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The Fanfare in Heaven

As we engaged Heaven, we noted a lot of fanfare in Heaven and Stephanie was hearing the lyrics to the song, “Here comes the glory of the Lord, sweeping in the room.”

We asked, “Why is there a lot of fanfare in Heaven?”

Malcolm replied, “Because the sons are taking ownership in their sonship. There is something to be said about owning your sonship. It is a mindset of cooperation. It's a belief in your sonship apart from your soul and your flesh. It is a cooperating with the glory. It is a cooperating with trusting. It's a cooperation with believing. It will become a condition of the heart to walk in these paradigms–these dimensional and quantum paradigms.

There is something to be said about not understanding from your natural minds the quantum leaping that you experience when you step into Heaven. Wrapping your head around it will not be a thing.

This is a trusted, positional manner in which the sons will walk. You've heard the phrase, ‘Your steps upon the earth.’ There is a vibration to the steps in quantum leaping. Your steps will be felt, they will be heard. It is a rulership–these steps, and it is dynamic.”

Stephanie remarked, “I just said in my heart, ‘Is this where Enoch walked?’

Malcolm said, “Absolutely. This is where King David walked, but the King always knew he was a son.”

Stephanie commented, “Malcolm just showed me a type of graduation from one realm to the next and that's what it will feel like.”

“You're talking about a heavenly realm aren't you, Malcolm?” she asked.

Malcolm said, “Well, we are learning about quantum leaping. These are those glory-to-glory moments that were talked about in the Word. You have always thought about it as a very flat plane. Dimensional thinking is not flat. Glory-to-glory is a leap. Realm-to-realm is a leap. Trans-dimensional thinking will become a norm. It's revelation of heightened sensitivity will become how the sons walk on the earth, because they will be walking trans-dimensionally in the spirit.”

Stephanie, “Well. Malcolm, that's exciting to know. You are showing me that is the glory. There is that song again, ‘Here comes the glory of the Lord, sweeping in the room.’”

Malcolm said, “This is beyond the favor of the Lord. That is why the cry from Heaven has been ‘relational’. Relational is all about trust.”

Stephanie replied, “Malcolm, is that why you've taught us about the consequential lien work because it opens up the trust of heaven, which is our inheritance, that this is our inheritance, this quantum leaping information and dynamics?”

Malcolm responded, “Yes. Relational. The Father is removing the barriers that have kept his son from being in full relationship with him.

“The severity of the crimes against his sons, from the enemy, has not gone unnoticed. There is great vindication for the sons in this. The levels in which they will walk have already trampled underfoot the enemy so, imagine the trampling that will occur in future days. As His sons come into the full understanding and knowledge and walk from these heavenly places, these quantum leaps, the truth of the matter is, there is no way the gates of hell can prevail against them which is why there has been ‘the lie’. The lie down the ages in the church from the pulpits.

“Talk about a shaking, there is a major shaking in the spirit as the kingdom of darkness realizes and understands they cannot stop this. It's here. That's why when they push, you DO push back. That's why you press in because you will walk in the fullness of this.”

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Fanfair in Heaven
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