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The Role of Our Soul

Engagement…..9/29/23 With Stephanie Shearin, Dr. Robert & Laura Rodich

We went to the heavenly Help Desk and a lady named Charlie rang a bell after which we were all three escorted to a beautiful dining hall where the Father was sitting at the head of the table. He stated that this was a table prepared for us in the presence of our enemies.

We were served desert and admonished to taste and see that the Lord was good. The Savior came into the room and was tickled at me asking questions all the time.

Above us were tiny luminaries like living lights and the Father had a small orbiting universe in his hand which upon release was absorbed into each of us. Then…the Father said, “What is the question?”

Teach us how the soul really works?

We were shown several origami options…in one there was a marble in the center. Wisdom who joined us gave Stephanie a pearl of wisdom.

In this session, the Father was teaching us by asking us questions. We were shown a 3-fold cord…He asked, “What is a compilation?”

We replied, “A list, ...a bunch of things put together….”

We were then taken to the Garden of Eden. There the Father put his fingers and hand into the soil. Then a silver liquid-like substance filled the impression his hand had made. As it filled the impression the soil began to form on the outside of the shape forming silver substance.

By this it seems that our soul was formed from this liquid silver waterish material with our body forming around it. Our soul is encapsulated by our body.

Father asked, “What is a seed?”

We answered, “Something put in the ground that dies and becomes a living object based upon the design of the seed.”

He then asked, “Is it corruptible or incorruptible?”

We answered corruptible. Perhaps leading to the truth of scripture where it says that the corruptible shall put on that which is incorruptible.[1]

He also demonstrated that we are intended to be translucent as we are being fully transformed.

Then a giant DNA helix came out of the dining table with the visible silver strand being the center point of axis of the revolving DNA helix. As we were observing the rotation we were asked, “What may break the 3-fold strand?”

We answered, “By using our free will to make bad choices.” Apparently sin has the capacity to corrupt our DNA and create gaps that allow for the insertion of outside programming. Thereby throwing the process off of its axis and rotation.

Then food was put in front of us. I liked that we started with dessert first then the food.

The Lord asked, “What is My glory?” Being silver based it appears that the soul is a place for God’s glory to stand up within us and then be released into the earth. Glory is often accompanied by fire.

So I looked up the roots of deoxyribonucleic Acid:

Deoxyribonucleic Acid


Ribo…rabi, Master/Lord

Nucleic…at the center

Acid...chemical fire

God, Lord and Master…the fire at the center of my being.

We walked out to a balcony where we got a visual of the universe that was put in us.

From this we determined that our spirit is designed to be entangled with the Father while our soul is made from and grounded to the earth apparently for earthly expression and demonstration of that which comes from Heaven and meant to be released on earth.

We then went back to Eden to lay down a second time in the imprint in the ground. Jesus himself looked over the edge and said, “are you guys about finished?” This revisitation is clearly a picture of being born of water (silver water) and spirit from above based on the design of the second Adam. And there he was to check on us!

We were then shown a solar system with Jesus as the sun we were to revolve around and this time rather than our soul being grounded to earth in this new design our soul is to be rooted and grounded in His love fully established in Father’s quantum emotional realm.

We then asked for our “free will” to be surrendered to and be totally seated in the incorruptible design of our Savior and for our first design to be planted in the ground to die only to be resurrected with our savior as a new creation.

This time we are made of components from above and of the highest incorruptible quality.


I (Bob) then pondered this engagement and wrote the following:

Our free will aligned with sin and rebellion opens our soul to what? It tears down the soul’s cohesiveness to protect our DNA. Sin separates the silver strand from the DNA helix that revolves around it thereby diminishing the cohesiveness required to keep our DNA protected.

Remember: The DNA helix is what instructs our body to develop, survive, and reproduce according to what our DNA is programmed with. RNA programs proteins needed for various cellular functions. DNA is the set of instructions and RNA via ribosomes is the messenger.

When we are born of water and spirit we receive a new source of “silver water” called “living water” that restores government to our spirit and as such is seated governmentally in our soul for expression and release on planet earth. The “living water” then restores our soul’s integrity as the center point for our DNA helix to revolve around.

We must exercise our “free will” to break out of all the patterns and programming enabled by the fall of mankind in Eden. We do this by accepting a “new birth” enabled by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This activates a process by which we were saved, being saved and will be saved.

Because Adam was created in a process that was not incorruptible we may now submit our free will to an incorruptible process whereby our Savior was placed as a seed in the ground (tomb) to be raised incorruptible.

It is therefore the perfect design of the second Adam that grounds us to a new system that is not of this earth and of the highest possible design.

This new process actually places the image and person of our Savior at the core of our soul so our DNA actually revolves around Him. He brings with Him his seat of authority as Son of God and Son of Man which is rooted and grounded in love as well as in the Fathers’ quantum emotional realm.

Because our DNA helix now revolves around our newly designed silver strand…light, sound, glory, fire, living water, and the Father’s quantum emotional realm all influence our DNA to release to our RNA the message of heaven to our body and then the earth around us.

Key Point: This process must be embraced daily and released verbally when possible.

The “being saved” part of salvation refers to sanctification which is how we are tried and tested in the fire not to wear us down but to make us strong enough to release heaven through our very being.

Hence, the activity of working to the outside that wonderful inner work so that we establish a skill set in the courts, understand our authority, and are capable to release all that heaven would have us to speak to creation around us.


Daily declaration:

  • I submit my free will to the will of the Father.

  • Using my free will I speak perfect cohesiveness to my soul to serve as the axis point to protect my DNA.

  • Because being born from above grounds my soul to a new heavenly system and design, I speak to my soul to release the DNA design of the second Adam (Jesus Christ) to my DNA where my soul will pass Jesus’ information to my RNA and regulate cellular function at the highest possible level.

  • I acknowledge that it is the Lord Jesus who is seated in my soul in full government and authority…His Presence moves me from the corruptible to the incorruptible.

  • Because Jesus Himself has become the source of your design, soul you are now free to release His light, his sound, his glory, his fire and his living water to my body, others, and into creation…as we only do what we see Father doing.

Additional comments:

  • Our spirit…a universe placed within us by Father.

  • Also we revolve around Jesus like planets around the sun.

  • Many revelations and resources come from heaven to our spirit via the love gate.

  • Our soul…Jesus’ blood becomes the energetic circulatory system for our soul.

  • Jesus’ DNA helix sets up in our soul to resonate with our physical DNA helix.

  • He sets up his government in our soul as Son of God and Son of Man.

  • “Be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers”.

  • Our soul is a seat of fire for glory to be released on earth.

  • Our body… Ecclesiastes. 12:4-6

  • Likened to gold.

  • We need more gold in our body….via relationship.

  • Gold and silver are superconductors for the presence of God to flow through us then be released to the world and creation.

[1] 1 Corinthians 15:54 So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: "DEATH IS SWALLOWED UP IN VICTORY."

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