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The Positional Place of Temperance

Temperance is defined as self-control or moderation regarding one’s behaviors and habits. It is the ability to exercise restraint.

We must exude temperance in the soul realm when it comes to mastering the mind. While it is a fruit of the spirit, exuding this temperance is co-laboring with the realm angel over our soul. Eat its fruit. This is a positional place regarding mastering the mind. Temperance is a positional place. It is a positional thing within our soul.

In our own strength, it's very difficult to exude temperance because it's a positional place, but when you exude temperance, you exude strength. When you're weak, who is strong? Jesus, of course, who happens to be over your soul realm. It is His positional place that you stand in.

See it as a new position visually for yourself. When you say, “I am in you, Jesus, and you are in me and we together are in the Father, now as you stand in the positional place of your temperance, the fruit of your spirit, you can be in a position of strength because, in your weakness, where you can't do things on your own, you're strong! Stand in it, in Jesus’ name. Ask for the angel of your soul realm to help you stand in this positional place.

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The Positional Place of Temperance
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