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The Path of Peace

As we engaged Heaven, we found ourselves walking along a pathway with Malcolm and Thomas (2 men in white). It was a very brilliant pathway with very lush grass to our left and to our right were beautiful pastures with fences. It was very, very peaceful.

Malcolm asked, "Do you enjoy the peace that this brings as you look at it?"

"Yes," we replied.

He asked, "Do you enjoy this path of peace?"

"Oh, yes we do," we responded.

Malcolm continued, “This is the path the Father wants all the sons to enjoy. The peace that passes understanding. The narrow road that brings life, fruit, and enjoyment is laid before you. It is a path of perfecting. It is a path of sonship, relationship, building, growing, esteeming. It is the path you are all on which brings immense joy to the Father. This is a place of Kingship as sons.

Think of it as a place of authority amid peace and rest. It is the delight of the Father that people walk in this. It is a cherished place for many, but it is a faraway place for some. As you do this work as a ministry, those that are drawn to it can be shown this path.

“The misconception of the narrow path is just that -- a misconception in people’s minds. They forget about his grace and his mercy. They think that they are so easily going to stumble out of His love. When you seek the Kingdom, when you are running after it like this, it is not so easy to fall from because of the understanding of the Courts of Heaven and the forgiveness and the repentance and what it truly stands for. When people are walking this path, seeking the Kingdom, learning about this, growing in this, stepping off the path is not as easy because of His love, His grace, His mercy.

As they walk in repentance and forgiveness, they are still on the path. They need to know this. They need to understand his love for them regarding this. Seeking the Kingdom and all its righteousness keeps them on this path of pristine, peacefulness. Heaven wants to remind them.

Stephanie said, “Malcolm. I quite enjoying this path. I am enjoying my footsteps upon it. I am enjoying The view. I am enjoying the resolute peace that I feel and sense here. I understand. What you are saying, ‘As we seek the kingdom with our whole hearts, learning things about His love and His grace and mercy, as we walk in repentance for others, for ourselves, the forgiveness of sins, slipping and falling do not have the same hold, does it?”

Malcolm stopped, and put his arm up on the fence and is just smiling at because she was getting this understanding.

Stephanie continued, “So, through all of this and because people have accepted that the foundations of the Courts of Heaven is repentance and forgiveness that this pristine path that we can walk upon that the Father has given us, it is like people have been beaten themselves up when they slip or fall, even for a second. But when they come right back into repentance or forgiveness for someone, they have never really left the path, is that what you're saying?”

“Yes,” Malcolm replied. This is the sonship. This is the relationship. This is the bringing together of all of this knowledge and understanding and wisdom that they've been seeking and that they are seeking for and finding.”

We began walking again and Stephanie asked, “So, for clarity's sake, Malcolm, to make this simple, because you keep saying, ‘Keep it simple’, all the Father is wanting us to understand during this walk is this is His gift to us–this knowledge that as long as we are seeking after the Kingdom, as long as we're walking in for repentance and forgiveness with our hearts laid bare before Him regarding this, that as human with humanity in front of us, we can stumble and fall, but walking in this forgiveness and repentance, that we are on this path, this pristine path and we can trust it.”

He said, “Now you get it. It's part of the trust of trust.”

Stephanie, understanding what Malcolm was telling us, said, “Yes, we all sin and fall short of the Glory, but this is a trusted path that as we learn about the trust of trust and who we are as sons, we can trust this pristine path laid before us is from the Father because of the son.

“Thank you for that. Malcolm. I wasn't expecting this today.”

We asked if there were a couple of Psalms that would apply and he directed us to Psalm 107: 1-3 and 12, and Psalm 60:4.

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The Path of Peace
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