The Hall of Treasures

Updated: Aug 16

As we engaged Heaven this day at the Help Desk of the Business Complex, Donna saw what she described as four-stacked small doors. They were stacked in twos and beside one another. It looked like safe deposit box drawers. Each door had a keyhole in it. The four doors were combined and joined into one rectangular metal box. This rectangular box was sitting on the countertop at the Help Desk.

As she described what she was seeing, Marcus, a man in white linen spoke saying, “It is a representational vision of what has been unlocked and what is still locked as treasure from the storehouses of Heaven for your advancement. The Kingdom of Heaven has stored up for you some things locked, some things unlocked, but the revelation and the teaching of accessing those things in heavenly realms that have been unlocked are for you to understand freshly now. Some are things the Father has determined for you to be unlocked in His timing.”

At this point Donna asked if we could all meet privately as were standing in the lobby where the Help Desk was. We were taken to a small room where we met to discuss these matters.

Marcus continued, “There are things that are locked, things not yet unlocked, and things that are unlocked, but have yet to be received. The receipt of the things that have been unlocked for you is what I want to talk about first.”

Donna asked, “How does one receive what has been unlocked?”

Marcus replied, “First, you must have faith. Faith is the key. Some things have been unlocked to you, but you have not stepped into heavenly realms to access them. So, they are here waiting for you, but you must unlock them here in the heavenly realm. You have to intentionally pause to receive them. Jesus made this open for you. He owns every key and when you step into realms of Heaven, you can ask to see that which has been unlocked for you. Your experience of this can be a visual experience or experiential. These experiences can be numerous as well.

“You often step in to ask what is in the Outstanding Folder? You can also find in the Court of Records what has become unlocked for you as the seasons of time progress in the earth realm. This is tied to your maturing as sons and daughters of God. It is tied to the Fathers’ events on earth. It is tied to the increase of His Kingdom on earth and the release of that increase. Do not be surprised when I tell you that might and power from your Father in heavenly places can be received because a timed event has occurred where this has become unlocked.

“Many suffer because they have not stepped into their understanding of access to the might and power that has been already released to the saints and they simply have not come to get it unlocked. Then they have not released faith and belief to receive, but this can change. You will see it change dramatically in days ahead, the way the saints move upon the physical plane.

Religion and religious thoughts, which are those absence of God's determination to release His glory through His sons and daughters, will prevent you from pausing and considering how to receive what has been unlocked for you.

There is an unlocking that has happened and that will happen that will unlock the treasures of your Father for their increase on earth.

This requires spiritual thinking and the recognition of faith as the substance of that thing that is being unlocked.”[1]
Wealth has been stored up and portions have been released and unlocked.

At that point the scene changed, and Donna saw a long hallway. She described it as not very wide, but a little wider than a hallway in a home might be, but the walls were not walls. They were rows and rows and rows and rows of what looked like safe deposit boxes. The boxes had names and numbers on them. They only have one keyhole for each, and it went on for a long distance.

Donna noted that she had seen something similar before when she saw a wall of scrolls. Marcus referred to these boxes as Treasure Boxes. He said, “They are Treasure Boxes of Heaven. They are for the saints to receive. Angels come here when you assign keys to them, and they come and unlock things from this place.”

Donna then found herself standing in front of a box that had ‘LifeSpring’ written on it. She began to describe that she was looking as one solid door, but when she opened the door there were 4 smaller doors like what she had seen at the beginning of this engagement.

Marcus said, “This main or primary door has been opened for a long time. Of these inner doors the top two are closed. The bottom left door has a timer on it and then Donna realized she had a key to the bottom right box.

Speaking to Marcus and Lydia, she said, “I would like you to help me out. What is this?”

Lydia[8] replied, “It's an unlocking of a wealth resource.”

Donna responded by saying, “By faith, I thank you, Jesus for the key that you have created and given; this key made of light. I put this key of light into the lock of this right hand, bottom door. I insert it and I open this door.”

Donna began to describe what she was seeing, “Peering into it I see currency. It's cash–that is what it looks like. You know how at the bank they wrap the currency in bundles? There are bundles of cash here. Also, there is a small decanter with a stopper in the top of it that has oil in it. The oil is really pretty. It is effervescent and milky looking. It looks like it's made of crushed sapphires or something similar, but it also has a milky substance.”

She said, “Imagine sapphires in a powder form mixed with a milky substance that is like cream. That's what it looks like.”

Speaking to Lydia, she asked, “When I insert this key on behalf of LifeSpring and I see the cash and I see the decanter, how do I take it and receive it?”

Lydia replied, “You know, this already, Donna.”

Donna replied, “Yes–I receive this by faith. I receive the cash increase and the oil in the vial by faith on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries for Your use Jesus, that Your kingdom would come on earth as it is in Heaven. I receive.