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The Announcing Angel

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Donna was startled by the presence that appeared in her realm as she was engaging with Heaven. She said, “I have an announcing angel in my realm.” She asked the angel, “What is the announcement?”

Describing what she saw, she said, “He has a trumpet. It's not a shofar. It's a long trumpet.”

The angel began to speak saying,

“Glory to the King of glory, glory to His Name,

Glory to the King, for He reigns supreme!

Glory to the King and to His realm for the entrance of His kingdom will now come through your realm and through realms where the realms of His Kingdom have come round.

I bring utterance to you from throne room realms of great turning and shaking all around.

Graciousness and love have abounded in realms that have come round.

Advance! Advance! Clear the path. Your God and King arrives.

Light the flame of every candle, for the wind that blows to ignite the flame, crosses over in His name.

Jesus, the Christ, the King of Glory.

Claim! Claim the rightful receipt of increase and glory for His fame.

Do not cloak yourself from being seen, bravely the saints who of Him sing.

Create! Create this space indeed, for ministers of flames, there are indeed.

Swinging low the chariots of fire, bringing excellence with His desire.

Break forth! Break out and into realms not yet seen by human power.

Cross into this channel now, be prepared yet also fired.

The King of Glory is Jesus on high, His Kingdom will come nigh.”

And this angel says, “Announce this. Receive this. Agree with this, whether you have knowledge of mankind in this or not, receive this challenge and this challenge to enemy forces of darkness. Make room in your mind for the overcoming King. Stand up and announce His reign.”

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Announcing Angel
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