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The Entity of Grace

Stephanie began, “The Entity that is Grace is standing in front of me. I keep going back and forth, seeing what she looks like as a person versus what she looks like as light. She keeps transitioning back and forth from a being of light and then an actual woman. She just showed me the backside of her head. The front side of her has the face of a woman, the backside of her has the face of a man, but it's not a ‘man’. Her voice is unlike any voice I've ever heard. It sounds like water.”

The Entity of Grace said, “Most do not know who I am, and even more don't know what I bring, but you, Stephanie, will experience the fullness of who I am.”

Stephanie commented, “She reached over and touched me, and she looks like she has transitioned and now looks like water, not unlike the character in the Terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger where the character would transition from a person to a liquid form. That's what she looks like.”

The Entity of Grace remarked, “I want to bestow upon the people the fullness of who I am. The people have tossed my name around without understanding the principles behind me, of me and about me. I want to show them me.”

Stephanie replied, “Grace, please show me.”

The Entity of Grace said, “Welcome the authority and grace shall abound.”

Stephanie, describing what she was seeing said “When she said, abound, I saw her leaping out of somebody, and going before them, as they walk in authority and with a grace that is so present that it’s like a leaping in sonship.”

The Entity of Grace replied, “Grace shall abound and abound that much more.”

Stephanie responded, “Well, I submit to Heaven and what it wants to teach us about you, Grace.”

The Entity of Grace explained, “Walking steadfast is grace. Walking in authority is grace. Walking quantumly and not linearly is grace. In that authority, grace will abound. Hear me when I say, Grace to you, Grace upon you, Grace in you. Hear me when I say, ‘Be Grace’. The reason you saw me in multi-faceted ways is because I am multi-faceted. I am in the many waters, and I am in the deep.”

Stephanie remarked, “She just went in me.”

The Entity of Grace instructed, “Walk multi-facetedly.”

Stephanie explained, “I have an understanding that it means, don’t being rigid in thinking and not being open to all of the possibilities of who God is.”

The Entity of Grace replied, “In this, Grace shall abound.”

Stephanie noted that Gloria, our legal counselor appeared and when asked why she was present, she replied, “I am in the principles.”

We had been hearing the word – principles in this engagement and at other times.

Gloria explained, “You must be principled.”

She then picked up a folder and started walking to where she presented it to Ezekiel, LifeSpring’s Chief Angel.

Gloria said, “Principled” is a surety bond.”

A surety bond provides a guarantee to the obligee (the one receiving ministry) and that the Father will fulfill our obligations (as a ministry) in case of our default.

The bond guarantees the work gets completed. That what is promised is performed.

Stephanie began to commission Ezekiel:

Father, I'm asking for the surety bond of being principled for the people to be given to Ezekiel, his ranks, and commanders.

I am requesting that the angels bring to every realm, to every person that draws near to LifeSpring, all of those that work for LifeSpring, in every arena – the Surety Bond of Being Principled, in Jesus' name.

I ask for it to come upon their realms, for their angels to co-labor and bring it to their realms, upon their scrolls and their books, in time, out of time, in every age, realm, and dimension.

Ezekiel was also holding a book in his hands of which the pages were open. He blew on the pages, closed it, handed it to another angel and left.

The angel, who had received the book, The Principled Book held it out for Stephanie to take and place within her. We were curious to know what the enormity of what being principled meant.

The angel said, “Being principled is a steppingstone to a higher place.”

To be principled is to act in accordance with morality and to show that one understands right and wrong. One is said to “have principles” when one understands these things.

With these foundational things being established in His Sons the Father is releasing more and more revelation for their maturity. Let us continuously be yielding to the things Father is working in our lives and working out of our lives.

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