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The Golden Pathway

As we engaged Heaven this day, Lydia took Stephanie and me on an alternate path than we typically took. We came through the Halls of Commerce. Along the way Malcolm joined us and we continued walking. We sat on the back row of the Court of Trades. Stephanie[1] described what she was seeing by saying, “Right now. I see the Just Judge doing paperwork, I see Jesus with His crown on, and I see men and women in white and I see what looks like princes and several accusers of evil over to the right.” She paused to ask for counsel from the court and then continued, “So, the ones over to my right, some of which are princes, the others are accusers. They are present to disrupt the trades that are brought forward, but they are seated in the back. They are not up front like they are about to do something.

Speaking to Malcolm, Stephanie asked, “So, can you tell me more about why we're here?”

“Yes,” Malcolm replied.

Stephanie acknowledged, “We did want to know about trading routes.”

He said, “Do you see the council in this room?” Stephanie said, “I see Jesus as the main counsellor, but I see what appears to be stadium seating to the left of that are men and women in white, but they have a higher authority than we typically sense.”

The counsel said, “They are witnesses.”

Stephanie asked, “Malcolm, are you letting us know that the cloud of witnesses witness to our trades?”

In response, Malcolm had us watch the court. Stephanie said, “I'm seeing this play out where an individual is trying to have a trade with Heaven and the enemy comes to disrupt that with legislative paperwork. However, the cloud of witnesses are present on behalf of that person (the defendant) and are speaking for the generations.

Stephanie said, “I've never quite seen it like that before Malcolm. We know that the enemy comes to talk bad about our generations and keep us in bondage because of our generations, but you are saying that the cloud of witnesses speaks on behalf of the generations too.”

As we got up to leave Stephanie asked Malcolm, “Can you tell me about the spiritual matter regarding what we just saw.”

Malcolm said, “It matters because many times the accuser can bring legal paperwork against the generational line, but there is legal paperwork for the generational line.”

In reply Stephanie said, “Malcolm. I have never thought about it like that. I've continued to think about my generational line as being so wicked and they were in many ways, but that is not the whole story.”

Malcolm reminded Stephanie of her grandmother, who was a wonderful woman. Stephanie said, “She didn't seek out wickedness. It was just in her bloodline.”

Malcolm said, “There are those that testified on her behalf.”

We left the courtroom and went down a hallway to what looked like the Strategy Room. As we entered, we could see maps everywhere. Stephanie said to Malcolm, “Tell me about these maps that see everywhere.”

Malcolm replied, “These are the locations in time and out of time in different dimensions in a generational line where trade routes have been disrupted.”

Stephanie said, “I am seeing it like coordinates.”

Malcolm continued, “The maps also show where there have been good trades. Godly trades made in a person's generation. Many times, the Godly trades outweigh the iniquities. You have been hyper-focused on the iniquity in the bloodlines and Heaven wants you to see the Godly trades as well.”

Stephanie replied, “Well, Malcolm, I guess I have been viewing my whole family line as completely corrupted, but there's so much good in them too. I see that now. Thank you.”

We then sat down in the room at a little table.

Malcolm said, “Ron, what question do you want to ask?”

Not having an immediate response, I replied, “What should I ask you?”

He said, “Very good question. You should ask, ‘How is this established?’”

So, I asked, “Malcolm, how is this established?”

Stephanie said, “The only way I can describe what I'm seeing right now is a matrix. I know he is about to talk to me about what that looks like. A matrix looks like what a net would look like on top of something with grids. It is a grid.”

Malcolm said, “The Father put this matrix up before He even created the earth. The lines of the matrix are like pathways. They are like choices.”

Stephanie commented on what she was seeing and hearing, “Now I'm seeing us as we were with the Father in the beginning prior to creation. I see what would seem like a child but it is really a person's spirit. They are not really a child, but they are innocent. I see the innocence of this person before any corruption, and they are having conversation with the Father, and He is lovingly telling them about their path upon the earth. The person is standing now. The grid has come from up above the table to lying flat on the table. On the grid was a starting point to a path. It was like a golden pathway (a timeline) that the Father wants them to walk, but there are also these other side routes. They are like choices we can make that get us off that timeline.

“Every time we make a choice, it has been a trade. To visualize this image: You are on a golden pathway with a square to your left, and one to your right, one is above you, and one below you. As you are walking this pathway you get diverted and go of through one of the many squares you saw. It is not will of the Father for you to be sidetracked because he does not want you to be hurt. He does not want you to experience all those things.

“I'm seeing what looks like a demonic entity and as you go through that square off your path it is as if you are paying a toll to them when you decide to take that path. There are many ways back to the golden pathway but there is a trade that has been made. The minute you make that decision in the spirit, it is an agreement and a trade, and it is meant to set us up on a terrible path of destruction and iniquity, et cetera. But this one path that I see that is from the Father is so brilliantly lit up and there are opportunities upon this grid that is not on this straight path where there are places to make good trades that lead you back to that path. There are opportunities in places and there are just as many places to trade into evil.”

Malcolm said, “If people can understand like they understand the concept of money–paying a dollar for a goods or service, it is the same concept in the spirit. They are essentially paying a toll and they are giving a piece of themselves. It is like they are taking a piece out of themselves which can include DNA and they are handing it over to the enemy as a trade.”

Malcolm said, “That is why the Father has provided many ways to get those that have traded out of themselves back to themselves.”

I commented, “Is that is why all the consequential lien revelation?”

Malcolm replied, “Yes. You are redeeming trades from the generations.”

He continued, “Also, the angels capturing all that was lost back along with the innocence that gets restored.”

Stephanie said, “I just saw us back to the very beginning in Innocence standing before the Father. It is not just a person. It's the Innocence standing before the Father.[2] That is so beautiful.”

Malcolm said, “If all were able to hear and see this process of taking a piece of yourself and trading it. If they could understand that concept (and they will), there is a greater chance in the moment where they are tempted and with that reality before them not to take that other path.

“What is interesting is this grid always leads you back to the path you agreed to with the Father, the one where you said as Innocence, ‘This is the path I want you to walk. On this path, all the Kingdom of Heaven is available for you. And when you step off that, these are the iniquities of the generations that cause this trading into the kingdom of darkness.”

Stephanie continued, “Now I am seeing where the cloud of witnesses is at different points on this grid, I can see where somebody may have traded into darkness. Yet I am seeing multiple trades into righteousness and the cloud of witnesses are present at that place. I see an individual witness at each point where that person has made a decision to trade with the Father. It is as if that cloud of witness continually turns them back towards the golden path again.”

Malcolm said, “That's why your steps matter.”

Stephanie said, “Now I'm seeing when a person takes that step and trades into darkness, it is as if, in that moment it is like when you go into a circus, and you pay the person at the ticket booth and them receiving a ticket, I see hordes of demons coming towards that person and begin walking in step with them. That's what you get back in return.”

The steps of the God-pursuing ones follow firmly in the footsteps of the Lord, and God delights in every step they take to follow him. 24 If they stumble badly they will still survive, for the Lord lifts them up with his hands. (Psalms 37:23-24)

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The Golden Pathway
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[1] Stephanie Shearin is my current Executive Assistant. [2] See the segment on the Pink Capture Bags in the book Dealing with Bonds, Trusts, and Consequential Liens in the Courts of Heaven, LifeSpring Publishing (2022)

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