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The Revelation of Destiny Scrolls

Within the pages of Scripture, we find a few descriptions of what we refer to as Destiny Scrolls. Sometimes we see the reference to scrolls like were common in the Biblical era. At other times, they appeared as books and were described in that fashion. In our engagements with Heaven, we also have seen both scrolls and books.

Jeremy Friedman, one of the leaders on the Heaven Down Business Team, had been asking for insight from Heaven concerning what many have called “Destiny Scrolls”. Heaven responded to his cry for information, and he has allowed me to share this with you:

As I stepped into Heaven and accessed the Heaven Down Business Complex[1], I could see pine trees like green fencing lining the path to the front entrance. I could sense and feel that I had been here before and was reminded of a dream I had years earlier where I was in Heaven and in this place.

As I stepped into the complex, I was greeted by Gloria, a woman in white assigned to me who greeted me. She remarked that she was happy to see me stepping in for revelation and she reminded me of a book I am to write.

I had asked for clarity and education on scrolls from a scribe and Enoch[2] appeared. He greeted me as we had encountered each other a few times prior and began explaining about different types of scrolls. I stopped him and asked specifically, ‘How do we interact and interpret Destiny Scrolls for businesses?’

Destiny Scrolls

Enoch said, ‘Destiny Scrolls are the Father’s hopes, dreams, and desires for a thing – be it a business, a person, or a ministry. It is the maximum fulfillment of all that entity can be and should aspire to be, it is everything that is good, holy and pure because it comes from the Father’s heart for his children and contains the frequency of love.

‘Destiny Scrolls are like guideposts for the saints, they can map out the way Heaven sees a thing and how it could be built out. When following a Destiny Scroll, the best version of something can be achieved because it is the Father’s will and His plan for that entity.

‘To interact with a Destiny Scroll, simply peer into it, step into it, and investigate the hidden treasures within’.[3]

[Editor’s note: It will help us in our journey to realize that many things we see as just words are far more than that. Many things are living entities that we can interact with and learn from. Our Destiny Scroll is an entity. It is alive and has a voice that can speak to us.]

As Enoch said this, I could perceive a series of caves and it was as if I was walking inside one. I could see mounds of gold and gems inside, I could see ideas for inventions[4], pathways to new schools of thought[5] and tools called the Building Blocks of Destiny.”

Asking what those were I was told, ‘These are desires and intentions. When the saints surrender their plans and submit their will[6] to the Father, His desire and intention for their lives or business can be made manifest[7]. This is a form of submission and surrender to His divine will. This is the place of laying on the altar and allowing your flesh to be in submission to the spirit – this is spirit first living.

‘When you submit to the Father’s plans all things will go well and work out for the good of those who love God[8].

‘By contrast, when the saints abandon the opportunity to submit to Heaven’s plans and decide upon their own course of action, oftentimes this can divert their ability to cultivate the resources the Destiny Scroll would otherwise yield. The desire and intention of Fathers’ heart is circumvented by the desire of one’s own soul. It is this motivation many businesses and individuals follow that can get them into a place that feels fruitless, dry, or empty because it did not have the grace that was needed for the venture or task at hand.[9]

‘Many businesses struggle or fail within the first five years because of this common error.’

I asked, ‘So, by better understanding and following the Destiny Scroll as a guide, our clients’ businesses will have better longevity and business outcomes?’ I was told that is correct.

I then asked, ‘In the event that one is already invested based on the desires of their own soul, how do we get them back on track?’

Gloria laughed and Enoch said, ‘That part is easy – just repent and invite the Father back into the business. Take advantage of the simplicity of the Mercy Court[10] and repent with the clients for where they did not consult or engage Heaven’s plan, then go to the Court of Times and Seasons and have their clocks reset. Afterward, deeding the territory of the business to Father[11] and inviting him to be the CEO is in good order. Allow the business owners to submit to stewardship according to Heaven’s plans. These are the best steps to move in the right direction.

‘Once this is completed you can go and look at their Destiny Scrolls and help them to discern what the next step is and should be.’

Business Blueprints

I was also shown business blueprints and was told these are quantum maps of how a business will look in any place in time, they can be used in conjunction with the Destiny Scroll to ensure plans are being mapped out and executed correctly.

Commissioning Angels

You may also commission your angels to map out and carry out the plans on the Destiny Scrolls and blueprints to ensure seamless replication of Father’s desires for that which you are engaging.

In a subsequent engagement, Jeremy was to learn more.

The Scroll of Life & Times

I was pressing in to hear from Heaven, and I heard Phillip, my angel, speaking, and he said, ‘All people are given gifts … some choose to use them to advance the Kingdom (of God), others focus on the world or their personal agenda, but each gift is given by the greatest gift giver of all, God, the Father.

Gifts are wonderful things but who you choose to use them to serve is most important, will you choose to serve yourself or to serve others? Will you choose to horde them or multiply them?

Think of the parable of the talents.[12] There were those servants who made wise investments and those who were stingy and lazy and chose not to invest their talents wisely.

Choose wisely. As you steward the gifts you have been given wisely, more will be given to you.’

I remarked, ‘You are not just talking about physical gifting are you?’

Phillip said. ‘No, child of God I am talking about the law of stewardship of all things – gifts and resources alike.’

Suddenly, I could see we were in the Throne Room. Before the throne were three chests – one was open while two were closed. I noticed the Sea of Glass like crystal was as a flowing stream, the most beautiful teal blue colored and it was babbling like a brook. As I approached, I heard the Father say, ‘Beloved, this is a season of rest for you, it is a season of growth, it is a season of depth of intimacy, and it is a season of preparing the way for what comes next’.

As I heard these words, I could feel an excitement within my heart like I was ready to explode with joy.

As I walked over to the chest in front of me, I peered in the open chest and I saw infant clothes, one blue set, one pink set, onesies, booties, and bonnets. Suddenly, the colors changed to two blue then two pink. I was confused as to the color changing. I said, ‘Father what is the meaning of this?’

He said, ‘This part of your scroll had not been written yet.” I was really confused as I believed things to be laid out since the beginning of time, however, I had come to understand that there is a Scroll of Life and Times, which is different from the Scroll of Times and Seasons.

Philip remarked, ‘The Scroll of Times and Seasons is the Father’s perfect will for our lives and our destinies. The Scroll of Life and Times, however, is a chronology of the choices we make of our own will and the path we choose for ourselves on the earth.

‘This is where we have the capacity to make choices that may divert us from the set course Father would have us walk upon. These are the choices we make of self-will, out of our own choosing or our hearts desire.

I had asked the question, ‘So, having a vasectomy was not Father’s choosing for my life?’

I heard, ‘No, my son. That was a choice you chose to make of love and nobility for the one you care for. However, because of that choice a new timeline has been formed, and you have set course on this new timeline and the former had been nullified.

‘The reason why this portion of life and times is unwritten is because your next step or choice is yet unfulfilled.

‘The Father’s command is always to be fruitful and multiply, therefore He will bless those who choose to do so. He will also bless those whose choice is to not do so, because He loves all of His children and wants for their utmost joy and contentment.’

I asked if this plays into how evil timelines are established and I was told that it is.

I asked how the Destiny Scroll works into the mix and was told the Scrolls of Times and Seasons are just for times or seasons, but the Destiny Scroll is from beginning to end and through all eternity.

I then commissioned my angels to the task of ensuring my life and times line up with my Destiny Scroll and times and seasons by helping me to know the choices to make according to Father’s will.

I looked in the chest again and saw the color changing stop on double pink. I heard Father say, ‘The choice is yours, but my heart is always for you to be fruitful and multiply.’

———— · ————

Download a printable version of this blog:

Revelation of Destiny Scrolls
Download PDF • 266KB

This excerpt is from a recent book by Dr. Ron M. Horner: Building Your Business with the Blueprint of Heaven. LifeSpring Publishing (2023)

[1] In Heaven we have a realm in which we have the Heaven Down Business Complex. It is a spiritual place manned by angels and men in white who assist us in the operation of our business.

[2] Enoch is a man in white who did not die. He simply stepped into Heaven and stayed. See Genesis 5:24.

[3] See the chapter on Ordered Steps

[4] Proverbs 8:12 - I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

[5] Isaiah 55:8-9 - 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

[6] Romans 12:2 - Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.

[7] Philippians 2:13 - For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

[8] Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

[9] Ephesians 2:10 - For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

[10] The Mercy Court is one of the Courts of Heaven where we deal with accusation and repentance. See my book, Four Keys to Dismantling Accusations (LifeSpring Publishing),

[11] This is accomplished in the Court of Titles & Deeds. See my book, Engaging the Courts for Ownership and Order (LifeSpring Publishing).

[12] Matthew 25:14

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