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The Jigsaw Puzzle & the Canoe

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The Jigsaw Puzzle

We had stepped into Heaven and the attendant at the Help Desk was encouraging Donna to sharing a revelation she had recently related to seeing and perceiving in the spirit and she shared this illustration of how you work with jigsaw puzzles.

Donna began, “When you're putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you can put it together two ways, depending on the focus of your sight in the moment. You can look at the jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scattered on the table and you can look for like colors, or like patterns, and you can group them all together and based on what you know to be the whole, you begin to assemble it based on shadings of the colors.

“But at the same time, it is also true that you can change your focus. Now, you are not looking at those pieces for the colors, you are looking at those pieces for the shape. And now you are finding the edge pieces. You're finding the pieces that have four pokey-outy things instead of four receptors for that pokey-outy thing.

[The extruding part has many names, so Donna was not far off with her descriptor. They are called tabs, knobs, bumps, loops, outies, keys and of course “male”. (Google)]

“So, you're looking at the shape and you can put together a puzzle based on the shape. We do this a lot when we put the frame of the puzzle together. First, when we find all the pieces, we're not looking for the color of the edge piece, we're looking for the shape of it. And so, it is when you do this in the natural. You can be able to do this when you are focusing in the spirit realm. It’s like you are no longer looking for a part in a particular way but you are changing your perspective, just like you would in the natural.”

She asked, “How easy it is to change and find all the red pieces and the green pieces versus the straight pieces and the strange looking pieces or the special shaped pieces?”

Continuing she said, “Some puzzles have the little outlines of people and animals and that kind of stuff. You can find those in a puzzle, but the angel helping me to tell you this–seeing in the spirit is a lot like that. It's allowing your spirit to shift to what you are perceiving. Are you perceiving it this way or this way?

This is just another tip to encourage you. You are meant to see and operate in the spiritual realm. You have been given this. You do this all the time in the natural realm, and likewise, you are able to do it in the spirit realm.”

Going with the Flow

Following that engagement, we asked Ezekiel to draw near. He came in carrying a canoe.

Donna asked, “What are you telling me about the canoe? It looks like a Native American canoe. It's not fancy. It's not made of fiberglass. It looks like it's made of natural substances from the earth.”

Ezekiel said, “Do you want another analogy for some of that?”

Donna replied, “Yes, I am very interested in what you want to show me.”

Ezekiel said, “You can also remind the people that because the Holy Spirit dwells inside them, when they quiet themselves, it's like getting in a canoe on a river. The river has a direction. It also has a pace and a flow. You simply step into the river that is already there, but notice you are without a paddle.” Ezekiel showed Donna he did not bring a paddle. He just brought the canoe.

He continued, “When you are operating in heavenly realms, it's okay to remember that the Father has already poured out the Spirit. The Spirit is in the world today. It's in the people of God, but it has a flow and it has a pace. So, when you step into spiritual realms, you are not directing the direction you go. The Spirit of God is. And when you are calm enough–settled enough, you are able to perceive the direction of the river, what the pace of the river is and go with it and get in your canoe and let his river take you to what you will perceive. Your job is only to believe you will proceed, you will see, you will know, you will hear as you calmly and patiently make it your business to get in the canoe and let the canoe be taken by the river. You are just floating on top. You're not paddling. You're not striving. You're letting the river of God within you flow to show you a thing like it would show you scenery that you would see along the banks of where the rivers going and taking you.

While you sit calmly in the canoe, take notice then of where the river has taken you. What is the scenery that you're seeing? Is it flat land? Is it sheer cliffs? Is it forests? Is it meadows? Let yourself calmly reside in that canoe and as you allow the Holy Spirit to bring you to what he is showing you too.

While he is helping you perceive many do the opposite.

Now Ezekiel began to act a little silly. Donna described what he was doing, “He is getting into canoe. He's sitting in it backwards. He's paddling, frantically, madly, paddling, upstream. He looked at Donna and said, “Do you see the difference? This is not the way to engage the Spirit of God and the Kingdom realm. You have access. The Father desires his children to flow and get into the canoe, but he also has a measured pace for you there. And it's okay.

Some days when you step in will be a rapid pace, the river is flowing more rapidly. Sometimes it's mild to the point of looking like a pond and the quieter you get you will find the river is actually flowing in that calmness. This is the delight of your Father to engage you there as you flow with His Spirit.”

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The Jigsaw Puzzle and the Canoe
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