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The Lens of Promise

King David met us as we engaged Heaven and when asked what he had for us that day, he replied, “Spectacles.”

Stephanie replied, “Well, David, that has two meanings to me, spectacles that you see out of, and then something being made a spectacle of. Which one are we talking about?”

King David asked here, “Didn't you just receive some new glasses? Some new lenses?” (The Help Desk had given us new lenses the day before).

Stephanie replied, “I did.”

King David remarked, “Well, why don't we look through that lens today.”

Stephanie exclaimed, “I say yes, King David! Angels, I commission you to help me see through these lenses. Thank you, Father, for the new lenses and help us to see.”

King David explained, “Son, I'm going to take you on a journey.”

Stephanie remarked, “I thought all of these were journeys. He's laughing. I'm seeing the picture of a woman on the back of a donkey or a horse and a man beside her. Now, my immediate thought was Mary and Joseph while she was pregnant with Jesus. Am I correct in this summation?”

King David queried, “What lens do you think Mary was looking through on that journey?”

Stephanie replied, “I think she was looking through the lens of the promise of what the angel had said to her.”

King David responded, “That's right. Now, what lens do you think Joseph was looking through? Was he looking through the same lens as Mary? They both had the promise from the angel. What lens would you say most would look through on this journey? Most of the sons hear the promise, but on their journey, don't view through the lens of the promise. Why is that do you suppose?”

Stephanie answered, “King David, I'm assuming it's because of false indoctrination, false things we've been taught in the church, or could it be that we take these scriptures for granted? We've heard them, we've heard about the promise. We don't really walk in it or maybe even believe it is for us. Am I correct in this David?”

King David remarked, “Wouldn't this be around sonship? In the natural, if a father says to his son, there is an expectancy of a promise from the father to the son, in most instances, wouldn't the son know that he knows that he knows to expect the promise? So why do we as sons not truly believe the promise through the lens of our Heavenly Father?

Take your rightful positions as sons.

The sons must look through the lens of the Father, through the Father of the promise, hold onto it, know it, experience it. Take your rightful place as sons. Every good and perfect gift is from the Father.”

Stephanie prayed,

“Father, I would like to say, thank you for the lenses. Help us, as sons, to see the promises through the lens that you have given us. Help us to experience the promise through the lens that you have given us. Help us to take our rightful place as sons, knowing the promise and expecting it.”

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The lens of promise
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