The Discipline of the Soul

As we engaged Heaven this day we requested to meet with Lydia, our ministry advisor. Although she did not initially appear, a substance appeared on the floor that was purple in color. No explanation came concerning this as now Lydia could be heard to speak. She began, “You are both Kings and priests in his Kingdom. Nevertheless, He is the King. Even children must be made to understand that the King is who He is out of the selection of who He has been made to be. And if Yeshua is King of His Glory, you are Kings and priests in His Kingdom and are learning to walk in authority as a King and in the ministry to your God. As a priest, kingly conduct becomes you. Kingly conduct is related to honor and respect for the position of the King.

“Some in your class have never seen themselves in their own authority. Some see themselves as the dirt under the King’s feet. Others see themselves as unnoticed. In his sight alone and without recourse, none of these things are the way to view oneself. Nevertheless, these are the lenses that are being used in the day to day of some of your class. Some have she was taught they had no value as a young child. Others, through the experience of always being caught in a whirlwind, the use of quietening at the hands of angels would be helpful for ones like this and their atmosphere, have grasped at straws so often that the grasping is what they do instead of settling to hear and settling to receive. These people are so busy trying to "figure it out" that they have, they have left receiving the answers a while ago.”

An Everyday Choice

She continued, “It is true that in your walk with the Lord, you will choose every day to follow Him. You will choose to set your mind aside and your heart on Him so that the Spirit of the Lord can speak to you. As you have learned, your soul wants domination over your spirit, and you are learning slowly ways of increasing the time your spirit is forward as you are living from your spirit. You are learning to rest by the practice of being spiritual. But if you are conscious, if you are being soulish and thinking you are being spiritual, you are in self-deceit.

“Practicing quiet moments of hearing the voice of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Spirit is a good practice. Meditating on His Word is not meditating on the world. Meditating on the world, leads one to strive and trying to figure out where one is in the world.”

Lydia explained, “Let me redefine a clearer view of what I mean by meditating on His Word–meditation on what He has spoken to you individually. So, I am talking about the rhema conversation, not the logo's written word. Other people's experiences, even the experience of Paul as it is written in the Bible is not your own personal experience of this God who speaks to His own. You must hear Him. You must be moved by Him. You must achieve this through surrender and following Him. The sacrifice of time is involved in this. The sacrifice of learning a new way is involved in this. Your mind has partaken of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and your spirit has partaken of the Tree of the Knowledge of Life–of the Tree of Life, but how this works out–the fruit of which tree will give fruit in your being is what is working out. More fruit in your being comes from being comes from the practice of being a spirit-led spirit-forward person. Spiritual things, spiritual beings, spiritual understanding, spiritual knowledge become more evident to your spirit man. I am not talking about the soul realm knowledge.

I am not talking about the continual analysis of what has been written. I am talking to you about the meditating on what you are hearing firsthand.

“Many of God's children do not believe they can hear Him firsthand. Many have surrendered hearing Him firsthand to other people in their lives such as their spouse and those operating as prophets. Would you not say that the world is full of plenty of voices? But are you discerning the voice as well? The voice of His presence. He speaks through the voice of his presence. Your maturation is connected to the sacrifice of time to hear Him speak and further the meditation that He has spoken to you. This is equivalent to spiritual growth.

“It can plainly be said, if you want to grow up in Christ, you must develop your faith belief to hear Him personally, Notice, I did not say to hear Him answer your questions. I simply said to hear Him. What is He saying? What is on His mind? What has come to you from His heart? What does He want to give you? What does He want to show you? What does He want to bless you with? How high does He want to take you today?

“Is the flow rapid or is it a languishing pool of refreshing? The people must hear the Lord for this is the access given through the King. The people must hear His counsel, His wisdom, and His knowledge. They must hear the voice of His might. They must hear the roar of His wind. They must hear the increase of His Glory. And most of all, they must be willing to let Him lead. Who is in charge of this train?”

Donna noted, “That is why you showed me the purple, isn't it? Because of the royalty of our inheritance in Christ is as a King and a Priest. There are some who do not know it.”

Lydia says. “There are some who do not know it because they have not paused to Hear it. What does the King want to do is one of the better questions you can ask? What is upon His mind to do?

She continued, “I want to share something that might be clarifying. She said, some even with that question will listen for the wrong answer. What does the King have on His mind to do means that the King will share with you what is on His mind? He is not necessarily directing your every move. From that question to this have been assigned angels. They are in charge of directing you. They are in charge of playing out or cause to be played out many things that are written about this era, the nations, the families, the associations, and the groupings of God. You gain your everyday sense of what to be is to be done from following the one who dwells within you. He who freely tweaks you with a small, slight check in your spirit. Many of you are receiving these checks of the Holy Spirit because this is Holy Spirit's work within you. The Holy Spirit will stop you from speaking. The Holy Spirit will stop you from making a particular choice. The Holy Spirit is not difficult to understand. He sounds like you sometimes, but He sounds like your best you. He is you indwelt from the Father and He reflects what He sees. He sees and moves from the Father.”

The Discipline of the Soul

Continuing she explained, “Your work is the discipline of your soul in the obedience to the spirit that dwells within you and speaks what He says. The central item of this is faith. You must believe you hear God in order to hear Him. You must believe yourself as a beloved one in order to feel loved. You must walk in the obedience of faith. The good news is that you can ask for more faith. You can even ask for God's faith. You can ask for faith to come and fill you, but it is also true the Father has given you choice to believe.”

She asked, “What are you doing with your belief? Where is your belief believing? Where is your belief leading me? What is your belief leading you to investigate? Have you pause to ask the Lord of this belief is His belief? This is what I mean by asking the King. What is upon His mind?

“There are many who are trying to get instantaneous answers to the 3D physical realm while you know God is concerned with what concerns you, have you paused as His child to find out what concerns Him? What is He concerned about? Are these not many good things to journal and consider? There are many voices in the world today. Not all worldly voices should or are beneficial to be listened to or should be listened to. Pay attention to His spirit within you, directing you, giving you attention regarding the questions that you have. It is the work of Holy Spirit in your inner man who is leading you, but you must tune into Him. You must allow His voice. You have to agree with His closeness, His presence, His nearness.”

She explained, “The work of the Holy Spirit is to grow up the church to change the individual and the corporate expression of who He is into a purer reflection so that it will come to earth through His sons and daughters who are sensing Him.”

The Time for Miracles

Lydia said, “The time for miracles is coming. It is a very short time before the miracles of God are going to be displacing other things. But these miracles, while these miracles are timed and will begin to operate in the lives of people. The soul realm has a certain expectation of what a miracle is. Is not the spirit of the man knowing the intensity of the miracle as it is being brought about? Even in secret, whether secret miracle or public a miracle is a movement of God that bends the laws of the physical realm to the will of the King. Is this not for the children of God that came to manifest? I tell you it is.