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The Resources You Need are Within You

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

You carry what you need if you carry with you the Seven Spirits of God in addition to the access you have to other sources of information. Never doubt that you have what you need because it resides in you. Holy Spirit resides with your spirit, and he is the container of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He knows what Father knows. He knows what the Son knows.

All the resources of Heaven are available to you to access at any time. However, it always comes best in a place of rest. Your seat of rest is a position in Me – the Father. It is a position in the realms of Heaven. It does not come with human understanding or on human terms for it is far beyond the capabilities of that realm. It draws from the resources of Heaven into your life.

Just as Adina shared the sermon of the woman at the well who said, “The well is too deep, and my need is too great.” She also said, I have nothing to draw with from the well. She was incorrect. She was looking only at the realm of the 3D plane and not at the resources provided by Heaven. Look, look! Look into the realm of the spirit. Don’t try to figure it all out. Just look!

The resources of Heaven are already flowing within you. They flow through the river that is within. Draw from the river. Picture yourself with a particular need and you, by an act of your faith, reach into the water and draw out the thing needed for your life or for the ministry.

Reach in and draw out deliverance and wholeness and restoration. Reach in and draw out the same for their spouse. Reach in and draw out the same for others in your family.

I never intended your children to live in loneliness, brokenness, or heartbreak, but in wholeness. Draw out wholeness for them. Draw out freedom for them. Draw out joy for them.

Do the same for your grandchildren. They all are in need. The resources you need are in the river within.

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The Resources You Need Are Within
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