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Taste and See

July 26, 2023

What does Heaven have for Platinum?

Stephanie, “Why did I see cantaloupe? I saw us eating cantaloupe and immediately questioned myself so, I stepped back up to the help desk to ask. What are we doing?? Why am I seeing us eating this very juicy fruit? I see as we eat it, there's an abundance of flavor and juice flowing from our mouths because of its goodness and richness. So, help desk, Why am I seeing this?”

Help Desk, “Would you not say that you have been blind to the goodness of God in your life.? Have there not been moments of blindness, even about His word?”

Stephanie, “I would say that is a fact and true.”

Help Desk, “What if the “Taste and See” is really just that? What if you can really experience the “Taste and See? What if you could experience ALL aspects of the Lord that are good? His word, His revelation, His tendencies towards you, His precision and focus about your life. It is indeed good. Come UP here. Taste and see for yourselves. You can ask Heaven for anything. You can ask Heaven about anything. Taste AND see. Wouldn't you say you have to taste (experience) in order to understand the richness, the fullness., the very flavor of who He is towards you? Then you can SEE the manifestation of these things in your life. When you choose to taste of His word and relish in it, to taste of His revelation, to taste Of His love, would you not say that you have to accept this? Would you not say that you have to put the cantaloupe in your mouth first before you taste it? Realize there's an acceptance on your part to be able to experience Him. It is here, it is now. Intimacy is in the KISS, right? Put His words in your mouth. Put the fruit of HIM (the word) in your mouth. Let the things that come from your mouth be from the abundance of your heart aligned with His. (Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks Matthew 12:34) Taste AND see That the Lord is good.

(Psalms 34:8)

In the Passion it says, (Vs 8) “Drink deeply the pleasures of this God. Experience for yourselves the joyous mercies He gives to all who turn to hide themselves in Him. (Vs 9) That the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Worship in awe and wonder all you who've been made holy! For all who fear him will feast with plenty. (Vs 10)Even the strong and the wealthy grow weak and hungry, but those who passionately pursue the Lord, will never lack any good thing.”

I was taken to Second Timothy 3:13 and 14 in the Mirror translation. “People who are trapped in the mindset of hardships, labors and annoyances will continue to desperately try to get mileage out of a dead and redundant system. The lie that they believe is the very currency in which they trade. In sharp contrast to this deceptive duty driven system, continue to fully engage yourself in the certainty of what you have learned (Taste and See), knowing the integrity of your source. (Intimacy)

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