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The Force of Substance

The force of substance is something that needs to be understood by the sons and daughters. It is the creative force from which all things come. It is the outflow of the operation of faith.

Faith is simply knowing Me.
Without a knowledge of My goodness and My character one cannot release substance to do what it is designed to do.
Substance is focused faith released into your realm.

The challenge has been that your faith wants to check in with your soul for past disappointments related to the manifestation of faith in your life or someone else’s life or situation. By checking in with your soul you have said, “it must pass my muster!”

You have made yourself the one who limits the creative power and ability of the sons of God.
You possess within you the creative nature of your Father.
When you embrace that creative nature, you will embrace who I am and what I do.

My children should do the same things that they see me do. Jesus was the example of the replication of the goodness of the Father while on the earth. When He saw sickness, He introduced wholeness. When He saw death, He introduced life. He had disciplined himself to keep His soul at bay while He released the nature of the Father into situations.

When he saw the multitude who had gathered to hear Him teach on the hillside that day, He saw a need and He knew the desire of the Father was that they not go away hungry. He took the objects at hand – the five loaves and three fish and introduced the substance of faith into them. His declaration over the objects of the fish and bread was essential for it gave instruction to the fish and bread to multiply. With each pinch of the fingers on the bread, more came forth. As soon as one broke off a piece of bread, it was restored as if it had never been broken off. The same occurred with the fish in the basket that day. As soon as a piece was broken off, more appeared. The result was that the hungry were fed and no one lacked. The lesson was – because…

Where I am, enough is always present.

This lesson was repeated just a short time later with the multitude of 4,000 who had gathered in another place to hear Jesus teach. All these things were not lessons in how to feed a lot of people. Rather, they were lessons in the goodness of the Father.

Your soul will always seek to qualify the release of faith in a situation.

It will remind you of how you may have not seen the desired result at a given time in the past – even yesterday. It will say, “It did not work!” and in saying so to you, it is lying. Faith properly executed always works. If the desired result did not occur, it was a failure in application, not in operation. One must admit that they permitted another opinion to influence what they were doing, saying, or seeing.

Without the seeing, the saying and doing won’t work properly.

Without the saying, the seeing or doing also will not work properly. It is the necessary combination of all three FROM YOUR SPIRIT that will have the desired result.


You must see the thing you are saying forming in your midst. Jesus could see the 5,000 plus fed with smiles on their faces before he distributed the first basket of fish and bread. Seeing from your spirit will allow you to seize what is desired.

If you can see it, you can seize it!

See it like a potter sees the finished shape before he begins to mold the clay on the wheel. He envisions the end shape and knows to apply the right amount of pressure, water, and speed of the potter’s wheel to create the shape he sees. The pot does not simply appear. It is envisioned and one works from that point of envisioning. Because the potter has thrown hundreds of pots in the course of his or her career, it is a natural outflow of the work of his hands to be able to fashion a cup, a bowl, a plate, or any other thing desired. It has become second nature.

The utilization of seeing from your spirit will bring forth what your soul and your body can see in the realm you are currently in. Seeing is essential to the seeing of the end result. Without seeing you cannot hold it in your hands.

The struggle has been that the soul is often in competition with the spirit to hinder the operation of faith. Faith operates from your spirit, not your soul. Many must admit after reviewing their attempt to operate in and by faith that they were operating from the wrong realm – the soul or body realm, and not the spirit realm where creative things are possible.

It is in THAT realm that creation happens. When Father created with the Son, there was no physical realm as you know it. It was an outworking of the spirit that brought it about.

God envisioned, God spoke, and whatever he spoke was.

His creative power was so finely tuned that he could create a multitude of animals in a single day. You possess the same ability. Your mind – your soul – struggle with accepting that concept for your soul has been results oriented in a manner it could qualify those results, but…

Faith is its own qualifier.

The physical realm will respond to the release of faith.

Many have been taught to simply lay their hands on someone for healing without first seeing the end result. Therefore, when they laid their hands upon someone, little happened – if anything at all. Jesus could do this quickly for he was fully in tune with the nature of the Father. The more you know your Father, the easier it will be to see the end result. When you know the Father, you will be able to comprehend His desire in a situation.

Your part to play is simply to see what He sees, say what He says and release it to come forth in the earth.


In Mark 11 it is recorded that if you say to the mountain ‘be removed’ and do not permit doubt, the mountain will be removed – just as you said. Doubt comes from the soul. The spirit is attuned to faith. It has no trouble believing because it has always been in touch with Heaven and with the realm of God. Your soul has not. It has been in touch with what is on the television or internet, what religion declares about God and what your society says based on all these influences. As these voices are silenced in your life it will be easier for your soul to cooperate with your spirit and see what Heaven desires to see come forth in the earth.

The seeing and saying go together but must be done from the realm of the spirit.

Even as you are receiving this your soul is wanting to interrupt with other thoughts to distract you from receiving. That is because it sees the operation of faith as fantastical. You use the word incredible, but broken down that word really means something is without credibility. It is expressing the opposite of what Heaven has said about a thing.

What is without credibility is the opinion of the soul when it is in opposition to the Father’s desire.

It will help your soul to feed it stories of the proper operations of faith in the earth. Read stories that tell the tales of those who believed, saw, spoke and beheld that which they released faith for. John G. Lake understood the operation of faith like few others. Feed on stories like that until you can say, “I could do that!” because you can. It is infused within the sons and daughters to be able to do what your Father did, what Jesus did, what the disciples did, what those who chose to believe God did.

It is a choice to operate from your spirit and not your soul. Without the operation of faith from the spirit, the result will be disappointment. Many books have been written about exercising faith, but rarely do they insist that you do so from the spirit and not the soul. Many do not understand that. Therefore, they don’t see the desired results. Many have been sincere in their activities but if it is from the soulish realm it will not bring success, but failure.


In Mark 11:23, your Bibles record, “Have faith in God.” Some have understood it better and say, “Have the faith OF God.” That is an improvement, but understand it this way…

Have God’s faith, not your own!

How do you do that? You’ve got to know Him more and more closely. Remember the story recorded just before Mark 11:23 about Jesus cursing the fig tree. He was not surprised that when they passed by the following day that it was dried up and withered although His disciples were surprised. He had spoken the end result the day before. Of course, it was dried up. It had no choice. Jesus had what we would consider an audacious expectation of the fig tree – that it would provide figs for him to eat even though it was not the season for the figs. He found only leaves and that is when he said, Let no one eat fruit from you ever again.”[1]

Jesus had the full expectation that from the time he first saw the tree afar off (v. 13) until he reached where the tree was, that it would have responded to his desire for food from it – whether in time or out of time. Because of its failure to respond to Him, he declared no one would eat from it ever again. The son of God could operate outside of time – faith does.

Faith does not require a timing element within which to operate.

Whether it was “the time for figs” or not was irrelevant to Jesus’ expectation. Whether the doctor says something is incurable is also irrelevant to faith.

Faith does not consider the limitations we place upon things. It only considers what the demand of faith it.

The following morning when Jesus and the disciples passed by the fig tree and saw it was withered, Jesus immediately launches into the discussion of the operation of faith. He qualifies the operation of faith in this manner:

Whoever SAYS to this mountain… (has his body realm cooperate with his spirit by speaking),

‘Be removed and be cast into the sea’

And DOES NOT DOUBT in his heart – he does not allow his soul to give input and has instructed his soul to be a bridge, not a gatekeeper,

But BELIEVES that what he says will be done (he stays firmly in with his spirit engaged and forward), THEN

He will have WHATEVER it was he spoke! With NO limitation! (the physical realm will respond to the spirit realm).

Jesus breaks it down further:

Therefore, WHATEVER you ask WHEN you pray BELIEVE you receive, and you will.

He then reminds them that if they have something that they need to forgive someone for, they must do it quickly. It will impact the manifestation of faith.

Doubt and unforgiveness must be dealt with quickly to see the manifestation of faith.

Unforgiveness separates you from the creative nature of the Father that resides within your spirit.

The focus of the unforgiveness is to create a breach between the belief and the ultimate manifestation of faith. That is the aim of your enemy. You will notice that in your past often opportunity for offense would arise in the midst of the exercise of your faith for a thing to manifest. It is an intrusion into the creative nature of My sons and daughters. It is designed to create breaches that discourage you when you don’t realize that the offense has halted the flow of manifestation. It has interfered with faith becoming sight.

Even as you pray the Lord’s prayer, I made it a point to the writers to keep things clean between themselves and those around them and between themselves and their relationship with Me. Keep forgiveness at the forefront. Be aware that strife and unforgiveness are enemies of the manifestation of faith.

Strife is the contention between parties. It can arise over the silliest things, but nevertheless it has to be recognized for what it is. It is a deterrent to the manifestation of faith. Strife comes from seeking to have things a certain way…usually your way over a different manner. It puts you at enmity against another person and them against you. A creative flow cannot manifest in that setting.

Be aware of the tactics of your enemy to hinder or stop the creative flow of Heaven in your life. Live from the flow of Heaven and from its creative flow, then the earth will be able to experience the release of the Glory of God in the earth as I designed.

[1] Mark 11:14

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