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The Angels of Fierceness

As we stepped into Heaven we saw Ezekiel, the Chief Angel of the Ministry. He had his back to us and was looking at a star. He spoke and said, “All of Heaven's cosmos is waiting for the sons of men to know who they are. Governance is a fierce battle in the spirit realm, but the battle is the Lord's. But…

If you don't govern, there is no battle. The battle is necessary.

“Instruct the fierceness of the battle. The battle is yours through the Lord, but you must govern. There's never been a time or season before now like this. This is unprecedented. It's an unprecedented instruction to govern.

“There is a false teaching about how the Lord will fight all our battles, but it is a co-laboring.”

We asked, “How do we need to phrase our governing?”

He replied, “Commission the angels to the fierceness of the battle to co-labor with those that are among the fiercest angels.”

We asked, “Is this a select group of angels?”

He said, “Yes, it is the fiercest of the angels and request that the banner of the Lord that go before you.”

We commission the angels that are the fiercest angels to the battle of the Lord and to go before us with the banner of the Lord.

“Do we need to call the angels of fierceness to come near?” We asked.

He laughed and said, “I don't know that many could handle that.”

Apparently they are quite fierce. We do not have to call them near. Simply instruct our angels to co-labor with them? It's a co-laboring.

I, being over this ministry, can commission Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks to co-labor with the Fierce Angels to the fierceness of the battle and to strike the banner of the Lord?

Now we govern this in the spirit – the fierceness of the battle to be won by the Lord as we co-labor in agreement with Heaven, that the battle is His. As we as sons align with Heaven,

We call Heaven’s fiercest angels to come near to battle the fierce battle of the Lord. I call for the saints to co-labor with our angels, with the awakening angels to defend the sons of men, to fight on our behalf, and for us to receive the victory in Jesus' name.

Ezekiel said, “There is a victory in this.”

Stephanie remarked, “Thank you Father. And I see a brigade of angels that are going forward with trumpets.”

It reminded us of two things. In natural battles there would be certain trumpet sounds to send out one set of angels versus another set of angels.

We commission the angels to the trumpeting for the fierce battle, and we also commission the angels for the trumpeting of the victory to announce both things in spirit in Jesus' name.

Ezekiel then showed us that the star that we saw was actually the intellect from Heaven. It has to do with our star. The star was the intellect of Heaven for LifeSpring.

Ezekiel said, “I have work to do.” So he left to go co-labor.

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