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Sonship & Co-creating

We at LifeSpring are in the process of developing some new content and recently, as Donna asked what kind of content it would be, she felt as if she was on the diving board of the high dive in the deepest end of a pool. That question launched her off the diving board. What she fell into was a deep pool of “new”.

She said, “It (the new) has some language that we have been using, but the terms are redefined, and it it links out of time. I think it is seeing yourself with the permission that God has given to the sons of God in Jesus who He is maturing. He is doing the maturing because there are some who may not want to grow up, but He is growing you up anyway. This maturing has everything to do with the freeing of the mind to embrace the identity of who your spirit is in Jesus-from living the physical life-while releasing the higher dimension reality.”

Heaven said, “I view you as the release of the definition of Me to the physical realm, including those who know Me and those who don't know Me, including powers of darkness or the children of God–the flock, and the self-identification of Me with the perfection of Jesus. When that rises from your spirit, because your soul will fight you on this. Your soul has a lot of teaching and traditions and things like that, but your spirit will rise to accept that the oneness of the spirit is so powerful that it overwhelms, it floods out, it erases every other possible definition of a human alive on the planet.”

Donna continued, “I feel like God is just saying this again to me here. I can hear the Father say, ‘I'm going to prove this. I am going to prove this to my sons and daughters. Why? Because I am going to glorify Myself on earth. I am not going to think about it. I am going to do it. I did it one time. I am going to do it again. This is something you can take to the bank. I am not troubled by the need to show My sons how this is. Jesus was simply the first fruit of that. Holy Spirit resides in your spirit, in a marriage ceremony of oneness that makes this super easy. When you live from your spirit the only resistance to that is the mind. So, it is the mind that I am freeing, and I’m not going to think about freeing it. I am freeing it!’

“The definition of what we have called miracles from the soul realm will dissipate because we will demonstrate the higher dimension reality with ease, because this is what Adam did in the physical realm. Jesus got that back for us.

Donna said, “One stretch for me on that is what the Lord told me couple of weeks ago. He gave me this phrase, “I do not want you to chase the wind. I want you to let the wind chase you. It sounded like what He just said is the opposite of something.

“You're trying to show me to think in an opposite pattern. You're trying to show me to live from an opposite pattern. So, I must live as the wind is overtaking me-the wind is moving me–the wind is chasing me. I'm not chasing it. So, this concept as I've had very few and rare moments to chew on it, but each time I chew on it, I can feel this remarkable result in my soul and the only definition or descriptor of what my soul feels about that concept is the word ‘rest’. My soul feels at rest.

“When I think from the concept of God's wind is chasing me and from when your soul is at rest, your spirit can create with ease.

When your soul is at rest, your spirit can create with ease.

There's something about when the soul sits down in rest and my spirit is married to the Spirit of God that has the mind of Christ that engages heavenly realities. There is a much easier flow because you're more aligned and in tune with the facts of Heaven about who you are in a physical realm spirit first.

Finally, the soul will surrender to the spirit.

“A thinking pattern exists in the Bride that goes like this: ‘I'm going to strive to have the mind of Christ.’ I'm going to struggle. I'm going to grasp it. I'm going to claw my way into the mind of Christ. When that is antithesis to fact from heavenly perception. Heavenly perception says, ‘In Jesus, I am perfected, and I have the mind of Christ. I have already embraced the mind of Christ. I already think with His mind. I don't have to think, ‘I wonder what Jesus is thinking about this,’ because when I am in my spirit, my spirit knows what the mind of Christ is about on a subject. My only issue as a human is that my soul has been so busy–not at rest, that it has overtaken my life and given me little time to be the spirit being that I really am, reflective of the perfection I am as a mature son in His mind. The more you think about that, it's like a person having five winter coats on, and they are just taking off one coat after another. That's what it feels like. That's the visual image I have every time I get into this flow.

“It is like I am just divesting myself from this garment and that garment and this wrong teaching and that wrong teaching and this tradition and that tradition. Finally, I am just going to be this naked being in front of a Holy God who says, ‘I'm pleased with you, that's all.’ I said, ‘I'm well pleased with you.’ It is the working through of that.

“So, I put God to the test. He gave me this download about co-creating as a son from a higher dimension, He uses the phrase higher dimensional reality and heavenly dimensional reality. He uses those phrases interchangeably. He said, ‘In this higher dimensional reality, I, God the Father have already said ‘yes’ to you in the Son and therefore, all My Kingdom in this higher dimensional realm and all its unlimited resources are yours.”

Donna said to the Father, “You just gave me the permission to think carte blanche out of your unlimited resources.” And He said, “Isn't that what a son believes?

Donna continued, “I was like, that is how a son thinks. A son doesn't even think, ‘Well, I better go ask the Father if this is a good idea.’ If I'm in the spirit–in Him, perfected in Him, flowing with His Spirit (because I'm already one with the Spirit), then that is the pleasure of God's co-creating through His sons through many avenues of expression.

Donna described, “My soul just is having a fit right now because I'm saying this out loud. It means I can create with Him from His higher dimension.

I have authority to release anything I choose to release as a son.

“My soul is like, no, you can't.”

Donna’s spirit replies, “Yes, I can.”

Her soul countered with, “No! What if you release something bad?”

Her spirit countered, “I won't release something bad. There's no bad in Heaven.”

Donna explained, “That goes back to what He said to me today. He said, ‘Donna, you must see yourself as I see you. Come stand on the Sapphire stones.’ My soul didn't even know what the Sapphire stones were, but my spirit went there, and I was standing on this beautiful pleasant, powerful place. Father said, ‘Now look at yourself.’ I began looking at myself. It was me in the form of a blue shadow, a blue hologram outline with substance 3-dimensionally.”

He said,

“This is who you are–whole, cleansed, and perfected. You are in My son.”

And then he waited a while because I'm still looking at me. And then He said, “Believe these things.”

Then, He just took off with so many expanding thoughts. But the one thing that He settled on as He was talking to me was how I have the ability to reach out to heavenly places and take what I need from His resources without limit. Then the Father laughed like only the Father can laugh, and He said, “In this lab take everything you need. Take everything you want. Take it without limit. It's all yours. It is for you and if you ever run out, I'll make more.

Then He said (almost like, preempting my question),

“Put angels on assignment. Put angels on assignment to bring about joy.“

Donna said, “He was focusing my grasp on the unlimited resources to which I have access without end as a sign I have from my spirit man who directs angels to bring about the manifestation in the physical realm of that thing that I am creating with Him. He was focusing me on this task.”

He said, “The first thing I want you to have them put on assignment for is to bring about joy.”

Donna sat with that for a minute with a marble rolling around in her mind when He gave her permission to talk to Him about it. Like a Father saying, “Let's have a conversation about that. I already know you're thinking it. So, let's have a conversation about it.”

So, Donna started a four-dimensional conversation saying, “My son needs a new car, but he doesn't need any vehicle. He needs an automobile.”

The Lord said, “Donna, it is good to talk with me about needs and wants.

Donna continued, “Here's where it got dicey.”

Father said, “You Donna, see the need, you Donna have your son’s agreement that he now sees the need, but you are stuck on this one thing. (This is where He was blowing my mind with this mindset stuff). He says, “You think that you are asking Me for this because you are afraid that the old automobile is not as safe as it once was (it is 11 years old).

The Father then said, “Answer your son by creating for him a vehicle according to his desire.”

On a recent weekend with her son, he had described the kind of automobile he wanted with a certain kind of tires to be able to do a certain kind of thing. Basically, he was dreaming it out aloud, like a daydream.

I was sitting there absorbing all of that the Father said, “

You are my trading floor for the expression of unlimited resources in the earth.

In previous times they called these miracles.

This is not a miracle. It is simply son-shine.”

Continuing, Donna said, “So, when I say I put him to the test, I just had to think a while. But I had to settle my soul down. In the spirit, I began designing that car and calling in that vehicle. My son is very flexible with things like color, make and model and that kind of stuff. So, I designed that vehicle and released it out of heavenly dimensions with upgraded tires, because he wants upgraded tires to go camping. He needs something like that for when he is going into the mountains.

“The Father kept saying, ‘According to your sons desire.’ I just released it to the extent of the desire to overwhelm him with joy.

“This co-creation with God as sons is the expansion of His Glory."

Do you remember the phrase ‘expand, extend, expect’ phrase that He gave the ministry? Well, He gave me a new phrase. He said,

‘Expand My glory, extend My glory, and expect My glory.’

“I sat down to be still and quiet with Him and I got distracted and then I realized I was distracted. So, then I came back to center in the pursuit of Heaven. I could say I got distracted by the natural realm and He basically told me that the distraction of the natural realm comes from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, even the distraction of what the soul would consider a good thing.

“You know, sometimes He just puts His finger so focused, so pinpointed on your heart, on your mind, or on a thought in your soul. And you're just like, ‘I don't know if I can handle You doing that, but I receive the truth of it, but I don't know what else to do with it. It's just, it's painful–but exceedingly freeing all at the same time. He put his finger on the fact that my granddaughter could be a distraction in the natural to me. I was like, ‘That is so true.’ And that is so painful, but that is so freeing all at the same time.

“And then, you follow that up with, ‘But you can trust Me. You can trust Me. You can trust Me. You can trust Me that if you'll surrender the distraction that your granddaughter might be to you in a moment, I'll give it back to you in the right moment. The goodness of God overwhelmed me at that moment.

“So, I'm just sitting there, and I wasn't really expecting this, but suddenly, I just could feel the glory weight settle on me. I hadn't asked for it. I hadn't even turned my face there quite yet, but there it was. And I just started worshiping the Lord and I was so grateful. And that's when He just started talking and I wrote for a while.

Father said, “Adam knew that He was like Me. Adam knew He was My son. Adam knew He was like Me, and Adam knew himself as ‘I am like You’.

“Then He said, “Adam knew this so fully that He knew Eve within him before I took her out. His desire created Eve. He (the Father) knew Adam before Eve was. He knew that he was two from one.

“I, God created Eve for Adam out of His co-creation of his expression. So, Adams’ full knowledge of himself as like God, that desire created Eve and God did it. And the co-creating was that God approved of Adam's expression of himself as two flesh, not one flesh. And He approved of Adam's willingness to surrender to the expression of himself in another being so that their glory was multiplied.

“His Glory was multiplying, and God approved of that. He approved of Adam dividing to multiply. And he, Adam surrendered her from himself and co-created with God that he might multiply and increase in a physical realm.

“So, when Jesus came, he was the same way as the last Adam. He knew himself as Son in whom God was pleased. He knew the pleasure of God. He discerned His assignment, but he expressed the Glory of God in His assignment. He didn't care what the world thought because He wasn't living from the lower dimension. He was always living from the higher dimension.

“I think that phrase that we have been taught by traditions of men, ‘I only do what I see my Father doing.’ It can be taught with limits and Jesus never had any limits on it. In fact, he was trying to say to them the exact opposite, ‘I only do what I see my Father doing because I always see him approving of this expression of my assignment. And He's given Me full unlimited resources. And therefore, miracles showed up. Therefore, 5,000 were fed. It came back at Pentecost. All that.

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