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The Guest Registry and Fragmentation (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Continuing our training from Heaven on the Guest Registry, Donna (my Executive Assistant) began, “Thank you, Father, for access to the realms of Heaven Father. We enter in the name of Jesus. We ask permission to visit the Court of Records. We would like to visit the Guest Registry. I would like to view Mark’s (our clients’) Guest Registry. I am looking for a type of fragmentation.”

First however, we decided to look at the listing of spirit fragments to see if there were any nuances to what was in there before. Donna asked to sort by spirit fragments. Looking at what we had worked on previously with Mark we could see the input, ‘Fragments Reconciled.’ If a matter has been taken care of it will say that it is Reconciled. The attendant pointed out, “It's what you search for.

It is what you are looking for that you can see. If you are not looking for it, you won't see it.

“That explains why we have not seen all that needed to be seen when ministering to a person,” Donna said. “So, I have to appear here and really ask for it?”

“Right.” the attendant responded.

Donna continued, “That is why we want to be specific as to what we are looking for, which is why I want to know what else is on that account. What kind of things are included in that list?

“So now, I would like to search for soul fragmentation for Mark. Do you think that this is in the unwanted guest registry list database because it is related to a lingering human spirit or is it related to what we are looking at, like where your realms were touched by another entity as in the Guest Registry?

Ron explained the use of the term unwanted guest when dealing with lingering human spirits and said, “I was referring to evil spirits or demons, not merely LHS’s on assignment. I know the registry can contain more than just LHS’s, demons, or whatever. So, I want to know what else we need to be looking for because we have come across some strange stuff on occasion and I do not want something to slide off the table because we were not looking for it or did not know to look for it.

If we know to look for it, it cannot stay hidden.”

With that understanding, Donna continued, “All right. I would like to sort this database for Soul Fragmentation.

Soul Fragmentation

Donna said, “It feels like I am looking at an event timeline. I see infanthood. This was pre-toddler. Let me see if there is another one. This other one looks like early thirties or late twenties. It is some type of employer relation. Something happened there.

“The next thing on the event timeline is the scene of a jungle.” Donna asked,

“When would you have been near a jungle environment except like at a zoo or something like that?”

There were no jungle environments that Mark could recall.”

Appealing to the court, Donna said, “I need assistance from the court please, or the Holy Spirit. I would like assistance to know what am I looking at with the jungle scene?

“I think you flew over one,” she said. “I have a feeling this is from the India trip.” (Mark had been to India a few years before on a ministry trip.)

Describing what she was perceiving, Donna said, “Where you flew over was a very tropical area. Why would the soul fragment?” She asked.

Stumped at this point we paused and returned to the fragment related to infanthood-pre-toddler that had been seen.

Infanthood Fragmentation

I suggested, “Let us go back like the infanthood fragmentation.”

Looking at the registry for this Donna could see that someone was severely disappointed. They had dashed hopes. It was from the maternal side. As more clarity came, Donna sensed that Mark’s mother had been either tricked or deceived, or she had an expectation that was not met. The plot of the enemy was to bring harm between the mother and the infant. At that point in time, the infant had no guards up on their soul, but the infant’s soul picked up on this extreme disappointment, so the fragmentation came.”

I asked, “So, what is the repentance for that?”

The attendant replied, “As the infant had no sin in the matter, the pathway for repentance was the forgiveness of the mother for dashed expectations and holding expectations that were not given by God. Then, request the restoration of that the soul part.”

Donna asked the attendant, “In that request, does this registry show me where the soul part is?”

Her answer came in an understanding. Describing what it seemed like to her, she said, “You know what it feels like when you put a jigsaw puzzle away and you leave one piece out of the box, it is still in the house, right? It is not lost, but it is not used. It is not where it should go. It is still around. It is just not connected. That is what it feels like.”

Admitting how this information was stretching her, Donna said, “I can tell you what I do not see. I do not see a trade on that soul fragment. I do not see a captivity of that soul fragment. I do not see any fear around it. There are no demons around it. It has just happened, and it is like it is lying there needing to be connected.”

We determined to go through with the process we were perceiving and watch what happens.

Father, we request access to the mercy for it regarding this soul part from Mark’s infanthood. I forgive his mother for the soul realm expectations, for holding expectations not given by you. I bless her, forgive her, and release her in Jesus’ name. I request restoration of that soul part now in the name of Jesus.”

Looking at the registry and next to that time event, it said, ‘Mended’.

To retrieve the soul part, it seemed as if the angel had to go a long way to get it, although no distance really exists in that realm. It seemed as if an angel had been assigned to retrieve the soul part, but was not the Angel of the White Flame Donna had seen in a prior engagement. Donna said that it felt like an angel picking up a baby. It was not a large project for the angel, but rather run-of-the-mill.

Sensing we may be done with this registry entry we asked, “Is there anything else we need to do on that one? Is this mended soul fragment restored to Mark’s soul realm? Is there anything to do?”

The attendant said, “Thank the Father for restoration. The Father loves the whole soul. He made the soul, so he has pleasure at the redemption of lost parts.”

Donna replied, “All right. We honor this part. We honor the soul fragment that has been lost, but now is found and mended to Mark's whole soul. We welcome you back. We embrace you. We have needed you and we honor your position and want you to integrate with the whole soul. We thank you for this Father in Jesus’ name.”

Donna noted that it felt like that was a part of a tiny event line that has been mended. “Is there any cleansing for the soul part?” she asked.

The attendant replied, “A soul part receives the benefit of the whole, so if the whole soul is in a good state, then the integrated part receives the ministry of that.”

“Well, that is good to know,” Donna replied.

The Church Situation

The next soul fragment had to do with a situation in Mark’s thirties. Donna described what she was perceiving, “This is the one that feels like there was some person in authority over Mark who was near you. That is why it feels like an employer and the fragmentation to the soul was some sort of a wound, which would be like the sense of where you are doing the best you can, the best you know how, the best you were able to do, and instead of the person honoring the best that you could offer, they dishonored all of it. It was like they measured Mark’s soul and he came up wanting.”

Mark asked if this was an event that occurred in a certain town (naming the town). Donna could not perceive that, so then Mark asked if this situation was ‘church related’. That, Donna could confirm. Mark then knew the issue in question.

We then asked, “What is the path of the restoration of the soul fragment? What is the path of forgiveness to the perpetrators of the pain of that original trauma or the original wound? And where is the soul fragment? Has it been traded?”

Donna replied what she was perceiving, “I think it has been traded by a religious spirit, which feels like the wicked entity scored on this trade, like somewhere a tally was kept that this trade happened and because the religious spirit obtained this soul fragment, he got extra points for it.”

Donna wondered, “Was the trauma moment a plot of the enemy that was intentional for the trade of a soul fragment of Mark’s soul? That just blows my mind because of all the potential I saw for that. Think about coaches and teachers and parents and grandparents, where the person in that role and whatever season they are in that even when someone is doing the best that they can it can be met with total misunderstanding. I guess that is the mildest way to put that which often brings a fragmentation–how the enemy would set that up for an intentional soul fragment that he could then trade on. And in Mark’s case, the event was all about a religious spirit who was the perpetrator.

“There is more that we must do to get the soul part back. We must request nullifying of the trade on the grounds that it was immorally done. It was done in alignment with darkness or through deception of the religious spirit, like had the human known they were being used by a religious spirit they would have had another thought, but they were deceived or ignorant. I think it is ignorance. I’m thinking of the verse in Hosea (4:6) which says, ‘my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’.

We then requested access to the Mercy Court to deal with this situation on Mark’s behalf.

Donna began, “We request access to the Mercy Court in relation to the soul fragment taken from Mark in his early thirties, Father, we choose forgiveness of those involved in the situation–the pastor, the elders, and the other people that were involved in the whole thing. We forgive them, bless them, and release them in Jesus’ name.

“I request a nullifying of the trade of the soul part on the grounds that it was immorally done or done in alignment with darkness or through the deception of the religious spirit. I ask for a cancellation of the trade. We ask for the return of the soul part to its original design, and we request any impact to Mark’s timelines be made it as if it were never damaged.”

Donna saw that an angel with ‘Plunder’ written on his wings was present. He came into the courtroom to get the paperwork. It was not the very same angel as before, so we assumed this to be a rank of Plundering Angels.

We asked the attendant, “When this soul part is mended back to the whole, is there any ministry to the soul fragment?”

He explained, “This soul fragment needs cleansing because it has been traded, and it has been touched by darkness. It needs ministry.”

Donna asked, “What do we minister to it? Do angels do that?”

He instructed, “We ask for ministering angels to minister wholeness to this soul, bringing the soul part back online to the cleansing power of the mind of Christ Jesus. We minister the mind of Christ to the soul part, its’ righteousness, its’ beloved status, and its’ integration to the perfection of its design in Jesus' name.”

Looking again at the registry, beside that entry, it had the words, ‘In Process’.”

Donna noted, “That makes sense because Mark was an adult when that happened, so that soul part coming back and being inserted and integrated in is so tangible.”

The attendant explained, “Darkness wants that soul fragment and they have need of it and because they cannot create it, they steal it. When the soul fragment is fully integrated and cleansed, having been ministered to (probably when you are asleep–possibly in the next sleep cycle), it will come back online.”

Donna continued, “I see the ministering angels waiting. These angels are beautiful. They are very passion-filled angels. They love the soul. “Ron, she said, “I have never seen this type of angel before. They are very careful with the soul, and they are very nurturing, and they want the best. They represent complete love.”

Donna responded, “We receive that, and we ask for the ministry of the mind of Christ to the lost soul part, we say to the soul part, you are esteemed. We welcome you back. We have need of you to be whole, and we honor the part you play in the soul realm.

What Happened in the Jungle?

Having finished ministering to the church situation we proceeded to the next situation–the one involving the jungle.

Donna noted, “This feels wicked in every way. This feels like Mark did not know he was traversing over land that was defiled that had a right due to some wicked agreement that released soul hunters. These were in the spirit realm and Mark gave legal agreement by trespassing on their land or their territory.”

Donna was reminded of the movie ‘Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang’ where the guy dressed in black is a candy dispenser and he is hunting the kids and he has a net on a stick to capture them with. She said, “That is the kind of thing that I am seeing; like a soul is hunting souls for the purpose of trade.”

Continuing to describe what she was seeing, she said, “No religious spirit is here or anything like that. It is a defilement of the land. It is about the release of bounty hunters for the capture of human souls.

I believe that profane worship and a ritual sacrifice was done on the land for the purpose of trading in the spirit realm by engaging bounty hunters that would capture the soul fragment of people so that it could use it in the purpose of their trade. That is what it was for.

The path of redemption would be the appearing in court for the annulment of the trade. Since Mark had no knowledge of the trespass, those who had released the bounty hunters and what they had done through wickedness and evil, and not according to the principles of the owner of the land, which is the Lord, their defilement of the land had created a prison and that is where that is where the soul fragment was.”

Donna asked, “Where is it now?”

The attendant said, “It has been traded again and now there are claims of legal ownership. It has crossed over into ownership now where the other two (soul fragments) had not. This is being contested as an ownership claim through trade. The demons are here saying Mark crossed their land and he had to pay the tax to cross the land. Donna challenged the demons saying, “You have no grounds to stand on as they had done this to Mark in total deception. You are totally trespassing on the Lord’s land based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

“Oh, that shut him up,” Donna noted.

She then saw someone who looked like a pirate. She determined he was the one claiming ownership of soul part and that we would need to resolve the ownership claim in the Court of Titles and Deeds.

Donna began the court process, “We request access to the Court of Titles and Deeds, and we request the annulment of the trade of Mark’s soul part as he had no knowledge of the trespass on the land, or of the bounty hunters, or of any of the subsequent trades. We request cancellation of not only that trade but also the cancellation of all ownership claims that are not to you the Lord of Hosts. We request the retrieval and return this soul part based on the blood of Jesus.”

Donna wondered why she said ‘based on the blood of Jesus’ but it was because Mark was in covenant through the blood, therefore that is the superior covenant. We were invoking the covenant through the blood.

Donna continued, “Thank you, Father for the verdict. Thank you for so totally overwhelming the enemy that he has even relinquished before the verdict.”

We were then instructed to request that the Angel of the White Flame rather than the Angel of Plunder be sent to retrieve the missing part.

We then asked the ministering angels to minister healing, nurture, and everything they do to bring wholeness. “What do you do?” Donna asked. “Can you show me what you do to the soul fragment? Can I know what kind of angel you are?”

“We are ministering angels,” came the reply. “We cleanse, purify, restore, oil, water, and bring back online according to the original blueprint of design, the soul fragment. If the soul fragment has memory, we cleanse, purify, and eliminate memories that are not the memories of the original design, but the memories it gained while it was in captivity. We eliminate it like clipping out a filmstrip, so that it is restored to you in fullness. It comes back to you like it has been to the mechanic shop. Everything has been put back where it needs to be.”

I asked the ministering angel whether any adjustments were needed to timelines. She asked, “Were any corrections or adjustments needed?”

He replied, “If you sense time has been affected, simply ask for the ‘Amendment of As if it Never Were’.”

Immediately Donna prayed, “Father, in your court today as an amendment to this case, we request the ‘Amendment of As if it Never Were’. We also request that the soul part be washed with water.”

The ministering angel said, “Soul fragments once restored are very resilient.”

Donna asked, “Does it put it back in time?”

The ministering angel said, “It completes the time, so the soul feels whole.”

A Relationship to Dementia

Donna said, “I have a question. Can someone help me understand if this is related to dementia? I think we need a tutor. I would love to have a tutor on this Father.”

The angel replied, “Trauma, memory, and brain function are related to dementia regarding chemical aspects of the brain. The enemy is wicked beyond imagination seeking to steal what he cannot create where he cannot manufacture. He can manufacture some things, but he cannot manufacture a soul or a spirit so, he hunts them down, steals them, and fragments them with traumatic experiences. He will take it from a lingering human spirit, or he will take it from a human spirit in a vessel. He seeks the soul to destroy and operates against both soul and spirit equal in value to his greedy lack and effect for trade.

“Remember that God is a jealous God. He is not willing to give up any piece of soul, any piece of spirit or any piece of DNA that he has created after His image and in His likeness.

His desire is for the full and complete integration of the whole and that the intent and purpose of the mission of Jesus Christ was for the legalities to be in place for His rescue, retrieval, and re-creation of each of his children.

“This is what Jesus was so upset with the Pharisees and the Sadducees for they withheld this information from the population. They knew the trades that were taking place. That is just evil.

Donna asked, “How did they fall into such deception?”

“Through pride and through agreement with the enemy that they would put their throne above God's throne,” was the reply, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

I asked, “What does registry say about what we have done for the jungle situation?”

Donna replied, “This is another ‘In Process’ and ‘Progressing’.

I asked, “Anything else? Are any other soul fragments in the registry.”

Donna replied, “One more. I think this one has to do with Mark’s daughter, the one that married first. It is around the time of her divorce. It feels like a soul disappointment, dashed hopes, dashed expectations, or something like that, but this one is not one was not traded on.”

Donna asked, “Can I see where this soul fragment is?”

She perceived it was simply floating around. She said, “The reason I am chuckling is because in a way it is good because Satan has not found it yet. You know he does not have an innumerable amount of demons.”

“No, that is why he uses LHS’s,” I replied. “That number is growing, but the number of demons are not.

Pathway for Restoration

I asked, “So what is that pathway for restoration on this?”

Donna replied with what she was perceiving, “Forgiveness of self and grace toward all. This would be some sort of accusation against you. I do not see anything else.

“We request access to the Mercy Court on behalf of the soul fragment that was taken from Mark around the time of his daughter’s divorce. Mark chooses, in this court to forgive himself.”

We paused to ascertain the accusations that were outstanding against Mark in this situation. We identified that one accusation is that Mark lacked some type of contribution to her life or her ex-husband’s life, and that the divorce was the result. It was an accusation linking him to the broken relationship.

Mark began, “Regarding the accusation. I agree with the accusation quickly. I confess them as sin. I repent and I ask that the blood of Jesus to cover that accusation that I lacked some contribution to their lives that resulted in their divorce. We ask for your blood to cover that.

“I request the return and retrieval of the soul part through the blood of Jesus.

“We ask for the ministering angels to receive the soul part, make it whole, cleanse it, bring it back to the perfection of its original design.

“We welcome this soul fragment. We honor you and we want you to know that you are needed. We bless you to be integrated into the whole.

“It was not the Father's plan for you to speak have been separated from the whole of the soul, but by His goodness, you have been restored. And this is a point of joy.

“Father, I also request the Amendment of ‘As if it Never Were’ related to the soul fragment that had been removed from me.”

Looking again at the registry it said about the soul fragment, “Mending”, but it did not say “Mended.”

Donna prayed, “Father, we just praise your name that you are interested in the whole, and you are interested in eradication of any corruption or lack due to corruption. Thank you for that.”

I asked, “Is anything else on the books on the soul fragments?”

Donna replied, “I do not see anything else or at least I do not see anything else today, right now.”

Identifying DNA Fragments

I mentioned to her, “There is one other area we have not covered. It is DNA fragments.

Donna remarked, “So, this would be more the body realm. We have done the spirit realm, and the soul realm.”

Turning to the attendant she said, “We would like to see the sorting of DNA fragments. Are there any DNA fragments?”

Donna began describing what she was seeing. “I am looking for fragmentation of the DNA. I am looking at the same database and they are laying transparent sheets over the screen. There are seven of them. They are the colors of the rainbow, and they are laying them over what I am looking at. I do not know why.

“I am looking to the yellow one. Then they take that one away. Now they are going to bring the orange one.”

She asked, “Can you help me understand what I need to be focused on? What am I looking for when you do that?”

They replied, “You are looking to know if a DNA fragment has been stolen, taken, harvested, removed, given, or traded.”

Donna continued, “They are continuing to go through the color spectrum. They stopped on the one that is the magenta color.” “I do not know what part of the rainbow that is,” Donna remarked. “There must be more than seven colors here.”

“What is meant by the term black light? Donna asked.

I replied, “A black light causes things invisible to the eyes to be able to be seen. Something white would show up as purple. You would not see it normally. They can spray a certain substance on things when they are looking for blood. When they look under an ultraviolet light, it does not show up under natural light. It must be looked at under that kind of light and black light is similar. That is why it will look purple.”

Donna asked the attendant, “Does this require a different set of lenses?”

“Yes,” was the immediate reply.

“Just like I can put the blue light on a phone to change the intensity, I can do the same here. I can put that setting on. I think I am struggling with what am I supposed to see? For some reason, my soul really wants to know what I am looking at and I am not seeing. I am not seeing anything. I am seeing that database screen. I have the black light setting on it, but I do not see a spreadsheet. I do not see a time event line. I do not see anything else. Is there anything here to see?”

She then prayed, “I need curtains removed. I need Fog Dispeller.”

The attendant asked Donna, “What is DNA?”

“It is building blocks of amino acids.”

He replied, “So, think of a project made of Legos. Could you see where the Lego was missing?”

“Yes,” she replied, “so, do I look at it like a body part, an organ, the whole body?


I suggested she ask, “Is there a scan for it?”

The attendant explained, “A DNA is also a blueprint. It tells the amino acid where to express.”

Donna replied, “So, I can sort by lack of additional building blocks?”

I remarked, “Some genetic conditions result when a strand is missing, while others occur when you have too many strands.”

She remarked, “So, I could search whether it is missing or added. In either case it results in a corruption.”

I suggested, “Then you would also have the option of a corruption of one of the intact DNA that has been affected. If there are too many or too little of the right number, but one of the right numbers has been affected, like with Down’s Syndrome, there is an additional component. You also have corruption because of environmental things, medical procedures, pharmakeia, etc.”

Donna said, “So, let us try this. I would like to see a holographic image of a representation of Mark. I would like to look at the body scan to reveal any missing DNA.”

She continued, “I cannot say that I am seeing this, but I am hearing musculoskeletal. It is not showing me the place. This is easier for me to see if it is not. I am not looking geographically on the body.”

I recommended, “Ask this question. Is this related to the feet and legs?

She agreed saying, “That is kind of what I was thinking of. I would have to say, I see that the bottom of the right ankle is being highlighted. I do not know why.

“Let me try this out on the people that are here with me because there are a few people in this room helping me in first grade.”

She asked those with her, “Is this a piece of DNA that is missing?”

Someone replied, “No, it is a piece of DNA that is corrupted. It is not missing. It is there, but it is corrupted.”

She asked, “What is the next piece of information I need to know regarding this? How did this come about?”

“Bloodline ancestry,” was their reply.

Donna noted, “That is all they say.”

I asked, “What is the pathway for restoration for replacement of the corrupted DNA?

“Healing hospital,” they said. ‘Ask for the Procedure for Return of Perfected DNA’.

With that information we continued our journey.

Donna began, “We request access to the healing hospital. I am checking Mark in. I would like the Procedure for the Return of Perfected DNA.”

We paused to repent on Mark’s behalf for the sins of his bloodline ancestry.

Donna continued, “I want to go on record. We repent for the sins of blood line ancestry that caused this corruption of the DNA to be passed to Mark. Father, we forgive them. We bless them and we release them. I ask that this corruption would be stopped passing further and that the perfected DNA would be restored to Mark’s body in Jesus' name.

“We ask for the substance of the DNA to be returned to the substance of the body in the name of Jesus. We ask for complete restoration of all DNA strands and code regarding feet and legs, movement of the musculoskeletal range and proteins for the muscle. We ask for this in Jesus' name, in the Healing Hospital at the hands of angels for Mark.”

Since the DNA was not missing, merely corrupted, angels did not have to be sent to retrieve anything. In a brief discussion following this we realized we did not have to know what the specific iniquity was that was responsible for the corruption.

The angel assisting us said, “Think of the body like land. Did the sin on the land or the sin of the body which equate to a corruption of some DNA. It could be so for any illness, any malady, anything that is not perfection.”

I reminded Donna, “Remember you ministered along those lines to the young man with Asperger’s Syndrome? It was DNA that got messed with. So, you are all on the same track with that.”

Donna said, “I still see the Healing Hospital and these two big male looking orderlies came to put you on a gurney and they took you back to a very high-tech looking room. That is all I can see. It is like they stopped me at the door. I am just kind of waiting around in the waiting room. This feels like what Lydia was talking about–trading out of time. This feels like what this is.”

I replied, “In a sense it is because you are going back to several decades ago in our time, but a nanosecond for them, just like a thousand years from now is a nanosecond for them or less.”

Donna enjoined, “And there are things that we are learning, and some patterns that will assist us in the precision of it for the ministry of it.”

Donna and I had been pressing in for more insight and revelation concerning this. We were asking for the pathway for wholeness in these areas. We realized Heaven had a lot more to show us concerning DNA and restoration in that arena. Essentially a whole university of information.

We have learned that the enemy can steal or corrupt spirit, soul, and body, and we wanted to know how to help bring freedom. We want to be pressing in for this because there is so much more to learn.

I told Donna at the time we were doing all of this that I knew it would circle back to the subject of LHS’s somehow since that is what got us started. Knowing we have more to learn about the Guest Registry and how it will help us understand how to deal with the intrusion of celestial beings or underwater beings since we have dealt with those on occasion. We now know that we can look at that list and find out who the boss is. That is helpful to know.

It is easier to gain the knowledge of these things from heavenly realms rather than try to do it in the earth realm under the second heaven, which wants to provide some corruption of what you are looking at (what the Apostle Paul described as seeing through a glass darkly). It feels like you are looking through a glass darkly. But when you have stepped into the realms of Heaven to see what angels are showing you or what registries you can see, it is clearer.

We know on the list in the Unwanted Guest Registry we will find demons, LHS’s, evil spirits (those are LHS’s under assignment), foul birds, imps, celestial beings, even that orifice serpent thing we saw recently. Some of these probably fall under a Leviathan kingdom, but like a boa constrictor (or a python) versus a snake versus a serpent versus a cobra versus an adder. We have seen them in our dealings.

We always looked at those things in Job as being figurative or allegorical, but Job was never allegorical. He was really telling us what it was. We just ignored it. David did the same thing. The miry clay is a place. The pit is a place just like the Many Waters is a court…a courtroom. We have been in that court. We have also been in the Aquatic Court. We simply have not been tutored on the water courts and water kingdoms–yet.

As we discussed these things, we had an inkling that future engagements with Heaven would uncover information about these things.

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