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The Father's Kingdom Realm

Donna (my Executive Assistant) began, “Father, I thank you for access to the realms of Heaven in Jesus, my brother, my Savior, my Redeemer, and the Holy One. Jesus, thank You for Your blood. Thank You for access. I ask to visit the Business Complex and would like a meeting with Lydia[1], please.”

Once Lydia appeared, Donna began describing our desire, “We want to know what is on your mind for the ministry. We are seeking your counsel. We ask you to share what is uppermost in your thoughts today with us.”

Donna perceived, “She wants to talk about The Father's Kingdom Realm.

Lydia began, “As you know, The Father's Kingdom Realm and His plans for this Kingdom of His is to overshadow and overtake the physical realm of earth through those whom He has manifested His Glory through and upon, because of the redemption price of Jesus.

“This Glory realm, meaning the heavenly dimension to which we have access through Jesus–that we teach about how to enjoy the benefits of operating from Heaven down–that glory realm is designed to be seen in the physical realm.

The Glory realm is designed to be seen in the physical realm.

“How does a son of God in Jesus release the manifestation of this glory realm into physical space? This is what is being birthed. The sons of God who ascend gain resources, knowledge, and help and ascend in order to carry out to their sphere of influence the Glory of the King. The demonstration of this in future days will manifest more and more.

The possibility of doing this is growing in the heart of those who love Him with greater intensity for the flame of His spirit is being increased and turned up more and more.

“At the same time, the physical realm and those beings who want its dominion are frantically at work from unseen realms to negate this birth, to devour it, and to stop it from happening. Evil powers and evil principalities are currently at work on earth using mankind in their deception and sin, from iniquities in the blood to do evil upon the earth, to capture souls of men and women, and distract them with natural born thinking and work, resulting in the literal capturing of their frequency. This is still a mystery but is being released to forerunners in the movement of God's Spirit.

When your spirit is in the river your frequency changes.

“You are changed in the twinkling of an eye by your ascent or by your pursuit of the river of God that flows through your being. Do you not see this river is a frequency? It has a frequency. It carries a frequency, and it is a frequency. It is the Holy Spirits’ frequency. It contains no anxiety. What a perfect antidote to the anxiety being manipulated upon men's minds by the various sources hidden intentionally from your physical sight.”

Lydia reminded Donna that after she was in a flow with the Lord that morning and was writing down some things and flowing with it, she walked out on the patio with her coffee cup for a moment.

Donna described what occurred, “I had this thought that the truth of the fact that I am in two places [at one time] is so truthful. It is such a sturdy truth that my physical body can stand on my patio, and I can be in other places at the same time. The way I was thinking about this was I was telling my soul to get this fact. No matter the physical realms attack on you, you have access to the spirit and what your spirit knows. You are going to have to learn from it because your soul can learn that your being is a three-part being that can receive negative things in the physical realm, but because you are spiritually somewhere else, it does not affect you. It has no effect…think about this.

So, if I'm around a pathogen, but my spirit is somewhere- My spirit is in Heaven, or it's in the river. It is a hundred percent, constantly, not under the constraint of my soul because it has been freed. Then, whatever is true in the spiritual place that I am in is the truth for my whole being, and in that spiritual place, there is no pathogen. Therefore, no pathogen is going to influence my whole being because at least a third of my being is somewhere else–in more reality–in a higher dimension of reality. If I exist in a higher dimension of reality, then it is true for my whole being. This is how you raise people from the dead.

“So, that was my thought as I stepped out onto my patio. I was remembering my souls sudden ‘aha’ moment from the connection of my spirit instructing my soul. Like you say Ron, the need of my soul, instructing my flesh–my physical realm body and to know that this is what Jesus did. This is how he walked on the earth. He was constantly in the river or His spirit. He was so full of the rivers’ water that he could perfectly carry out His assignment because he was literally in two places at the same time–all the time. We have that capacity. We just have not been plugged in.”

Lydia said, “Just as you had that thought and to your wandering physical eyes you were sorting out what your spirit knew was possible.”

After some prompting by Lydia, Donna continued to share the next thought. She had returned inside her house and heard Holy Spirit say, “Anytime you gain a new revelation, the Father (because he's a good father), will proof text your revelation in your life. You may have called this trial or a test, but it's a father proving his word to you. If He just gave you a revelation, then He will walk you through and walk with you through the proof of it in your physical realm. He will proof text it. Like in college, when you take a course, but you also take a lab course that goes along with that course. The course is to fill your knowledge base with new thought. And then your lab is to “proof text” the demonstration of what you have learned in the class.”

“He will prove as gold this new revelation that you received. This is common and well known, but people are not knowing it like that. They don't understand that this is what the purpose of revelation is. You get a revelation and then you wait, watch, and walk through a moment where God will proof text the revelation, he gave you. He is proving to you that He is true. He is proving it out in your life.

All you must do is stay in the river under the flow of the revelation that He gave you.

Donna continued, “So, here's what happened. I had that thought and I walked back out to the patio for a second time because I had seen the neighbor's cat sitting out here looking at the corner by the fireplace. She was just sitting there ready to pounce on something. I'm like, oh my gosh, I wonder what she sees.

“When I went out on the patio, I looked in the corner by the fireplace where we have a patio umbrella stored. I pulled it back from the corner and see a mouse in that corner. I really don't care for mice because they startle you. I was like, ‘Oh, there's a mouse.’

Immediately Holy Spirit said, “Be in the river, be in two places at one time.”

Donna concurred, “You are right. So, my soul and my memory about what might startle you, all that jumped in front of my spirit, but I knew I could ‘be’ different now.”

Holy Spirit said, “But you can do this in two places.”

She continued, “So, I leaned the umbrella back up against the wall and I'm like, ‘I'm in two places, I'm in the river and I'm here looking at this mouse.’ You're right Holy Spirit. There is no fright, no anxiety, no wondering how this is going to work out. This is just a mouse and the mouse is going to be a mouse.”

And the Lord said, “This is what I'm talking about. I will proof text My revelation to you. I will prove it out. All you must do is walk it out with Him. Let these experiences filter through the natural so that you learn all I am doing. I am giving you understanding. Now I am giving you experience so that now, you know My realm on all levels of your being.”

Donna noted, “So, my question before the Lord is, ‘Well you are right Holy Spirit. I don't even have to ask a question.’ I can just accept the revelation of this. I never thought I would find myself right here in this moment. And I'm like, ‘Why me? Why now?”

And Holy Spirit said, “Let's just not go there. Let's just stay in the present-now. Okay?”

Steps to the Revelatory Realm

Lydia began saying…

“The revelatory realm is the realm you are meant to live from.

Here are progressive steps an individual may need to go through before they feel like this is where they live from. Many of the things that you and Ron have taught are teaching that contributes to this.

“For example, it is important:

  • To have one's bloodline generationally cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb

  • Aligned your realms by the sowing of your seed*

  • Live from your spirit forward

  • Work with angels to assist you

  • Become comfortable with the supernatural unseen realm

  • Pause in these realms for help and instruction.

“As you learn these steps…

All things move progressively towards the ease of the flow of this river within you and its frequency.

Lydia said, “I will keep coming back to that word frequency because your being is meant to resonate with the Glory of God from Heaven, because how else will physical realm see the Glory of Heaven if not through the resonant frequency of those who are His children and who have matured to His sons?

“The release of this frequency in greater power is needed by earth–it is needed by physical earth. I'm serious. It is needed by the created physical realm. The created physical realm needs and will require the manifestation of the Glory realm–the unseen realm through the sons of God as they are His portals for the manifestation of His Glory.[2]

“Does not the Word say that He will magnify His Son and magnify the name of His Son and magnify His Kingdom? The resonance of your being in all realms of your being to operate as sons of God living in oneness from the present-now of Heaven will release the Glory in miraculous ways in days to come–in weeks, months, and years to come. This is the plan of God for His children, and He is restoring all things to the beauty of the design of His perfection.”

Frequency of Heaven

At this point Ezekiel decided to join us.

Donna described what she was experiencing, “Ezekiel has this ability when he shows me His wings, he vibrates them or flutters them.”

She asked Ezekiel, “That sensation that I feel that hits me is a frequency, isn't it?”

Ezekiel replied,

“It's a manifestation of the frequency of the higher dimension reality.

And your sensors in the physical realm pick it up. But it is the sudden pulse or release of that resonant frequency of the unseen realm that affects you in that way.”

Comprehending what he was saying, Donna replied, “It's like my sensors are connecting to the release of that energy frequency from the unseen realm. We learn to operate from it and in it and our receptor capacity from the flesh becomes accustomed to it. Unless there are angelic beings that are intentionally coming near to release that pulse frequency of Heaven, usually you grow into the ability to stand in it in the physical realm.”

Ezekiel chuckled and said, “But there are times when the frequency of Heaven is very focused and meant to be released with purpose and intent. You see this in scripture with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane where he released the truth of ‘I am’ and everyone fell to the ground, for their physical capacity to receive the frequency of so much truth betrayed them in that they had no capacity to receive it, and so, their physical realm beings were overloaded with the truth of that frequency, and they could not stand.”

Donna exclaimed, “Ezekiel. My brain just does not even know how to wrap around what you just said.”

Ezekiel had said, “Trust me. I know. I was there.”

Donna responded, “Thank you, Father. Ezekiel, is there anything else that you would like to tell us?”

He replied saying, “One day you will need to talk to us (as he nods at Lydia) about creating as a creator in the physical realm from Heaven down. I am not talking about receiving the blueprints of the thing. I am talking about manifesting it–showing it. I am talking about its literal creation in the physical realm from the spirit realm–physically manifesting out of that realm into the natural realm. I'm talking about the physical you, as a son of God physically changing the physical realm by your connection and frequency receptors, receiving the frequency of the higher dimension to manifest/create.”

Donna commented, “It was hard to distinguish if he was using the word manifest or the word create there. It really seemed to be a combination of the two with the result that you bring an object from the unseen realm into the physical realm, because the unseen realm, while you have part of what you can see of it (we see in part, we know in part), the apprehension of that capacity through your spirits receptivity to this frequency, in this realm, will cause to appear in the physical realm that thing that you are grasping for–that thing that you are agreeing with and seeing it manifest. This again is the story of the feeding of the 5,000 where Jesus manifested so much food in the natural from the supernatural that there were 12 natural baskets leftover. Is this not the governing of your realm?”

Ezekiel said, “You are in a keen moment of history. Many things are changing. It is possible for humanity to be in Jesus and live in the natural, never using their spirit and its ability to ascend and still be completely blessed by God.

It is a greater blessing of sonship to be an outlet of His Glory that changes the manifested physical realm from the unseen realm and your sonship there.

“The Father entertains all those who will seek Him in this way. Yet, there is the path of spiritual maturing. It is too bad that your culture teaches ‘instantaneous’. The Father often does not manifest things instantaneously for you could not handle it. It would fragment your soul. But in the continual maturing of your spirit and the continuing rest of your soul, the grasp of the supernatural begins to make more sense to your soul so that when you walk into greater modalities of maturity, your soul can rest, and it doesn't freak out at the resulting ability of your spirit to manifest the higher dimension.

“Working with creation in this way is the redeeming of creation by the sons of God.

“All necessary components of new creation constructs are already in place and have always been here in the physical realm. Your spirit has simply not known how to utilize those components in conjunction with the unseen. This is what Ezekiel, the prophet, saw when he saw the valley of dry bones come together. He was encountering the engagement of creation’s components, which are physical realm oriented, and the release of unseen spiritual realm realities.”

Lydia said, “On your release, bless the people for the flow of revelation in the name of the King.

“Your ways are not My ways,” says the Lord, “My ways are higher than your ways, but your capacity to gain the comprehension of My ways is truth.”

Lydia also said, “The river of God flows through His people–a river. Why is it a river? We refer to it as a river because a river has a pace. It has a flow rate. It has a strength, and it can both be in flood stage, or it can be in a trickle. It is not constant.”

She said, “Donna, you already know this. The revelation flow is not constant throughout all the months. There are times when it's full on and there are times when it is less. And there are times when the sons of God can call forth that widening of the river in agreement with God, to His pleasure, to widen the river.”

She said, “You see this in so many areas in scripture and you don't know what you're looking at, but it's the story of where they diverted the river so that they could walk onto the riverbed to overtake their enemies. It's the story of the guy that saw the handwriting on the wall and was told this night your kingdom will be taken from you. That is what happened in that story.

“The flow of revelation is like that the river–the river can be diverted. It will be diverted by iniquities in the bloodline, and it will never get to its target. That is why the cleansing and the removal of stony places within the mind is important and is important for the free flow of revelation.

“Remember, the one thing you did as you have been teaching the divorce from religion[3], because religion will contain and block up things. It dams up the flow of the revelation. This was the sin of those who were religious in the days Jesus walked the earth. They were not telling the people how to live in revelation. They were damming it up. Locking it up so that it was not flowing to the people.[4] They were not teaching them. And when that flow is blocked up it causes the soul to feel destitute and the spirit to feel dry.”

Lydia said, “The verse ‘Seek the Lord While He may be found’ is another reference point to the ever-changing flow of the revelation of the river. It is always going to be. It is never going to leave you. The river is always going to be present, but your sensation of how it is flowing in you will increase. You will have knowledge of its mood. So, when there is a full-on flow, wouldn't that be when you want to be in it?

“Like in Galatians 1:16 where it says, ‘the heart of the gospel I proclaim, began with an unveiling of the son in me, freeing me to announce the same sonship to the masses of non-Jewish people.’ It began with an unveiling. It is a God revelation to you that, that removes the veil from your mind.”

“Freedom from the spirit of religion is part of the stripping away of all the old child you knew.

Ron remarked, “I had the picture sometime of the quintessential homeless lady with a grocery cart and all these layers of old burly clothes and you don't even know what she looks like because she has all these layers of stuff on. That is how we are concerning learning that we are sons. We have to have Heaven’s help to strip away all the unnecessary old garments of religion.”

[1] Lydia is a Woman in White who serves as the chief advisor for our ministry. [2] Romans 8:22 [3] See the post on Divorcing the Spirit of Religion [4] Luke 11:52

* See the blog posted Ripened Harvest


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