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The Frequency of Hope

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The Frequency of Hope had been stirring in my spirit overnight. As I sat down to journal, Heaven said: Much can be learned about the Frequency of Hope, but the basics are similar to those in the Frequency of Truth (see the article The Frequency of Truth). Everything has a frequency. Everything creates a harmony or disharmony depending on its source of operation. If from Heaven, then the frequency is pleasant and life giving. The verse in Proverbs 13:12 telling how “hope deferred makes a heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life”. Previously I shared about the source of frequencies and the source of information. If it is borne of the Tree of Knowledge, it creates and unpleasant dissonance and must be defended by the workings of the mind.

However, that borne of the Tree of Life has within it the glorious frequency borne of Heaven. Just as truth need not be defended for it will stand on its own, so hope creates a life force within a person or a group that not only gives hope, but causes doubt, misunderstandings, and the things that would hinder its full expression to fade in comparison to what hope offers.

Many things try to steal hope and they often work by creating the dissonance of fear or doubt in the individual. Fear is a force that dismantles the life-giving frequencies that Hope brings. It interferes with those frequencies and causes disturbances and chaos within the soul. The soul is designed to work from the frequencies of hope, not fear, and not doubt. Doubt also seeks to interfere with the frequency of hope, so a determined effort is required to resist the dissonance and receive the harmony of hope.

Hope is an essential component of faith for what faith sees as future, faith sees as now.

Without hope however, faith cannot be processed.

Hope creates within the soul a bridge for faith to cross.

Three abide: faith, hope, and love. Faith works as an expression of love, but does not work outside of hope. When faith is released toward hope, what hope saw as future tense, then becomes present reality. The resonance of hope shifts to a present dimensional expression. By the same token, love with out hope cannot find its expression in faith. Hope is essential.

Christ within you is the expression of Glory through hope. Hope is a substance evolving from the Glory.

Without the glory, you cannot have hope.

Without hope, you cannot have faith and faith cannot function without the realization of the love of the Father toward His creation.

Just as Abraham experienced the transition of hope to faith so it works for you in the same manner. Words create hope. For Abraham, the words “So shall your seed be” created a hope within him that he could see what Heaven had already seen as reality for the seed “being” had already occurred in the eyes of the Father. The frequency of those words created the morphing from hope to faith to reality. Faith is reality transition realms. It is present tense. Hope holds things in future tense for a time.

The resonance of right words causes the morphing of a thing from hope to faith. The verse that declares, “right words, fitly spoken are like apples of gold in settings of silver”, the silver is hope, the gold is faith. Often in scripture the use of the word silver is analogous to the word hope. The right words enhance the frequency of permitting hope to become faith to become reality in your realm. It is not an accidental concept.

Right words feed hope which feeds faith.

Ask the frequency of hope to arise within your being. Ask that the entity of hope would walk with you. Ask it to sing over you and make melody within your soul. It already is making melody in your spirit, so it needs simply to administer its sound to your soul which struggles with the transition from hope to faith to reality.

Hope is often referred to as a living thing by saying “living hope”. That is because it is alive. Hope cannot die! Hope causes the dead things to live again. Hope sees what some see as impossible as quite possible.

Nothing is beyond the reach of hope to restore, to revive, or to renew.

Hope is a door to faith. Without stepping through the door of hope, faith may not be realized. Patience allows the song of hope to continue to resonate until it becomes hope fulfilled – faith manifested.

Hope has a Melody

Hope is not without words. It is not just a melody. It has words to cause the transition through faith to reality. Find the words of hope to go with the melody it is producing.

Without the melody, hope will remain as hope and never make the transition through faith to reality.
Find the words to sing in harmony with the frequency of hope.

Remember, hope sees on the horizon what faith will bring near.

But the song must be sung.

Hope works best through rest. It is in rest that the frequencies can release life into situations deemed hopeless otherwise. It has often been noted that those whose time was fast fading revived as a song the brought hope was sung over them.

As you learn to live from rest hope will become a stronger reality in your life. You will understand that it is not merely an add-on to scripture but a life-giving force essential for your existence.

Tune your spiritual ear to the song of hope–to the sound of hope and live!

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The Frequency of Hope
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