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The Frequencies of Truth

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

As I began my journaling, I heard Heaven say:

Today you will learn some more things about revelation and how it aligns frequencies that have been disturbed in ones’ life due to false or incorrect teaching. Truth has a resonance that is both pleasant and healing. Truth will bring healing – either to ones’ soul, body, or spirit depending on where the dissonance is. You are not designed for dissonance. Dissonance disturbs. Musically dissonance can be made to sound beautiful, but it never feels settling like harmony or music resolved does.

Learning to live from truth brings harmony to the cells of your body and to the quantum aspects of your soul.

Those who live in confusion are living out from disharmony. The insistence upon being right in a situation brings a disharmony to ones’ life. Truth will create its own harmony and one truth will align with another.

You have noted that things you once believed as truth have been altered over time so you could find more truth requiring even an abandonment of things once believed as truth. As you, as a son, seek truth, you will find other things falling away and disharmonies disappearing. The purpose of revelation is to sometimes replace the strings with which you have been playing with new strings for the old ones cannot produce the harmonious frequencies of the new.

Being willing to reexamine from ones’ spirit and not ones’ soul is essential to embracing the new harmonies of truth in ones’ life.

Because most people were raised out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (the Tree of Knowledge for short), they have been trained to pass everything they hear or read through the filters of the soul–filters that may not have their bearing in truth but rather in untruth. Some things were presented as truth sound plausible but are not, in fact, truth. Many things made to sound plausible to the soul are out of harmony with Heaven. As you learn to live out of Heaven, old plausible ideas and beliefs will be shed from you. They are no longer needed, nor do they produce life in you.

An idea borne out of untruth will always engender strife. Try discussing the aspects of the second coming from a Kingdom standpoint and not a standpoint of fear and see how strife will arise quickly. A fear-based view cannot be defended on the whole account of the Word of God. A buffet line or cafeteria approach is to take a little truth from here and a little truth from there and try to create something that did not exist before.

It has always been the Father’s plan to bring the sons to light and life in a manner that baffles the soul and leaves the body in wonder. The closest feeling you have to that is when you are enraptured in worship or walking in a heavy sense of anointing. Then you are in the Glory in ways you are not typically.

Strife creates disharmony and wrong frequencies; for something borne out of wrong frequencies can never produce right frequencies in ones’ life. The old frequencies must be entirely discarded. As you taught the recently, the old must be discarded and the new embraced before the new sounds and frequencies of Heaven can dominate. It is when those frequencies dominate that change comes to ones’ being.

Heaven is all about bringing the right frequencies into the earth and into the lives of men, women, and children – even to the animal and plant kingdoms.

Every living thing was designed to live in harmony with the frequencies of Heaven.

Repentance is part of the process of aligning with the frequencies of Heaven; for repentance creates a shedding of the wrong frequencies over your life – whether in the spirit realm or the physical realm. The soul is often working between both realms and is at odds at time with what Heaven wants due to the dominance of the wrong frequencies coming from earth. As repentance is offered for embracing knowledge from the wrong tree, room can be made for the embrace of knowledge from the right tree – the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life resonates with Heaven and is no longer in the 3D garden of Eden but now buds forth from the realms of Heaven.

It is the fine tuning of ones’ life to the frequencies of Heaven that living spirit forward accomplishes for you. You have those who are embracing the truths you are presenting and building (or rebuilding) their lives from the new paradigms that I will use in magnificent ways in the coming time. Some will surprise you at the degree of embrace they have accomplished for they have hungered and thirsted for this since they were a small child. They are a child again in the workings of the spirit, but some have embraced powerfully what I am doing in this season in their life.

Some have drawn near to glean from the revelation you are sharing. Some are in the process of doing so, but the old frequencies are a hindrance to them. However, release angels to resonate the frequencies of Heaven to their situations. Just as you learned to loose the word ‘righteousness’ to a situation, as you do that you are releasing the frequencies of Heaven into that situation and when the frequencies of Heaven are released, change occurs. Much change at times.

Yield to the frequencies of Heaven. Yield to new ways of gaining and gleaning truth. Yield your spirit and instruct your soul to rest. It is from the place of rest that it is most fulfilled; not from the place of always calculating and surmising. That brings the soul into disharmony with the realms of Heaven. It longs for that harmony but has not known how to obtain that place of rest. Yet, your soul is learning that as it learns to rest and truth is embraced, the frequencies of Heaven and of Truth minister to it in ways that bring much healing and life.

Notice the frequencies of things people believe. Do they harmonize with Heaven or are they of another realm – one that is not life-giving to you. Harmonies and right frequencies make a difference. They matter in the earth.

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The Frequencies of Truth
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