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The Molecular Widget

As we engaged Heaven this day, we found ourselves in a setting like the movie Avatar, where the main character who is a paraplegic climbs into a machine and becomes a body—an avatar.

We were not alone. Wisdom had come in high wisdom. Understanding has come in high understanding, and now we were sitting with the council that we have had before with all of these. We could see Einstein, Moses, and Daniel here. We sat with them at the table in the room and waited.

Einstein stood up and he started passing out and device he called widgets. He started passing them around to the group until everyone had one in front of them. He said, “It is molecular.” He began to tell us about this molecular widget–which is what he called it. Ezekiel came and touched each widget, and it came alive.

Einstein said, “Consider the molecular structure.”

The widget began flying right in front of us. It was remarkably interesting. It looked like molecules that were put together, but it was in a three-dimensional piece right now in front of us and it was hovering.

Einstein asked, “If coming to this place truly turns back the hands of time. What would you say has happened to your own molecular structure?”

Stephanie asked, “Are you referring to when we call for Jesus' DNA and RNA? Is that what you are talking about?”

“In some ways,” he said.

We asked Wisdom and Understanding to take our hands and help us understand what this meant.

We know that everything has a molecular structure, and this is also about quantum.

Einstein surmised, “If everything has a molecular structure and everything is quantum, can you consider passing through these things?”

If everything has a molecular structure and everything is quantum, can you consider passing through these things?

“When he said that, it was like walking through a wall,” Stephanie admitted.

He said, “I had to show you the form of a molecular widget for the sake of seeing.

But you who are molecular, you are molecularly fashioned and can indeed walk quantumly through molecularly fashioned things. For instance, walking on water. Walking through walls.” The then leaned in and said, “Walking through and on time.”

Stephanie asked, “Can you tell us how or what are the next steps?”

Einstein asked, “Is your faith activated?”

“Yes, it is Einstein,” she replied.

He said, “Then, walk through time.”

We asked, “Will you come with us, Einstein?”

He said, “We can all come with you.”

Stephanie described, “Immediately, I am seeing this entire scene change. I am seeing the time of my conception.”

Einstein asked, “What if here we could change the molecular outcomes? The generational work that is at hand changes molecular outcomes. Does your faith sustain this?”

Stephanie replied, “Yes.”

Einstein charged her, “Then change your molecular outcome.”

She asked, “What are you talking about specifically? She then understood what to do next.

She said, “All right. I call in the molecular change into my body from my conception because of the work that Jesus Christ has done for me, because obedience is better than sacrifice. I have walked in this, and I stand on this timeline and say that ‘I asked for the change in my molecular design back to the perfection.’

She asked, “Is that what you are saying of how Jesus and the Father are you talking about healing bodies?”

He responded, “Healing in your bodies is one aspect of this.”

Stephanie mentioned that she has had a lifelong hip issue. Einstein called it a ‘hitch in her giddy up.’

She found herself on her timeline walking back in her own timeline to the point of her conception. She stepped into that conception and could see the cells dividing.

She announced, “From this place, because of the generational cleansing, because I have asked Jesus Christ for new DNA and RNA, I call in the molecular structure of Jesus into this moment in this place in Jesus' name.”

She could hardly believe it was that simple and described what she was seeing impurities being driven out.

When Jesus was speaking to his disciples, he said that the things he did, we will do those things greater. Einstein said, “After the resurrection, did not Jesus simply appear to them? He walked into the room in front of Thomas and all of them.”

Einstein said, “These are next steps.”

Daniel stood and opened a book and when he did it was like lightning, or light came from the book and went straight up and it covered the whole place.

Daniel said, “This is about elevation and next level. This is the next level revelation.”

We asked, “Why did it take Ezekiel touching it for the molecular widget for it to seem to be activated?”

Einstein explained, “He wanted to be a part of the process.”

They indicated these Molecular Widgets were something we could take with us, so we received them from Heaven.

Lydia, who had been with us brought in a book. It was a leather-bound book tied with a red ribbon around it. Instead of opening it, she put it on a shelf saying, “The old has passed away.”

She pointed to the book on the table that Daniel had brought in and opened. It signified new revelation that had come.

We then called Ezekiel near and commissioned him saying,

We commission you to the use of the molecular widgets, to bring them to those that are doing and have done the generational work for the Kingdom. We commission you to the portals to the opening wider the portals that need to be opened and to closing of those that need to be closed. Seal them shut with the blood of Jesus.

I commission you to the flames to the rightly dividing of the truth and to do this in time and out of time and every dimension and realm and to co-labor with all the other angels of those that are part of this ministry in Jesus’ name.

Several days later we engaged Heaven again to receive more understanding of these Molecular Widgets.

We met with Einstein and asked, “What do you want to share with us?”

He asked, “What is molecular?”

We responded, “It is relating to or consisting of molecules. It involves the interactions between polymer and solvent at the molecular level. A molecule is a group of two or more atoms held together by attractive forces known as chemical bonds.” (Wikipedia)

We had been taken to a cliff overlooking an ocean moments before, but now, once the definition of molecular had been read, things looked quite different. We saw the scenery now as lines, prisms, planes, numbers, and what we assumed were molecules.

Einstein said, “Everything–all of creation is molecular.”

All of creation is molecular.

We asked, “What are molecular widgets?”

He called it a download.

We inquired, “Is this something that you are saying that we can request just for the sake of learning?”

He said, “Heaven is giving you this ease, this simplicity of how you can request something. It is a connection because the expanse of everything is molecular. You are molecular. It is an integration.”

Our understanding of a widget is that it is something that can be embedded. Stephanie had experienced this embedding a few days before when Einstein suddenly took the widget he held in his hand and placed it in Stephanie’s mind.

As she looked at her hand, just now, she could see all kinds of molecular constructs embedded inside of her.

He said, “This is already within. Heaven has given you the bandwidth for it. Heaven had me give you a visual picture of implanting the molecular widget in your mind for your mind to expand. It was a way for your soul to understand that you were going to be seeing something.

“You are molecular, you are integrated, so think bigger.”

Seeing the widget in her hand again, Stephanie asked that it be embedded in her.

This time, instead of being embedded in her mind, it was embedded in her heart.

Immediately she felt herself being drawn to everything that she had seen of the ocean and the sky. She felt her heart was being pulled to it as if a part of it now. She could go and be in the water or be in the beauty of the sky. It was integrated in her where we were. It was like being one with the creation around her.

Einstein said, “The widget is for the sake of understanding. To create an ease.”

“Can we ask this for people?” We wanted to know.

We suddenly saw an expanse of angels with widgets in their hands.

He said, “It is a tool for your vision to know that you have this, and that you have access to it. There are some that need to see this for themselves as an action.”

Stephanie remarked, “As an act of faith, Einstein, I ask for all the molecular widgets that Heaven would have for Ron and for me.

She continued, “He just showed me that the book of LifeSpring–the entity–is molecular. It did not look like a book anymore. Even though we could see pages, it was molecular. The book is in you, Ron. It is in me. My heart is drawn to become a living part of it.”

Einstein said, “As we begin to view your integration around you, that you are a part of these things–all of creation–you will be able to understand governing better. Because if you are in union with Him, then you will have the realization that you are a part of creation and creation is a part of you. You are integrated together because he made all of this. You can go and govern the sea, or govern the land you are standing on. You can govern a tree, or you can govern whatever it is around you.

“The widget is for the sake of just the visual. It is an embedding in people who want to see and experience that embedding for the sake of the expansion of their own mind and heart.”

Stephanie added, “I am guessing I am that I just would not have been able to have grasped these things without the widget being embedded. Because when he planted it in my head, I had no problem with seeing something outside of my norm because I knew it was a heavenly implant that it was not anything I could produce.”

Einstein finished, saying, “Rest in this. Now govern.”

We asked, “May we ask for molecular widgets on behalf of the people for tonight for it to be an activation?”

In response, Stephanie could suddenly see Ezekiel’s ranks with widgets in their hands. Each of them looked different. They were very uniquely designed for each person because each person unique. Each person will have something specific and different from the person next to them. But in the same sense, it is as if it is still the same.

We were told, “What they are receiving is individualized oneness, which is an oxymoron.”

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