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The Coming Increase in the Release of the Glory

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

This Friday morning started out as usual. Around mid-morning Donna and I accessed Heaven’s Help Desk and were instructed that we had a meeting scheduled. A gentleman came forth (a man in white linen) and after a moment, Donna recognized him – Joseph of Arimathea. She had encountered him several months prior and he had come to speak to us about a coming release of the glory. We were taken to a conference room near some classrooms in the Halls of Heaven. It was different from where we usually met someone. The conference room was like a small sitting area with some chairs around a coffee table – like a conversation pit.

He started by saying, “It's time for the exposure of the doctrines of demons. These doctrines,” he said, “have come up against a timing of Yahweh. Light exposes all darkness. Light encroaches where it is not welcomed by darkness and darkness cannot hide.”

“Do you understand what I mean,” he asked? “When I say that the power of light against darkness is total. It is overwhelmingly complete. It would be good for the saints to get this in their understanding that where they operate in the light, they so completely overwhelm darkness that it is impossible, (yes. I am using that word impossible) for darkness to remain anywhere near the release of light from their inner being – (their spirit man). This understanding is going to be necessary in coming days. I want to teach you so that you can teach others how to release the light.” And so, we began our instruction.

Joseph began, “First, a few basic understandings. Light is wavelength frequency and your physical body is created to not only hold it, but to release it. You have experienced this before in what you call the glory realm and when you are near the presence (the glory) it touches the physical body and the physical body manifests. What is manifesting is the wavelength frequency of that glory.

The light of glory emanates from the Father's throne – from the mercy seat – from absolute glory.”

“Now, when you say that phrase ‘absolute glory’, that takes on a different connotation to my understanding. I don't have a definition for it, but I get what you're saying,” Donna remarked.

“Power magnified beyond your understanding is absolute glory,” Joseph declared.

He continued, “The human body both can both contain, release, and demonstrate this absolute glory because it is wired to it. Its framework is created in this fashion to be able to hold it.

It is the recognition of the ability to release it that is coming now to more saints.

The flow of the vessel of the human body to open its floodgates[1] and allow the release of the wavelength energy to manifest in the 3D realm. This is what brings healing, body parts, revelation flow, vision, hearing, all spiritual senses, and the saints are also able to contain or modify the release of the flow of it.”

You Can Steward the Glory

“So, what people first need to understand is when they receive the presence of the glory, they are able to steward it. Whereas in younger immature seasons, the receipt of the presence sent the human body into convulsions and rolling on the floor or being slain in the spirit for hours. The matured sense of this is the ability to receive it and hold it like a vessel. This is your spirit instructing your body and your soul how to steward this dimension of wavelength frequency of absolute glory,” he stated.

Continuing, Joseph said, “In ancient days there were humans so capable with this that they levitated off the ground. They were harnessing, holding, and containing the manifest absolute glory. Often, they did not have a manner or a way to release it to others, so they were holding it. They learned to hold it within their body. This is coming back into the earth realm.

The stewarding of the glory realm or the release of it to another is exactly that. It is for the purpose of the release to others that it comes.

The glory realm seeks vessels that it can fill with the end goal being the release to others, not the capturing of it or holding onto it, or even a measuring it out in small quantity. Glory looks for those vessels that glory knows will be vessels filled to the point of overflowing, but they will release the overflowing,” Joseph commented.

He continued his instruction by saying, “You can tell people if you want more glory you have to contract the trade of the release. It is a point or moment of agreement to receive and release for the purpose of manifesting the kingdom – bringing the needed resources. We must agree to be a releaser of the glory. The recognition of the trade is the release. Agreement to release glory means you get more glory -- more of a manifest light of God, of Yahweh.

Also, the recognition that you can contain it, stewarding it well so that you can walk with it, you can talk with it, you can move about with it. You are not seemingly unconscious in the floor with it. You are stewarding it, you are receiving, but you are releasing in measured amounts where you are being directed to release it.”

“You have both operated in this before,” he mentioned, “and it's really nothing new, but the amount and the commonality of this is going to increase in days ahead, it's going to increase first to those who want it, those who request it, and those who are learning (and by that, I mean actively learning, focusing on the receipt, and then focusing on the release, wherever the release needs to go).

You must:

  • Want it

  • Request it

  • Learn to focus on the receipt of the glory

  • Focus on the release of the glory”

“This is going to surprise a good many demons and cause lots of screaming in the unseen realm,” Joseph remarked with laughter.

He continued, “Also, it is going to awaken the understanding in people to the ultimate power of Yahweh – His love, His original intent of release. You call this giving of Himself.

Heaven is enthralled with this component of Yahweh’s character, He is always giving of Himself, He is always releasing of Himself. He is always abundantly more than you can think or know releasing to you needed resources, opportunities, His goodness, and His nearness. His goodness is wrapped in His nearness.”

All this we had heard was simply the first thing he wanted to tell us.

He began again with more instruction. “So light particles carry this essence. Those operating in witchcraft and who have rebelled against the kingdom of God have sought to learn to control light particles in numerous ways through intellectual science and experimentation.

The Need for Protection

The need to steward the release of the absolute kingdom glory will need to also come with the understanding of the need for angelic protection, not for you (the one releasing the glory because the release of glory makes darkness flee), but there will be an intense work of darkness to spy this out, to intrude in deceptive or hidden ways with the desired outcome to capture what is being released to the saints.

There are people who are going to be in danger when they try to do this in an immature way, or in a place of no alignment, or in a place where they've crossed out of their own boundary of authority and engage in this. And by endanger, I mean their danger is to the kingdom of God itself because the purpose of Holy Spirit activity with this is to increase the knowledge of the kingdom of God.

Darkness will seek to spy out the land to discover ways they can capture it illegally. This would be an illegal trade, but they are going to seek it, nevertheless. They are going to fall under judgment for it. But until that day of judgment, the saints must be careful in their practice of it. By practice I mean their release of it ensuring that they have angelic forces making shields around them to prevent the illegal capture, theft, and general robbery as they learn to operate in this with greater efficiency.”

Joseph continued, “This is what scripture is talking about when it says that some will be deceived. Even some of the elect will be deceived that they are being watched and studied. Thus, the need for angelic activity around it.”

Dialogue with Your Angel

“They need to learn to operate with their own angels in dialogue and communication so that they can gain help for their angels and gain assistance from other ranks (of angels) (which there are quite a few available). And to ensure that the angels are there to ensure at the saints’ command that nothing is lost from the kingdom of God. Nothing is stolen.”

At this point Donna became aware of textbook manuals being released. “Can I reach out and grab one,” she asked? She felt released to do so and as she did Joseph explained, “They are releasing them for any who will receive the manual which contains instruction, safety protocols, and utilization of his glory for purposes of the expansion of the kingdom of God. These manuals are actively being released into the earth now to any who will choose to receive and verbally bring it into their realm, the Father constantly being the giving one and sharing with those whom He loves.”

Immediately Donna pronounced, “I verbally bring it into my realm accepting it and possessing it. Thank you, Father.”

A Green Light from Heaven

Joseph said, “There's a green light from Heaven on this and green means go! You have a green light from Heaven on this. It is a re-introduction of this level of the release of His power as His sons and daughters on the earth access it. It is very timed for this season and it goes hand in hand with the work of angels and the revelation of angels and the revelation of the angels ranks and their assistance and how to navigate and collaborate with them for the increase of the kingdom of God.”

“I have a question,” Donna enjoined. “The question is, ‘I hear you say that those involved with witchcraft and in league with darkness are expecting the saints to be able to operate in this even more than the saints are knowing that they can operate in this and they have already begun to spy this out for the purposes of theft and capture, right? It is like the saints are the last to know.”

Joseph replied, “That is because of the demon doctrines that have infiltrated the church have religiously tied people in limits and the enemy is not above using trauma, wounding, deception, complete and outright bold-faced lies to teach people his doctrines so that they are unaware. But what is coming is going to begin to change this because a remnant knows. Yahweh chooses to use a remnant to make known His power and glory wherever there is a need for resources on the earth.”

“Just as you have taught others about their ability to come into realms of heaven to request for these needs to be met,” he remarked, “always remember you are releasing from Heaven down to the earth realm and that this is the design of Heaven – the perfect way. It is brought about like a waterfall out of Heaven through a window into earth bringing necessary resources.

Faith is involved to open the window and make the request to send from Heaven down and so it is with the release of this glory. Belief, understanding, practice, and the recognition of angelic forces at work to bring about the Word are all part of it. It is a sound frequency of light, but it has words. The release of it has words; words that are spirit language, words that are…”

Donna interrupted, “Oh, wow, the atmosphere is just full of words all of a sudden!”

Joseph continued, “It is definitely connected with vocal chords, vocal sound, words of language, or it's a spirit language, words of command to angel's, words of direction to the glory, words of release, words of direction to the flow. All these coming from Holy Spirit. All of these coming by ultimate direction from Holy Spirit. The young in this will choose to try to do this from their soul but directing the glory from their soul will never work. It is a spirit man activity. Many will be afraid to try. Many will get captured by doubt, but there will be equally as many who believe and begin this practice. This is going to change the 3D world. It is going to make the 3D world like the kingdom of God, and it is going to all come through the saints.

God is going to manifest his glory in this earth. The earth cannot wait for this.

Light wave particle energy is the rainbow. It is like opening your mouth and seeing a rainbow come out of it. That is what it looks like. Then the rainbow expands, and all the colors fill the space.” At that moment Donna’s office filled with the rainbow.

Joseph remarked, “You were just looking at the manifestation of it. You were seeing that the voice is tied to the release of the glory of God and the stewarding of the glory. Realize that when you do this under the unction of the Holy Spirit, you are filling atmospheres with the substance. You are filling them with the substance of what would appear to you like the seven radiations of the rainbow, because the summation of that is the glory of God. That is why the glory of God will appear to you as bright shining white light – perfect and pure without blemish – what you would call blinding light. Not for the purpose of evil, but for the purpose of everything that is right.”

The Balance Scale

At this point in the engagement an angel appeared carrying a scale not unlike our logo. It was a justice scale. Donna took it from the angel and Joseph went on to explain its significance, “You must remember that the glory realm must always be released in perfect judgment. The justice scale you have received is a marker of righteousness and justice. It is a purity marker. It will always remain in balance when you are releasing the glory correctly. When you sense it is out of balance, you have likely moved to the soul realm and are not operating from the spirit realm. Your spirit knows when the scale is not even.

Justice is the foundation of His kingdom. The redemption all things out of alignment back into ordered alignment is justice.

The government of His kingdom is justice balanced with the release of His power.

You must have both. You must operate in both. Operating without both leads you to rebellion, occult practice, witchcraft, illegal trade, broken barriers, and crossed boundaries.

He is a God of justice. He is also a God of light and He is a God of giving. These three characteristics work in tandem for the expansion of His kingdom in every realm.”

“Father, I just thank you for that angel coming to bring that justice scale. I receive it and possess it in my realm. I ask angels to help me know its balance and I instruct my spirit to be aware of it and pay attention to it,” Donna prayed.

Continuing, Joseph instructed, “It brings a keenness of when things are out of balance, when they are out of sync, or they are out of rightness and it brings a power to put it back into justice. Justice being another way to say rightness; just the way light would do things. The way God would do things. The way Heaven would do things. The way the seven radiations of God would do things.”

Joseph said, “The seven radiations of God are going to be a sign in new ways. You are going to begin to see it in new ways everywhere. You are going to begin to see the sign of the seven radiations. Your spirit is going to be alert to this and you will know. Pay attention to the color you see in the spirit when you are in a moment of worship or prayer. It is going to direct you to what needs to be released.”

“We are going to need more information about that,” we realized.

He continued, “For now, just know that the seven radiations will become a greater sign in the earth in many expressions and manifestations in future days.”

Donna interjected speaking for both of us, “I receive that. In fact, I welcome that into the earth realm – the sign of Yahweh. We welcome the understanding of that.”

With that Joseph concluded his instructions. We however had some questions which he allowed us to ask.

“The seven radiations you mentioned – that correlates to the colors of the rainbow,” I asked?

“Yes,” he replied.

“It also relates to the seven spirits of God,” I continued?

“Yes,” he patiently replied.

He expounded, “It also relates to the pouring out of the seven spirits of God as in a new dimension of how you perceive and receive it. It is pouring out from within. Remember, from your belly will flow living water.

It is related to this other phrase called the seven manifestations. The order of the seven radiations, the order of them is their own linking together.”

Donna could see in vision form how these seven radiations. “I'm seeing them like a spirit being now and where they take hold together and link together,” Donna remarked.

Joseph enjoined, “It's always in the same order. And that order is divine perfection. And its summation is absolute glory. The work of darkness is to twist that linking to gain a different light – an illegal light and warp the manifested release to have to dominion over it or rule over it. The seven radiations are the light of God. The light God has always been. It is the eternal assets of the Godhead. It was the word – perfect agreement, perfect order. It is radiated light particles and release for expansion. It creates – it recreates. It orders – it reorders. It designs – it redesigns, it positions – and repositions.

Some of this you simply cannot contain. Your spirit can garner a recognition of this, but the translation of it to the soul is muddied. It is somewhat beyond comprehension by the natural mind, but at the same time, it is as simple as a child could learn the wondrous wonders of Yahweh.

The key is the operation of this from the spirit and the freeing of the spirit, the awakening of the spirit, the heightening of the spirits’ understanding of its own nuances.” “I'm talking about the human spirit indwelt by Holy Spirit,” he clarified. “The guidance of Holy Spirit, the receipt of Holy Spirit to possess all realms within your realm.”

[1] The “floodgates” of a person is their mouth – their voice. A person can vocalize their agreement with Heaven via the words of their mouth. Copyright ©2020 Dr. Ron M. Horner All rights reserved

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