The Insidious Work of Familial Spirits

Updated: Jul 28

We recently received word about some siblings who are connected to our ministry who all received a COVID-19 positive diagnosis at the same time. To our knowledge they had not recently been with each other. This seemed suspicious and we began to discern that this was the wicked work of a familial spirit (not familiar spirit). A familial spirit works within bloodlines and family units. This familial spirit was working on the body realm. It was working using the soul’s empathy to cross over from one sibling to another. “You're my sister. I love you. And you have got COVID and now I am so empathetic or sympathetic to you and in that empathy or sympathy, the familial spirit crosses over to the other sibling.

The soul’s empathy is a pathway. Empathy AND sympathy are pathways (in the soul realm). Empathy says, ‘This is how we do family. Therefore, we are a family. We empathize and sympathize.’ It is almost like a false covenant or an oath where it says in the family line, ‘I've got your back,’ or ‘I’ve got your back brother,’ but it is ungodly.

It results in a false judgment that says, “This is why we're family, because we empathize.” No, we are NOT a family because we empathize and sympathize, but because God made us a family. The familial spirit is playing on that. It plays on the emotions. It uses the emotional realm. It is twisting the emotional realm so that ‘I am so emotive toward you and your sad situation that it crosses over from one family member to the other and that is wicked. The soul can do that. It is like a soul tie but really it is a soul bridge. It is a result of not knowing how to relate via the human spirit to one another, rather than the soul.

Holy Spirit said this, “It is what is behind ‘blood is thicker than water’, but blood is NOT thicker than water. Water is spirit. Spirit is actually stronger than the blood. Spirit makes brothers and sisters in the spirit, but blood is just blood[1].

We could sense that the Father was uncovering something for us and we realized we needed a tutor. We wanted to learn about family and the spiritual dynamics of a family and how the enemy uses the natural dynamics of a family.

We were instructed to go to the Help Desk where we requested a tutor to instruct us on how the enemy uses the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’. We requested a tutor on the twisting of that truth.

The attendant then gave Donna a pass to a classroom on the sixth floor of the complex and we went to a classroom on the sixth floor. A man came in whose name (as best as could be determined) was Taylor. Donna explained that she wanted to understand.

The Problem

Taylor summarized what Donna was seeking saying, “You want to understand the pathways the enemy uses in the soul realm to travel on to family members to do destruction in their realms.” He continued, “Family dynamics play a part in things that cross over things that cross between family members.

“The cross over is a release of an energy designed by God for the love of mankind for those in their closest clan and tribe who are physically related. They have a resonance of similarity. How wickedness and darkness use this, is that wickedness seeks a pathway along this energy line–this frequency–this resonance line to capture the whole tribe to bring it to a destruction, and primarily to stop it from advancing, expanding, and maturing. So, a familial spirit is assigned to a family line to wreak havoc through doors of iniquity. The familial spirit uses the emotion of the soul realm to accomplish this infiltration. It is an infiltration of deception, untruth, and the propagation of iniquity to destroy and remove the tribe, the clan, and the family.

“Veiled humanity not operating from awakened spirits suffer due to these familial spirits in operation against their family’s calling and destiny. Associations of the soul realm can easily be hijacked by the familiar spirit. It is like a wrangling of the individual soul realms to emote from the natural realm only. It is tracking through the soul realm. It advances through the soul realm. You call these soul ties. There are a few godly soul ties. For instance, mother and child, father and son that are in place in time and season.

The Methodology

“Then there are ungodly soul ties which are used by darkness. They are propagated by darkness and for the purpose of the limitation of the individual being the family, the clan, and then the tribe and it is an attempt to shut down the spirit of a man awakened to God, operating from spirit realms in association through the son of God, Jesus.

“Natural events and all things natural, physical plane circumstances, events, happenings, plans, everything in that realm is subject to manipulation by this familial spirit. Those trapped by ungodly soul ties are tethered to one another. He familiar spirit has a tether to the soul places, and he just pulls the tether to cause torment at any time because he has the tethers or the reigns in his hands.

“He is using something God created which is love for family, but he has distorted it. The distortion is when the family is not surrendered to God and walking in humility. They walk in rebellion or pride or the knowledge of the wrong tree’s fruit. They are operating from that.

“This is what is behind the phrase you have that is referred to when someone says, ‘Our four and no more’. It is the soul realm in operation, and it is very vigilant to make just the blood relatives their focus. It is very divisive, but what it does is it turns on you and eventually it makes you very exclusive. It is exclusive, not inclusive. In partnership with the religious spirit, it makes you want to pray for just your family members, not your neighbors. It is very inward looking and is only concerned with just those in your circle. It is not broad and releasing. It makes you where you do not even want prayer from other people if they are not related to you. Anyone on the outside of the family is suspect.

“It is a dark evil vortex. What it does is when operating in a family unit, is it does not release and promote the destiny and purpose of the spirit man in a being. Rather, it corrals and says, ‘Your resources are my resources, and we are not going to let the outside in’. When a family member tries to break out of this, they find great trouble. The demon is pulling the tethers.

“So, if you want to go do your own way, because you have been called by God to go do a thing and you want to break out of this family, then the demon holding that familial spirit, holding those tethers, he just ramps that up and that person never feels like they achieve their God given destiny. They have not because the familial spirit has corralled them with these tethers, and he has such a grasp on the emotions of the other people that they are not in agreement that you should go do that thing God called you to do.

“What helps to break this is the spirit of a man becoming awakened to the things of God and seeking after the Kingdom to the point where he is willing to do whatever it takes so that he accomplishes his God-given destiny. Even if he must leave the family that is trying to control him through the familial spirits’ operation, preventing his destiny from manifesting.

“Familiar spirits use the souls’ emotive pathways to corral, bind, capture, destroy, postpone, and delegitimize the call of God on the individual. Many destinies are lost or are unfulfilled because of this. This is so entrenched that you will have people come to blows about this before they are willing to accept that this is an outside evil force at work on the family. You will not be able to convince them because they are blinded to it, and they are under the sway of the tethers that the demon holds. So, there must be disagreement with the manipulation of the familial spirit.”

The Solution