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The Hall of Treasures

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

As we engaged Heaven this day at the Help Desk of the Business Complex, Donna saw what she described as four-stacked small doors. They were stacked in twos and beside one another. It looked like safe deposit box drawers. Each door had a keyhole in it. The four doors were combined and joined into one rectangular metal box. This rectangular box was sitting on the countertop at the Help Desk.

As she described what she was seeing, Marcus, a man in white linen spoke saying, “It is a representational vision of what has been unlocked and what is still locked as treasure from the storehouses of Heaven for your advancement. The Kingdom of Heaven has stored up for you some things locked, some things unlocked, but the revelation and the teaching of accessing those things in heavenly realms that have been unlocked are for you to understand freshly now. Some are things the Father has determined for you to be unlocked in His timing.”

At this point Donna asked if we could all meet privately as were standing in the lobby where the Help Desk was. We were taken to a small room where we met to discuss these matters.

Marcus continued, “There are things that are locked, things not yet unlocked, and things that are unlocked, but have yet to be received. The receipt of the things that have been unlocked for you is what I want to talk about first.”

Donna asked, “How does one receive what has been unlocked?”

Marcus replied, “First, you must have faith. Faith is the key. Some things have been unlocked to you, but you have not stepped into heavenly realms to access them. So, they are here waiting for you, but you must unlock them here in the heavenly realm. You have to intentionally pause to receive them. Jesus made this open for you. He owns every key and when you step into realms of Heaven, you can ask to see that which has been unlocked for you. Your experience of this can be a visual experience or experiential. These experiences can be numerous as well.

“You often step in to ask what is in the Outstanding Folder? You can also find in the Court of Records what has become unlocked for you as the seasons of time progress in the earth realm. This is tied to your maturing as sons and daughters of God. It is tied to the Fathers’ events on earth. It is tied to the increase of His Kingdom on earth and the release of that increase. Do not be surprised when I tell you that might and power from your Father in heavenly places can be received because a timed event has occurred where this has become unlocked.

“Many suffer because they have not stepped into their understanding of access to the might and power that has been already released to the saints and they simply have not come to get it unlocked. Then they have not released faith and belief to receive, but this can change. You will see it change dramatically in days ahead, the way the saints move upon the physical plane.

Religion and religious thoughts, which are those absence of God's determination to release His glory through His sons and daughters, will prevent you from pausing and considering how to receive what has been unlocked for you.

There is an unlocking that has happened and that will happen that will unlock the treasures of your Father for their increase on earth.

This requires spiritual thinking and the recognition of faith as the substance of that thing that is being unlocked.”[1]
Wealth has been stored up and portions have been released and unlocked.

At that point the scene changed, and Donna saw a long hallway. She described it as not very wide, but a little wider than a hallway in a home might be, but the walls were not walls. They were rows and rows and rows and rows of what looked like safe deposit boxes. The boxes had names and numbers on them. They only have one keyhole for each, and it went on for a long distance.

Donna noted that she had seen something similar before when she saw a wall of scrolls. Marcus referred to these boxes as Treasure Boxes. He said, “They are Treasure Boxes of Heaven. They are for the saints to receive. Angels come here when you assign keys to them, and they come and unlock things from this place.”

Donna then found herself standing in front of a box that had ‘LifeSpring’ written on it. She began to describe that she was looking as one solid door, but when she opened the door there were 4 smaller doors like what she had seen at the beginning of this engagement.

Marcus said, “This main or primary door has been opened for a long time. Of these inner doors the top two are closed. The bottom left door has a timer on it and then Donna realized she had a key to the bottom right box.

Speaking to Marcus and Lydia, she said, “I would like you to help me out. What is this?”

Lydia[8] replied, “It's an unlocking of a wealth resource.”

Donna responded by saying, “By faith, I thank you, Jesus for the key that you have created and given; this key made of light. I put this key of light into the lock of this right hand, bottom door. I insert it and I open this door.”

Donna began to describe what she was seeing, “Peering into it I see currency. It's cash–that is what it looks like. You know how at the bank they wrap the currency in bundles? There are bundles of cash here. Also, there is a small decanter with a stopper in the top of it that has oil in it. The oil is really pretty. It is effervescent and milky looking. It looks like it's made of crushed sapphires or something similar, but it also has a milky substance.”

She said, “Imagine sapphires in a powder form mixed with a milky substance that is like cream. That's what it looks like.”

Speaking to Lydia, she asked, “When I insert this key on behalf of LifeSpring and I see the cash and I see the decanter, how do I take it and receive it?”

Lydia replied, “You know, this already, Donna.”

Donna replied, “Yes–I receive this by faith. I receive the cash increase and the oil in the vial by faith on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries for Your use Jesus, that Your kingdom would come on earth as it is in Heaven. I receive.

Lydia explained, “All of these things in all of these treasure boxes have scrolls attached to them”

Donna continued, “I also receive on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries, its staff, its audience, its supporters, its viewers, its listeners, these things for the increase of His glory on earth, as it is in Heaven. By faith I receive it.”

Lydia said, “By faith you receive it and by faith you can release it on earth because you have a trading floor. When you receive something in heaven and release it on earth, it multiplies because that is the principle of the Kingdom.”

By faith you receive it and by faith you can release it on earth because you have a trading floor.
When you receive something in heaven and release it on earth, it multiplies because that is the principle of the Kingdom.

Donna asked, “How do I do that?”

Lydia replied, “Verbally by faith’s release. Verbally by faith. And here is where your faith must be directed.

Your faith must be at not just the receiving, but in the releasing of multiplication.

Donna asked, “Why are you showing me a butterfly?”

Responding to her own question, Donna said, “Oh, that's how it multiplies. As I receive it and then I release it by faith, having known I received it.

Lydia advised, “Go in stages.”

Donna continued, “So, I release it to staff members associated with LifeSpring International Ministries.”

Interrupting Donna, Lydia began to explain that the butterfly was a caterpillar that went through a transformation and became a completely different creature. She explained,

When you release what has been stored up in places of Heaven that have been unlocked, then you receive it by faith. Then you release it by faith, with focus, with intent, and with ‘what would that be like?’, like shooting arrows at a target.
Your release is when you receive it in heavenly places.

That would be like the caterpillar. You then release it into the earth realm. You have received it by vision and faith and revelation. You then release it verbally with belief and faith and intent and focus and it becomes like a butterfly.”

Donna explained what she was understanding, “So, the chrysalis stage is in my being. As I see by faith and hear by faith what is being released; this is the will of the Father. Then I am exchanging it within my being or my sphere or my realm and I am releasing it with intent to others, for their receipt of it by faith. And like the chrysalis stage, when I release it verbally (with breath) into the physical realm, it becomes like the butterfly stage. It floats over or it wings its way to another who is a hearer of it by faith and they receive it like a butterfly resting on their shoulder.

[Pause right now and just begin to receive what has been released to you from Heaven.]

Donna was asked by Lydia, “What's the hardest part of this stage?”

She replied, “Coming here first to receive it by faith’s sight[2], discerning what is available, making the effort to sit down and engage Heaven and be intentional. That is the hardest part.”

Lydia said, “That is the hardest part, because the work of Satan and his demons is to keep you from the knowledge of your access here and of your identity in the physical plane from your spirit man. Faith accesses the Light Key. Faith engages the Light Key. It is not the Light Key, but the key itself is light.”

Donna said, “It makes me think of that verse. All good gifts come from the Father of lights”.[3]

The spiritual activity is to step in and receive, unlock it, see what has been unlocked.

Donna exclaimed, “When I look into this box and see this cash and this oil, the overwhelming sense is just how rich our Father is. How wealthy and resource filled He is and His desire to transfer this to His sons and daughters. Thank you, Father, I am just filled with gratitude, thankfulness, rejoicing, and peace. You have it all. You have everything I need here. Everything, the ministry needs here. Everything is here.

“We receive it by faith. We release it by faith. I release it by faith to Ron, to Adina, to Bralynn, to Robert, to Karee, to Joyce, to Kevin, to Linda, to Janine, to Anne. I release it to Linda. I release it to Alison and Edgar and Iris and Joanne and Jeremy. I release it to them. I release it to Darian and the other team members. I release it to the intercessors: Mark Jackson, Diana Engel, Linda Rapp, and to Jody and all the others. “Not only do I release it to them, but I release it to their households; the Horner household, the Rapp household, the Engel household, the Powder household, the Boehmer household, the Poupart household. I release it to all the households by faith. I release the cash and the anointing oil to these and their households. I release it because it's the Fathers’ good pleasure to give it. I have seen it by faith. I receive it by faith. I call the substance of it real. I release increased financial cash flow and cash income and multiplication to all these that I have mentioned. I also release the grace of the oil that flows with this cash. It goes together. I release this oil with it too.”

The Oil of the Ease of Increase

“What is the oil called? we asked.

Lydia replied, ‘The Ease of Increase.”

Immediately Donna said, “I receive the Oil of the Ease of Increase. I release the Oil of the Ease of Increase.”

Donna began to describe what she was understanding about this oil saying, “The oil has an aroma, and it attracts things. It attracts favor, it attracts multiplication. It attracts those moving in multiplication. This is done by faith. I am telling you that if we really got hold of how much substance faith has it will change us eternally.”

At that point Donna began to release it into some personal situations saying:

“I have a need to do this. I release it to my household. The Oil of the Ease of Increase I release to my son-in-law. I release it to my daughter. I release it to my son. I release it to my sister and my brother-in-law. I release it out of Your Kingdom. Father, glorify Your name as this oil is released and it lights upon them, as it flows down upon them. As its aroma from the goodness of the Father of lights attracts increase into their lives, into their minds, into their being into their body realm, I release that in Jesus' name. Whatever is lacking in their body realm, I release the Oil of the Ease of Increase. Thank you, Father.

Donna was now back in the conversation room where Marcus had something he wanted to teach us. He began, “Your enemy prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour[4]. He desires to devour your faith. He desires to devour what you have released from the Father of lights. So, what you have released, you can release angelic help to protect.

When the saints have knowledge of their own angels, they can commission their angels to protect that which has been released from Heaven and received.”

Donna wasted no time. She began:

“I now ask my angels to come near, and I commission them to protect the Oil of the Ease of Increase for myself and my extended family. I also release and commission my angels to protect the increase of cash, the increased cash flow multiplication. I commission my angels to protect that as it has come from my Father into my realm and I, by faith, will see it, and move in it. I will utilize it. I will multiply it as it translates or manifests itself into physical things in my realms. I want my angels to protect the manifestation of it, guard it, protect it from theft, protect it from destruction, protect it from being veiled to my sight and protect it as if they were protecting the glory of God–God's own glory. I commission my angels to this task in Jesus' mighty name.

“I commission the angels that I have been talking about that are assigned to the people I have been releasing this to, to protect it in these ways as well, in the name of Jesus.”

Now Marcus said, “Having received this by faith, having guarded and protected that which you have been given, remember to multiply by spirit with thanksgiving the Oil of Ease of Increase.”

Donna began:

“I receive with thanksgiving, the increased wealth of cash coming to my sphere, my household sphere, my extended family member’s spheres. I steward it. I watch over it. I now have expectation to see it and the full circle comes when I see the manifestation of it. I give glory to God. So, for physical increase, I declare right now by faith, I will have eyes to know. I will have eyes to see and a mind to know that this was the manifestation of that thing that I have gained from my Father by revelation and activity in His kingdom realm through Jesus, the door who gave me access to this place.”

Marcus interrupted and said, “You have just done nothing less than what Jesus did when he multiplied the loaves and the fishes.”

Donna prayed, “Father, I ask for grace to walk in this more. I also ask for angelic help so that the enemy cannot cap this. I can feel the pressing in of darkness to cap the goodness of God. To cap it. To put a limit on it and to say it cannot be that good.”

Donna declared, “Actually, it can be that good. God IS that good?”

Marcus said, “There is always enough. There's always another. There is no end in this. It cannot have an end because God has no end. It can't happen. It doesn't have to end. In the physical realm you think in terms of an end, but there is no end of this. It is quantifiably impossible for it to have an end.”

Donna explained, “If we just give glory to God and thank Him for what we have and what we're going to receive, then there is this activity of receiving by your spirit. It is an intentional activity to receive, and you justdo it by faith. Be ready to be thankful, but also be ready to believe and know there is something else coming. This is not the end.

Engaging from Your Spirit

Donna, speaking to Marcus said, “Marcus, talk to me about the difference of your spirit engaging in all this and your soul engaging.”

He said, “There have been some who have engaged in this from soul, this belief–this seeing like Abraham saw. Did you hear that part where he said, this is what Abraham did.[5] Abraham curated the vision of Isaac in the spirit realm with his spirit, not his soul. He did it for a long time–but he did it, and he consistently did it.

Because he did it by faith with his spirit, he enjoyed Isaac as if Isaac was there.

This is how to receive this.

Your spirit being has the capacity to be out of time.
See yourself in the spirit realm, enjoying that thing that you are thinking on and believing God for. See that thing in the realms of Heaven.
There's an important connection here between seeing and knowing and receiving, and then enjoying it in spirit realms because your spirit is engaging it there.

“So, it is almost like you are creating future memories from the spirit as you engage it. And then when it manifests in the natural, it comes to the soul realm to now enjoy it. But you first enjoy it, embrace it, receive it, and I mean really engage it from your spirit.

Abraham engaged a little boy who was an heir that came from Sarah's womb, and he did it in the spirit. And he did it by receiving the kindness of God, the goodness of God, the quantity of purpose in it.

By faith your spirit can receive it and all its purpose as it apprehends it.

Think of Abraham all those years with his soul desiring an heir, but his spirit was already engaged with the heir.

“Satan wants to preach that God held out on Abraham all those years, but He didn't. Abraham was fully engaged in it. He did not know the timing of this manifestation until he was told by the angels that came to tell him that, but he had already engaged. This is why this makes so much sense. Then, with the near sacrifice of Isaac we understand that Abraham had such a backstory with God, such a revelation of his powerful goodness, that if this is what the Father said to do, he could fully trust Him.

Donna remarked, “I feel like Abraham’s statement that God will provide the sacrifice[6] as they were going up that mountain is a real key there. This felt like a lesson on your spirit's ability to receive-your spirit's ability to be in faith. That is what Marcus was contrasting for me that many have tried this curation of the promise in the soul. Not only is the resistance so hard there, but many times they are manufacturing from their soul the thing it is trying to have faith for instead of receiving from the realms of Heaven from their spirit the thing God is trying to give them.

[Pause right now and ask: What is it you think God is trying to give you? What do you need to step into Heaven to receive what the Father has already stored up for you in His wealth storehouses or Treasure Boxes?]

I reminded Donna that we needed to commission Ezekiel.

Donna explained that the commissioning related to her family was simply due to what she was hearing from Heaven. She said, “That's how they were saying it. That that's how Marcus was showing me.

The things Heaven is giving are so available to be multiplied by our voice and our release.

We desired to release this to all the staff and the intercessors. Donna called Ezekiel[7] to come near. He stepped in with a mischievous grin on his face and he said, “It's quantum Donna. It's quantum.”

Donna replied, “I will agree with you on that.”

Commissioning of Ezekiel

She then began the commissioning:

“Ezekiel, we would like to commission you. We have received an unlocking of the wealth of cash for the ministry and an Oil for Ease of Increase. I bless the Father for this.

“So, we commission you Ezekiel, your commanders, and your ranks to protect the wealth of cash we have received, to protect and keep hidden from the enemy the Ease of Increase Oil that we have received, to help us distribute it to all the staff and all the supporters and intercessors for all parts of LifeSpring International Ministries. We commission you to this.

“We commission you to protect it from destruction, protect it from theft and protect it from being veiled from our sight. We commission you, the ranks, and your commanders to these things, in the name of Jesus.”

Ezekiel spoke and reminded us,

“It is your sonship to believe and to engage by the spirit the release of this increase. As you enjoy it in the earth realm it is released to manifest in the natural plane and will arrive by the hands of angels.”

Donna continued:

“So, I thank you, Father, that angelic ranks are now released for this and have been commissioned for its protection as it will glorify Your name. It will glorify Your worthiness, Your righteousness, Your holiness, Your name that is above all other names.

We take hold of this as our rights as citizens of Heaven by covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. We rejoice for the increase of cash wealth and for the release of the Oil of the Ease of Increase for all who are connected to us.

I thank you for the lesson in faith. I thank you for the reminder of how to receive from spiritual realms the wealth of Your Kingdom as Jesus did, even as Jesus did in his demonstration of the loaves and fishes multiplying to not only to meet needs, but multiplying to glorify Your name; to interrupt the timeline of earth with Your glory through one who knew himself as a son and who was simply revealing to potential sons what you wanted to do. Thank you for it.