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The King is in the Room

This morning we met in the upper-level conference room. We had been taken to this particular conference room several times lately.

After greeting Wisdom, Lydia, and Malcolm he made a special announcement, “The King is in the room!”

We thanked Jesus for coming and as we did a deep sense of reverence and peace permeated the room.

Jesus spoke to Stephanie and me calling us “His Glory Makers of the Way.”

Stephanie replied, “Thank you, Jesus. We say yes to you and all that Heaven has for your people, for Your Kingdom come and Your will to be done.”

Jesus said, “There's a short tutorial for you.”

Stephanie, explaining what she was seeing, said, “It's like when you start your first day of your job and they give you a little short tutorial... it feels like that. So, we're going sit at this table and I do see flicker of what you would see from old movies, that flicker before the movie starts. In the tutorial film I see Jesus with the cross on his shoulder walking through the streets of Jerusalem before his death. I see his sweat and his blood. I see the thorns in his head, and I see the weight of the cross. Oh, how heavy it was that day. I'm watching all the people around. He's showing me that there were some very young children that were there, and it was on that day that innocence was stolen from them. They had never seen anything like that before. Now, I am being taken to the vision of the hole in the ground they were going to place the cross into. I see it. It's really deep. I can see into the ground.”

Speaking to Stephanie, Jesus said, “Someone had to dig that hole. It was someone's job to dig that hole. It was someone's job to build the cross that day.”

Stephanie commented, “He's speaking of the enormity of that day and he's showing to me the enormity of that day, just as a regular day. Not just supernaturally, but what it was for those around that were on the scene that day.

Then, the movie stopped. For whatever reason, Jesus has me focused on the hole.”

She said, “I desire to know what you're saying, Jesus.”

She continued, “So, I have seen this hole that was dug by a person, it was their job.”

Stephanie said to Jesus, “Give us clarity and understanding of what you want us to know.”

Jesus replied, “I want my sons to know that even on their worst day, their worst day, that I have them in the palm of my hands.

I want my sons to know that even on their worst day, their worst day, that I have them in the palm of my hands.

“I constructed through time, the person that I handpicked to dig that hole for the day of my crucifixion. Even on their worst day, I was at work in them–for them.

And if the sons let me, I will work through them.

Revelation is all about understanding all of the pieces, especially the piece that what was meant for evil– the cross, killing me…all that was turned for good…the salvation of the world. Think for one minute of the person–the man that dug that hole. That was his job.

When the reality came of who I am, how tough do you think it was for him? Every day thereafter it was tough for him to know he dug that hole. That the part he played set me up, lifted me up on the cross. What he didn't know was that he was a part of the greatest plan. I walk in victory even because of the act of digging that hole My sons can walk with me in victory. Choosing to lay your mindsets down, of your struggles, of your troubles and looking at it through the lens of the very one who had to dig that hole. My hand is upon all of my sons as it was upon him.”

Stephanie replied, “Thank you, Jesus, for this understanding. I have never once in my life thought about who did that.”

He said, You have no idea of even the smallest things that were done for that day.

Things like the hole being dug. There were many other things like that that were done on that day by other people's hands.”

Stephanie commented “Thank you, Jesus, for that.” Then, Jesus leaned over and kissed Stephanie on the cheek and left the room.


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