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Tan Capture Bags

Stephanie and I had engaged Heaven regarding more information on the capture bags. Ezekiel, who met us explained. “Do not assume the possibility that there is every color of bag available to do different things in the spirit. There are some we may not yet ever know what the color is, but the usefulness of the bags is available on behalf of the people’s angels to have full use of. There are dynamics of the use of every bag, including the color of this one.”

The bag he was holding looked like camel hair, a tan color. Stephanie remarked to Ezekiel, “So, you said the words ‘camel hair’, and then you said, ‘hairy’. It's funny how Heaven makes me do correlations of words based on other words, what does this hairy mean? I mean, how does that relate to the bags? Stephanie then saw that they use them in correlation with the domain bags (orange bags) and in conjunction with the domain bags. They are very specific to domains, not in an inclusive way of just what we think of as domains within websites, but domains of the enemy.

Ezekiel said, “There's treachery in domains. There is heresy in domains.”

Stephanie explained, “The way I'm seeing you use this is not in necessarily capturing anything. It is used by laying it down upon the treachery, upon the heresy that is in those domains, covering it. I saw the camel hair. It has what I know in the natural as having a weight to it, an actual weight to it. Think of it as a trampling. You lay them down and you use them in that manner. The usefulness of it as a trampling upon the domains as you go and you capture domains, you lay it down, ahead of the treachery or on top of the treachery. You lay it on the treachery and the heresy.”

Stephanie remarked, “The heresy you're showing me as an actual, tangible thing. Not just a word or a deed, it looks like a tangibleness.

Ezekiel said,

“Heresy’s create structures. We trample down the heresy and the treachery with the use of this bag.”

Stephanie said, “I am seeing clearly how you are using this in a setting where occultism is involved.”

Ezekiel explained,

“The foundation of occultism is heresy. It is treachery.”

Stephanie remarked, “I am seeing it so clearly, the bags provide a covering where your feet can land securely as you go into a place as a conquering. As we've read in the Bible where our feet tread upon the adder and the lion, and our feet tread upon the serpent and the snake. This is like that!

“Oh, you just showed me in the natural, when there's a snake, what we're supposed to do is throw a blanket over it or throw something over it and stomp on it. That is what I just saw Ezekiel do! Ezekiel, can we commission you with these bags?”

Ezekiel reminded us that the understanding of these bags is for our purposes to know what they are conquering. It is a way in which we can understand how the commissioning can be done.

Stephanie asked, “Ezekiel, is there anything else that you need for today? Is there anything else you want to show us about this bag or commissioning’s?

She began a commissioning,

“We commission that these bags be laid out before you as you tread upon the lion and the adder, as you tread upon the scorpion and the snake, for these to be laid out before you as you co-labor. As you walk in the victories, THAT is the full use, Ezekiel.

“Ezekiel, we commend you to the Father. You, your ranks, and your commanders, and we commission you, your commanders, and ranks with the full use of this bag, to lay it down before the people, to lay it down upon the treachery–upon the heresy. As we move forward, co-laboring with you, we can walk and tread upon the lion and the adder, to tread upon the scorpion and the snake; to tread upon those things with victory, commissioning you to do this in full use of all the other bags, in time and out of time and in every realm and dimension. We seal this with the blood of Jesus and the Sword of the Lord. We thank you.

“We thank you, Father, that you keep showing us how you go before us, preparing every way.”

Describing what she was now seeing, Stephanie said, “I'm seeing Ezekiel snatching up things using black bags. I'm seeing him using the purple bags right now. He has laid down those bags before him. I'm watching him with domains, capturing with the orange bags. It's as if I'm seeing the way in which the enemy has put together, their use of infiltrations into domains using occultism and all of that together. This is just such a complete picture of that.”

Stephanie continued, I could only see Ezekiel from his knees down and he had this armor on his feet, and the angels were throwing the tan camel hair looking bag down ahead of them. And it was, if you think of that movie years ago, Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford one where he went into the chamber and there were snakes all over the ground. It was like that. And I was seeing the angels cast these out in front of them and it covers the snakes and then, as they were walking, I could hear the crunching of the snakes underneath of their feet.”

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Tan capture bags
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