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The Embrace of Righteousness

The revelation of righteousness and of the right standing of the sons has been little understood or at least poorly understood. Many have a hard time differentiating between their righteous acts and the true righteousness that comes from the work of Jesus. Righteousness has nothing to do with anything you do. It has everything to do with what He has done as you and in your behalf. It was as if he saw you and said, ‘Father, I’ll take His place. I’ll take His judgment upon myself.’ That is what he did in dying your death.

Francois (du Toit) was correct when he said that Jesus did not die for you, rather He died AS you. A vast difference exists between the two.

Live from what He did, not from what you do.

Righteousness is an unfolding of Christ in you. You possess the starter seed by your acceptance of him, but as the reality of it grows within you, as you seek to cultivate it in your life, you will experience the ongoing and far-reaching benefits of it in your life. Paul said, ‘The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink – it is not natural stuff. Rather, it is righteousness, peace, and joy. As you seek righteousness, the Kingdom comes in greater measure in your life. As you seek the Kingdom, your heart for righteousness expands within you and you desire more and more of this life rather than the life outside of a righteousness consciousness.

To have a sin consciousness it to have your eyes focused on that which has already been taken care of for you. To have a sin consciousness it to doubt the efficacy of the work of Jesus on your behalf. The death of Jesus upon the cross was sufficient for sin – all sin. It needs no follow up. It needs no redefining. It need not be ignored in your life. Now you do not consciously and intentionally sin. You pursue the attributes of the Kingdom and of Righteousness in your life. As you do, it unfolds within you. The awareness and comprehension of it grows within you. The effects of it grow with in you. As you seek righteousness, its impact enlarges in your spirit man and spills over into your soul. That spillover impacts your body by producing a regeneration in your cells. It brings life where once there was decay. Righteousness impacts every realm with in you and the realms about you.

Part of the embrace of righteousness is to repent for the embrace of a sin consciousness. A sin consciousness is a focus on defeat. A righteousness consciousness is a focus on absolute victory – a victory that is your possession as a son.

Many are making the transition from a believer in Jesus to a believer in the positional place those believers hold in the Kingdom realm. They are realizing they are sons. As Paul denoted, they are faithful, but when they realize, ‘Yes, I am a son! Jesus made it so for me!’, then they are enlisted as a saint – an enlightened one.

Every time you see a vestige of a sin consciousness trying to usurp authority over righteousness in your life, prophetically remove it from your wardrobe. Remove it from your realms. Hand it to your angels for destruction on your behalf. Repent for the embrace of a sin consciousness in your life and yield to the explosion of righteousness in your life. Let it overtake you. Everything will be different when you do.

Righteousness is not only an adjective, but it is a manifestation of the character of Abba. When you step into righteousness, you step into His character. When you embrace it, you embrace all that He is, all that His righteousness is. That is why your righteousness is as filthy rags, but His righteousness is holy. His righteousness represents His heart, His love, His thoughts. As you step into His righteousness, you are the extension of those things and when you let the righteousness explode or when you embrace the explosion, you are saying, ‘I surrender myself and I enter into that which You are, that which you have called me to be’. Remember the scripture that is in Colossians you are hidden in Christ, in God.

When you step into the righteousness of God, you become hidden in Him.

When you step into the righteous and when it explodes, that is how one truly walks in the spirit and does not fulfill the lusts of their flesh.

This is a revelation that people have not understood because they have always been tied to works. You cannot be tied to works. You cannot hold onto works and walk in His righteousness. That is why it's necessary to allow His righteousness to explode. It will reverberate, it will remove everything that's not of Him. Seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness[1], it's an attitude. It is an action. It is something that you must do, you must pursue. So, when pursuing Him, when pursuing His Kingdom, you pursue His righteousness. Some do not get this. They only pursue the Kingdom. But remember it says, ‘seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, then whatever you need will be added to you by the response or the actions of what you are doing. You are obeying His word. Jesus was teaching His apostles, His disciples how to properly posture themselves as servants, as leaders, as future apostles. He taught them how to represent Him, how to teach others, and how to instruct those that they will encounter.

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The Embrace of Righteousness
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[1] Matthew 6:33

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