Lydia said, “Oh, yes, we do! Of course, we do.”

Timothy came up holding a professors’ pointer and began to teach us.”

Stephanie said, “There is a whole series of stars I'm seeing. And he's pointing at the big one.”

Timothy said, “This is where Lucifer reigns. He gives out his orders from here.”

Stephanie commented, “Now I'm seeing people on the earth. These are those that worship the stars, or deal in the stars. It is a frequency that they are getting.”

Timothy said, “We are going to disrupt the frequency.”

Malcolm began, “The saints in unison can disrupt their frequencies. Remind the intercessors that they are in unity. They may not be speaking at the same time in a unison fashion, but they are in unity. Their voice trumps. This is a dominion matter as well as a dealing in the stars. Expect the uptick, but expect the sound from the saints to override.”

Stephanie said, “He's showing me that there are some that still engage in fear and there is no place for fear. He just showed me a scenario where we have seen in the natural where a man pushes somebody, and that person pushes back. Well, that's what we've done. But then the original person pushes again. and there is a decision that man makes (the one that was pushed again), do I push back, or do I walk away?”

Timothy and Malcolm both said, “Push back!”

Malcolm said, “The enemy is not expecting is the second pushback. That's why the ‘ferocious as a lion’ has been felt among the people. Push back the second time.”

Stephanie said, “I see the stunned look on the original man's face. He wasn’t expecting the second pushback. They were expecting the person to back down.

Malcolm continued, “Remind them they are not doing this in their strength.

When you push back, it is not in your strength.”

Stephanie said, “I'm seeing a visual of an intercessor who decides to push back the second time but this time visualizing and calling upon the angels to flank either side and push back in that moment, because the reality is it is not in their own strength.”

Malcolm leaned in and said, “Why wouldn't the enemy want to stop them? Of course, he wants to stop them. Especially on their day. Use the flanking of the angels as part of their mission and command the day.”

Speaking to those present, Stephanie asked, “Can you tell us about commanding the day?”

Malcolm replied, “This information isn't just for the intercessors. This is for the people. Push back! Command the day! Walk as sons! This is your inheritance.

When Malcolm said, “This is your inheritance,” he got up and wiped his hands off the other.

He continued, “That is how we should view this. This is nothing as sons. This is not anything of any concern as sons. We have the authority and can stand.

Stephanie commented, “Now he's showing me the intercessors as a whole–like all of them and there's growth happening with each one of them.”

Malcolm said, “The Father is well pleased.”

Timothy pointed back to the star again and said, “It all below longs to the Lord.”

Stephanie inquired, “Can you tell me Timothy, or Malcolm, or wisdom, is there a specific thing to do to disrupt the frequency?”

Timothy replied, “Arm the angels with Frequency Shields.”

Stephanie remarked, “Timothy just showed me a picture of the people on earth that are those that are dealing with the stars. Their voice is also a frequency.

Timothy said, “Call upon the angels, to use the Frequency Shields. The reverberation of the voice of those who trade with the stars hits the Frequency Shields and bounces back. It is of no effect.

Stephanie continued, “On the same end from seeing it coming from that star I think that star is just the picture of where Lucifer does his dealings. I see the frequency from his kingdom reverberating back to him as well. That this goes to ‘the curse without a cause cannot alight’, is that right? Stephanie asked.

Timothy said, “Yes. Their mission is to make you think that their sound is more powerful than the sound and the frequency from the saints. Your sound talking about the saints not only carries a frequency, but it also carries a cause and a strength that the enemy simply does not have.”

Stephanie asked, “Is there an instruction other than the instructing of the angels?”

He replied, “Don’t walk in fear. There's no room for fear.”

Stephanie said, “So I just asked in my heart again, ‘What about commanding the day?’”

Timothy said, “Prayers command the day. What you are doing commands the day.

The authority commands the day. The sound and the strength and the cause command the day.”

We called Ezekiel near, and the room suddenly filled up with lots of angels–commanders. The intercessors are going to like that.

Ezekiel said, “These commanders we can commission to be assigned to every intercessor–an extra angel for every intercessor.”

Stephanie remarked, “They are going to love that! Ezekiel, thank you. Thank you, Father.”

Ezekiel said, “It is pleasing to the Father, and it is pleasing to these angels.”

Stephanie said, “I'm seeing them because they realize that this is a specific mission. The intercessors are going to be so excited. They have a higher rank.

Stephanie began to pray,

“Father. We commend Ezekiel and these commanders that are being assigned to each intercessor.

We request angel food, bread, and elixir for them.

We request every armament of Heaven available to them.

We request the strength and the cause for them to help the intercessors.

We commission you angels to give them the understanding and help them to carry the strength and the cause of their voice. That is their mission.

We commission you to do that to the fullest in the name of Jesus.

We request frequency shields for each of you.

We commission you to the full use of the frequency shields.

We also commission you to assist the intercessors to see where they are in agreement with fear and assist them in eradicating it from their realms.

We commission it to the use of the frequency shields and to flank the intercessors in their work so that as they push back and push back again and push back again if necessary to, to receive victory on every side in Jesus’ name.”

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The Second Pushback
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