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The Guest Registry and Fragmentation (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Donna and I had engaged Heaven again for further instruction on lingering human spirits (LHS’s). We discussed how Gerald[1], the attendant in the Registry Office had taught us about wheat and tares and about blended spirits. We were also taught us about the spreadsheet (aka Unwanted Guest Registry) and the ways you could sort the data. But they hinted at something on the spreadsheet. They mentioned that we could determine what type of entities were on that Unwanted Guest Registry spreadsheet. Apparently, the Guest Registry (the spreadsheet) contained information about more than just lingering human spirits.

My question was, “What other creatures are listed on that spreadsheet?”

Donna said, “I know one of them because it popped up in one of our sessions in the last two days and it was that imp I saw. She said, “So this morning I asked myself if I knew what an imp was and how did I know that's what that was.” I will give you a visual of what this thing looks like. Do you remember in the Star Wars movie where Han Solo is talking to Jabba the Hutt and there is this little creature who crawls on him and tries to bite him and annoy him? That reminds me of an imp.

Imps are low-level creatures sent to annoy and aggravate you. Imps have no good intention.

“So, I would say, without wanting to investigate dark places to find out more, that it is a low-level demon and one of the characteristics of it is it is highly mobile. It springs and hops from one thing to another. So, just when you think you see it, it has hopped over to something else. It does that ping pong thing where you can hardly catch it or nail it down. That is what it feels like. I saw that (or had the impression of it) when I was looking in the registry.”

I replied, “So that would be one of my questions. What other things are in the registry?”

We then began our engagement with Heaven by accessing the Help Desk and requesting to meet with Gerald to be tutored.”

The attendant at the Help Desk told us to go to the classroom on the sixth floor and that Gerald would meet us in the classroom.

When we arrived, Gerald was waiting on us. Donna began, “We've returned to pick up where we left off about what you can share with us regarding lingering human spirits and the Guest Registry. We are willing to learn, and we are asking you to be our teacher. We are willing to be students. We are willing to be students of creation and have ears that hear and eyes that see.”

Donna began to describe what she was seeing, “I'm seeing a color. It looks like I am seeing the reflection of a flame. It does not have a color. It is bright white. I am not looking directly at a bright white flame, but I am near a bright white flame, and I can see the reflection of it in the space I am in. It is purifying.”

Donna said to Gerald, “All right. I'm willing to receive that torch.”

She asked, “Gerald does this have to do with the lingering human spirits or does this have to do with the place that we're going to receive more information that has to do with the manner of receiving new knowledge? It has some sort of a purifying effect that I am willing to engage with.”

Donna was then given a pair of glasses that have lenses like you would need for welding.

“When I look through these glasses, what am I seeing,” she asked?

Describing what was before her she said, “I see a scene that looks like evil creatures. They are working in a forge where you heat metal to very hot temperatures for smelting. These creatures are laboring over very hot flames. She also saw what could best be described as hybrid creatures and she could see creatures that looked human. “This is not a happy place,” she said. “This is a place of torment. Why am I seeing this, Gerald?” She asked.

Gerald asked, “Is it primitive?”

Donna replied, “Yes it does look primitive. I am not looking at a time, I am looking at an ‘out of time’ view. This is what Noah saw in his day. This place is full of licentiousness. It is full of horror. The atmosphere is awful.”

Continuing, Donna said, “They are making chains. They are smelting metal and they are making shackles.”

Gerald said, “Keep looking and describe this part.”

Amazed, Donna said, “Oh, I see this white light like a starburst–what I would think the bursting of a star might look like. It just opens in the realm where these beings are doing this, and they run for cover. They are absolutely petrified of this powerful being that this white flame star explosion represents. It moves around the room where they are, and it is picking up things. It's picking up pieces of things.”

“What are the pieces of things it's picking up? It looks like pieces of DNA, pieces of a human.”

Continuing to describe what she was seeing, Donna said, “And I see body parts, human body parts, and I see this Angel of the Host. I think this is in the pits of hell somewhere and this Angel of the Host, what he is doing is not even hard for this being. He has appeared to interrupt what has been taking place.”

Gerald said,

“When we release the Angels of the Host to retrieve soul parts and those parts that have been traded on illegally by dimensional beings, we are plundering. You are witnessing a plunder of Satan's realm and a retrieval of the missing parts. This angelic being is on a retrieval mission.”

Donna continued, “The more I look at this white star explosion, I see the being inside it. It is sort of human in form. Angelic is what I would call it, like what I have seen as angels, but this is a much more armor-clad being. But the armor is not armor like you think of armor. The armor is the light, and he is made of it. It is not on him. He is made of it. The angel then looked at Donna and nodded.”

She asked, “Am I witnessing a retrieval of human souls and spirit parts? Am I looking at a retrieval of part of a human spirit that has been fragmented and a human soul that has been fragmented?

Gerald replied, “You were looking at the retrieval of both from a pit of hell. This information is in the Registry.”

Donna replied, “So, you are showing me what happens when this white flame star explosion being steps into this place, whatever he is there for retrieval of, he is not reaching out for it, but it is magnetized to him. Just the things that he is there to collect, and retrieve are attracted to his being. I do not see where they are coming from, but they are coming into his being. It is like he is this big magnet and everything he is there to get–he is getting. He is nodding at me that this is right. This is correct.”

Donna asked, “Gerald, am I just witnessing this, or do I have a part to play in this?”

In reply Gerald said, “This is what you do when you send angels on retrieval for soul parts and fragmented spirits.”

Donna noted, “This also seems to be connected to DNA. Is that because it also is retrieval of DNA parts?”

Gerald relied, “Spirit parts can be fragmented.

All three realms can be fragmented.”

“How do we maximize this retrieval,” we asked?

“This is the work of redemption,” Gerald said. “This is plundering the enemy's camp. This is taking back what is rightfully belonging to others that have been thieved from, or traded on, or traded away.

  • Some of these parts have been traded by people intentionally not knowing they were making a trade with evil.

  • Some have been stolen by demons on assignment.

  • Some of these parts and pieces have come because of ancient trades in the bloodline.

  • Some still today are intentionally trading with evil on these things, through ritual sacrifice and the propagation of humanity for sacrifice.

  • Some have been lab created for darkness, and

  • Some parts have simply been lost due to terror, trauma, moments of terror and trauma, and the overwhelming of great fear.

  • Some have been harvested in moments of medical anesthesia.

  • Some have intentionally come from the use of addictive substances, and

  • Some would be humans who have been stolen from as these parts were stolen from them in the depth and mire of chemical depression–depression that is unintentional like by a drug or by the corruption that is on the bloodline.”

Donna was surprised by the presence of another angel. “What is this I'm seeing? She asked.

The angel spoke saying,

“Woe to those who fight. Woe, woe, woe to those who fall in ignorance, for the Lord God Almighty did not create children of His to walk in ignorance. Woe to those who have not understood you cannot serve both masters; you cannot serve two kingdoms. You cannot serve dark and light. You cannot live on the boundary line between the two.

Describing the boundary line between the two, Donna said, “It is horrible. It is a spatial place, and it is neither wicked, nor love and light–it is zombie-like. It is like watching a human who has become a zombie. It is less emotive, just vacant, absent, void. It is a chaos of void.”

Donna exclaimed, “Let us shut that. I do not like looking at that. Thank you, angel of God for that warning. How does humanity have hope when ignorance has become so large?”

The Court Case

Wanting to know how to utilize this information, Gerald began to show a court case. He showed a repentance for the ignorance of spiritual things. He said,

“The goal of this verdict is the paperwork for the Angels of the White Flame to retrieve splintered, fragmented, spiritual beings–spirit parts, soul parts, and body parts or DNA parts.

From the Courts of Heaven, receive a ruling a verdict from the righteous judge, as He sits to hear those who will

  • Repent for the ignorance of the ages,

  • Repent for the work of the religious spirit,

  • Repent for the embracing religion that shuts down the power of God and that negates and nullifies the holy work of the Spirit of the Lord.

“The hope of Satan is that humanity would walk in lack of discernment of spiritual things, that they would so forget who they are, that they're never able to shake off the slumber that has fallen on their spirit, so he may plunder the spirit realm, so he may plunder spirit fragments.”

Why Do They Linger?

Gerald said, “You have wondered why a human spirit would choose to linger in a realm of uncertainty, because you have been thinking from the knowledge of the Tree of Life, but to the human spirit, who has never eaten of the fruit of the Tree of Life from their spirit man, they do not have this nutrition–which translates to their discernment of the realm of spirit. When they have been released from their body because they have never practiced their spirit, their spirit slumbers–it sleeps deeply. The jarring that comes as the human spirits exit from physical flesh in the path of transition to eternal rest, that spirit never has partaken of this, and it operates in ignorance. Great is the sadness of this. This is not the plan of God.

These human spirits are at risk to be captured by demonic entities. But placing their parts that are split, fragmented, or splintered in a place for ungodly sale and trade to other realms, to other timelines, and other dimensional, or celestial beings. These are some wild things.”

Murder Victims

Continuing, Gerald said, “I wanted to give you an example of a murder victim.”

Donna had to pause momentarily and ask her angels to come near to help her spirit minister to her soul while she gained this information. (You may need to pause and do the same.)

Gerald said, “So you have the murdered individual, his spirit having never been awakened to the spiritual dynamics that the spirit is capable of.

Because the human is made in the likeness of God, the human spirit has a level of spiritual understanding, but that spirit has meant to be watered, matured, loved, and blessed.

Just like you would do to the body and to the soul, you would curate the image and nurture it. So, having received that, then the enemy comes to remove that part of a person. How would you remove the spirit from the body? You would murder the body. You kill the body.

“Now, you have got a soul part and spirit part, which you separate forever. The anguish of that is indescribable. Then you splinter both and you put them up for sale. Now, you have a commodity and you put them up for sale in trans-dimensional realms that occupy time pockets, time realms, time spaces, time folds, and time transitions. These are now what you are trading on. This is enabled trade. Do you see now why the Father would have such penalty for murder, if the result of murder is so heinous, so opposite to the plan of God? Wickedness trades on these things.

“So, if you are involved in the work of redemption, you must understand how valuable the human spirit is. A captured human spirit is an asset to the kingdom of darkness. Not only are they capturing human spirits to enslave them to torment humanity; they are using the fragmented pieces to develop races and make trades. There is something about a human spirit fragment that other dimensional beings have knowledge of. The essence of it is it is a thing that can only be created by the Creator so, it is highly valued. The enemy does not value it properly though. They do not value it to esteem it. They value it for what they can use it for, and the soul part is similar–that is why some experience the fragmenting of the soul.”

He explained, “You can fragment the soul of a person and not kill them, but with the loss of the spirit comes death. So, when you are rescuing a human spirit from a realm and you have discovered it, for instance, in another human and it is under torment by a demon guard.

The thing you want to do is also redeem the spirit part because you may not be looking at the entire human spirit. Chances are, you are looking at a partial human spirit.”

Donna asked, “How are we going to know the difference?”

“You can look in the registry now at will,” Gerald says, “I'm telling you a mystery.

There are things here that even Satan does not know.
We have the knowledge of Heaven, which is hidden from the demonic, but they are after this knowledge.

The Antidote

“The antidote for this is for the human to walk in the light, walk in the secrets of the Kingdom of God, walk in righteousness, having received Jesus as Savior.”

Donna replied, “There are just so many things that I see in the life of Jesus that caused his human spirit and soul to be so untouchable by this darkness–by this demonic trade. Even simple things like rest and enjoyment and fellowship, and what Paul said, ‘Think on these things…the things that are true[2].”

Donna continued, “All of that is so helpful for the human spirit to have a buffer and have an inherent likeness to God that the spirit and soul of that person become untouchable by darkness. The Scripture says something about how light and darkness cannot mix[3].

“The principle is that the more you are in the light you are untouchable to these things.

“But that is where that is where the danger is–when you are not in the light you are at real risk. Remember the boundary line you were shown that appeared as a dimensional space of the zombie land where you are neither hot, nor cold. You are just vague. You can be pushed either way. You have no rock; you have never determined to stand or not stand. You are just blown in the wind, and it is the worst place. It is the worst time.”


Mark (our client) volunteered to be a guinea pig for understanding more of this, so we accessed the Court of Records and entered the Guest Registry Office.

Donna requested, “I request to see the Guest Registry of unwanted guests for Mark.

Donna asked to sort by Type of Fragmentation. She was asked, “What type: spirit or soul?”

She said, “Spirit”.

Under the column of Trades was the listing of a spirit fragmentation. We learned you could sort within a previous sort and drill down to the information that you were needing to see.

Donna described what she was seeing. It was as if, when she saw the words on the spreadsheet, the words became visual, and she could see the story as opposed to reading the record. She said, “I see a teenager and I see a young boy about seven.”

She asked, “Am I looking at traumas that caused fragmented spirit pieces, spirit fragments?

“Yes,” Gerald replied.

She asked, “Are these in the memory?”

“Not necessarily,” was the reply.

Donna noted, “Okay. They are on the timeline.”

She realized that she was then looking at a timeline. Continuing, she said, “What I see is that the trades are from moments of shock, trauma, fear, projection of trauma, projection of fear, projection of shock. So, Gerald, I request you to help me here in this registry office please.”

Someone other than Gerald appeared, and Donna asked, “Who are you?”

“I am an assistant in the office,” came the reply.

Donna said,” I’ve talked to Gerald about some of this, and I just need help knowing what I'm looking at. So, Heaven has a record of spirit fragmentation and it has time frames. I am just going to read this as it is coming to me like visual images from Mark’s timeline. I guess I am looking at Mark. I see a boy who is about seven. I also see a teenager. He is about 13 and he is around water. And I see a 17-year-old and I do not see any clues in this visual, but what I am being told by this Registry attendant is that at these spirit fragments were stolen, and the assistant here says, ‘or taken’.

“In the opportune moment, the enemy took a part of Mark’s human spirit, and we are here to redeem that back,” Donna noted.

Donna said, “We didn't know this happened.”

The assistant said, “You would not know this happened unless you came to look.”

“Do we want a court room scenario,” she asked the attendant?

“Yes,” he replied.

Donna interjected, “Unless you recommend another way.”

"The simplest way is through the courts,” he said.

Donna immediately stepped into the Mercy Court on behalf of the young Mark and the 13-year-old Mark saying, “I first repent for ignorance. I also repent for lacking spiritual discernment, I repent for not working with one's angels, and I repent for fear falling in line with fear.”

Proceeding to the 17-year-old, the repentance was different.

The attendant explained, “This is a repentance for how the soul realm leads you by something that you know is wrong. The soul will get scared because something is off limits and it knows it, but it is going to go touch that thing anyway. It is that the essence of sin which is rebellion and idolatry. Those are things we could repent for regarding the 17-year-old. There is something the spirit experiences as an excitement that is just a wicked introduction of sin to the person.”

Resonance of the Spirit

The attendant then showed Donna how the spirit has a resonance, “If your soul led your spirit to begin to resonate with dark instead of light, then the spirit receives this disharmony from its creation. But at the same time, it can be translated as ‘since it doesn't know’. It is just not how the spirit was created by the Spirit of God who is light, but it translates as an excitement. Nevertheless, it is a resonance, and it must make it the resonance, all the while your soul is off doing its thing. At that moment, the enemy snatches a portion of your spirit.”

Donna replied, “Oh, that is most horrible. And what a trick to play on people? What a horrible thing, because it is like you are agreeing with a trade or maybe you are agreeing with Satan and Satan goes, ‘Ha ha! I’ve got you!’ You do not even know you have been gotten, or you do not even know you lost something, or you left some piece of you behind.”

Donna began to pray, “Father, we request access to Mercy Court this day. I repent for ignorance, for lack of spiritual discernment. I repent for not working with my angels. I repent for falling in line with fear. I repent for rebellion and for allowing my soul to lead me into sin, in Jesus’ name.”

The Key

At that moment, we received a key. “Thank you, Father for the key,” Donna said.

“Can someone in the realms of Heaven help me understand what the key is for? What does it unlock?” Donna asked.

Understanding came and Donna explained, “This key is from Jesus. Since he owns all pieces in all realms, we can go to the Court of Angels to release this key to the angelic hosts that they may go on a retrieval errand to unlock any gateway path or gate that has been shut against the retrieval of the spiritual fragments. This key unlocks doors, gates, realms, wormholes, fabric folds, and time fabric folds. It unlocks access points of spiritual dimensions and gives the angelic hosts permission. It gives an entrance to retrieve from every place that the spirit part has been subsequently traded, hidden, enslaved, or unjustly captured and put on a shelf or stored in a warehouse for future use.”

An angel appeared who had come to get the key. On the back of his wing was the word, ‘Plunder’. Giving him the key, we commissioned him to plunder and retrieve all missing parts and bring them back to where they were supposed to be.

Donna then began to see very luscious fruit. She also saw a honeycomb. “What am I looking at? She asked.

The attendant replied, “You are looking at the sweetness of a human spirit in wholeness.” He asked, “Is it desirable?”

“Are there any requests that we have to do for the return and the mending of the spirit parts that we just saw in that registry?” Donna asked.

In reply, she saw a calendar. She began, “We ask for the establishment of timeline correction and seasons in Mark’s realms. We ask for the spirit parts of Mark that have been retrieved by the angel who has plundered due to the repentance in your courts, today, we are requesting that the spirit fragments be re-introduced to all appropriate timelines and seasons in Mark’s realms and in his book. We are asking for a mending, a splicing, a reinsertion of the spirit fragments to the spirit of Mark. We celebrate their return. I agree with Heaven that this is sweet–like honey and desirable as fruit.

“Why does that suddenly feel like something Eve said? I wonder if in the deception she could not see the desirability of maintaining her spirit as whole. Was her spirit fragmented at that point and at that point in time?

That was Satan's goal–introducing a new frequency and that vibration of the spirit.

“Eve's soul overrode her spirit so gave a portion of it to another. I think her soul gave in to the influence of the evil and was given to another frequency.”

Timeline Corrections

As Donna and I have worked with Heaven we have learned about different impacts to what we would refer to as our timeline. When we have experienced interferences in our timeline due to fragmentation, we may be left with the feeling that we are out of sync in some area of our lives. At that point we need to request a mending of any folds or breaches in our timeline and that they be reset to the design of the Father. This will result in a sense of wholeness and completeness in the individual receiving this type of ministry. This can be accomplished in the Court of Times and Seasons.

Our engagement with Gerald was over at this point. We continued to learn from him a few days later.

[1] Gerald assisted us in previous visits to the Office of the Registry. He is an angel. [2] Philippians 4:8 [3] 2 Corinthians 6:14

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