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Shifting Paradigms

We had gathered with a council in the realms of Heaven to discuss some things related to the ministry. Included in the council were Lydia, Mitchell, Malcolm, George (from Finance), Alicia (from Personnel), and a special guest.

After discussing several items, someone in the group (we could not determine who) began saying, “There are shifting paradigms in the earth right now. People are beginning to see the level of their involvement that will be needed to live as Kingdom sons. We (men and women in white) were always meant to be involved in the action of the physical earth and of the realization of the need for participation in natural things. People are beginning to awaken to this part of their sonship. People are still awakening from quite a lot of religious tradition. They are shaking off from their slumber, but just like when you wake up in the natural and you begin to consider what is ahead of you for your day, people are saying I know I need to do something different, but I don't know what the different is yet.”

Lydia said, “There are a lot of layers and levels of this related to timing in the earth, related to breakthroughs there that are still coming. And there is a whole lot of grace right now for people to awaken to new thinking and new thoughts about who they are in Christ, about what God wants from his sons and daughters, what the leading of the Spirit is leading them into, and this is a good question. ‘What is the spirit of God leading me into?”

She said, “Define this from the difference of the world. What is the world leading me into? What is the emotion? What are my emotions wanting to lead me into? What is the Spirit leading me into? And when the Spirit leads me into a thing, how does that filter out in spiritual terms, physical realm terms, and emotional terms?

What is the leading?

“One of the best questions that people can ask themselves right now is, ‘What is the leading? What is the Holy Spirit leading me into? What is Holy Spirit leading me into today? What is Holy Spirit leading me into this week? What is Holy Spirit leading me to do or say by word or deed, and where is He not leading me? Where do I sense He's not leading me to do that?”


Lydia also said, “I want to talk to you about distractions. Your distraction can come from your soul. Your distraction can come from the world.” “Do you know what I'm talking about,” she asked? Continuing, Lydia said, “I'm talking about all the available information around you. If Holy Spirit is not leading you into the available information, then you are being distracted. There is a time for it, but it can be a distraction. So, on all of the devices that humans use, all of the sources of information, all sorts of outlets of information that people are using to distract themselves with, it would be beneficial to realize that this is a distraction from the Spirit of God that dwells in his people.”

Donna noted that Lydia did not mince words.

Lydia continued, “I will say it very plainly, the enemy needs your attention to distract. He wants to own your attention.

Pay attention to what is owning your attention.

“The demands of the physical can own your attention. The demands of the world and its voice can demand your attention. Where is your attention? At what level are you giving attention to Holy Spirit? When you give attention to Holy Spirit, all the rest will go well with you. Where you get distracted, you are being conformed to the world. This will be some of the defining of things between the sons and daughters of God in Jesus, and those who are being conformed to the world, being depressed by the world, being told what to think, and being herded into conformity and distraction.

What you give attention to will make a difference in these days.

She said, “If you're wondering what to speak with the people about in the mentoring group, mentor them regarding the topic of what has their attention. But she said, “There are even some things in you in your natural realm that are demanding attention, but don't need that much attention. They need this much attention, but you're giving it this much attention. In this, I'm not talking about the voice of the media. I'm really talking about the demands of physical life. It needs only this much attention. So that then you make time for something else to take or curate your attention to another thing, what are you attending to? What are you giving your attention to?

You are giving your life essence away to something when you give it attention.

“There is plenty of life essence from the Father who upholds your breath. Then there are those who want to steal it which feels like it's stealing your energy. I'm not talking about the energy you get from food. I'm talking about the energy of the light of your spirit man that comes from Heaven. It will prove out well for those who sit down and analyze what they are giving attention to. What am I giving my attention? Allow Holy Spirit to direct your attention. Holy Spirit will counsel you regarding the direction of your attention when you are willing to surrender your attention to Him.

“Your life is not your own. You have been hidden in Christ Jesus. Finding the path of abundance in hidden realms and the seeing realm comes through the spirit of the man–the awakened spirit of a son or daughter of God who allows their focus and their attention to be drawn to what the Holy Spirit is leading them to and showing to them.”

In your world, this will take some time and surrender to come to the conclusion of what Holy Spirit is leading to.

Donna replied, “Lydia, I just appreciate you saying that. It feels quite defining what you're saying, but it also feels like it's a big shift–a really big shift within a being, within a mind, within a heart to do that.”

Lydia said, “There are more things changing than we are aware of. Some of the things that are changing are on the inside of people. Things on the inside of people are changing; what they look for, what they want. There's just a lot changing on the inside of humanity.

Seismic Change

Mitchell (a man in white who often has input for the ministry began saying, “Don’t be afraid of seismic change.

Have no fear about change.

Change only brings about something that hasn't been seen before or partaken of. It is actually good for your spirit, soul, and body that change take place. Change is not negative. Change is neutral. It is how you stand in the change; how you experience what is changing. It is your choice how to embrace it that makes the difference to you, the quality of your life.

Abraham on Surrender

Our special guest, who had said nothing up to this time, was silent until we requested his input into our gather. His name: Abraham – the father of faith. The honor that was bestowed him by those gathered was noticeable. Abraham had this to share with us:

He began, “A uniqueness of body, soul, and spirit capacity is being released. Sons of men and the sons of God will have a showdown. Those filled with the light frequency of His Glory can engage their citizenship of Heaven for maximum benefit. The world's glory will not remain. It is passing now even quickly. How you engage this transition results in your ability to see yourself for who you really are. The sons of men versus the sons of God. There's a showdown that has to take place. It takes place internally in each individual, and it will take place in bodies of people (groupings of people).

“There is a new awakening forming itself inside the sons of God, such that has not been on earth yet. This comes through the realm of God’s sons. It comes to the realms of God's sons from the inside to the outside. The sons of God become aware of how they are changing internally. They become aware of the fact that they are being changed internally. Their systems are coming online in a manner of speaking with the systems of Heaven. Their heart is like a gate choosing for them in a way that they will go. Surrendered hearts are like surrendered lives and trust becomes the issue. Whether trust in oneself, as sons of men or trust in God, as sons of God.

“A precipice looms ahead where another choosing happens. There are many angel armies who have been waiting in the wings to assist the sons of God to surrender and let God be who He is among them. This will be a time like Moses when he went to meet God on the mountain considering himself already dead. He fully surrendered everything that he was in the natural to encounter God in everything He was being displayed as, fully trusting that God would be responsible for the outcome. Jesus, in like manner surrendered everything, trusting the Father to be in charge of the outcome.

Your day will be filled with like opportunity–trusting God for the outcome.

“A lot can take place when you trust God for the outcome. I trusted Him with the outcome of Isaac. Sons of God are about to understand the faithfulness of God. Not for how He responded to their desire, but for how He responds to His own plan–to the faithfulness of his own plan–to the faithfulness of His own being. God is faithful to Himself.

Live your life in contentment with the Spirit of God.

“Learning to live your life with the contentment of the Spirit of God will feel like your life takes on new definition. It will feel like life is being redefined. Surrender to the fact that there are many things you have not been told. Surrender to the fact that there are many things that will not be told. Surrender to the fact that there are many things that will not initially run according to your own judgments. Surrender and follow.”


Encouragement to Believe

This morning as we engaged Heaven Lydia had some things to share. She instructed us to, “Encourage the people to believe. Encourage them to believe the message as simple as this will get swept to the wayside but encourage your people to believe. Many are not believing (because of their distraction level) that learning to feed oneself from the spirit is necessary.

“What is going back to nothing is hard. You have in Jesus the ability to change your mind and to think in a new way about any topic that you have had been chewing on in the soul. That topic must be presented to your spirit man, because your spirit man has a choice that will override the soul. Your spirit must be given the choice to decide what it will think about a thing. And your spirit can change the direction of the flow of your thoughts for things not to be hard and not to be impossible. You must engage your right of choice to believe and choose how you want to think about a thing. You must choose how you want to think about it. Then you must face the fact that you are thinking in a perspective, in a path, in a

direction, and you must stop and say, ‘Is this the direction I choose my thoughts to be in?’ Because if you do not choose your thoughts to be there, you can change the direction of your thoughts. This is the function of your spirit man of overriding the soul realm so that you are making the willful intent of choice from your spirit to think a different thought about a thing, a person, a circumstance, and event. Some say this is the ascended path of choice, but it begins when you stop and think, ‘Do I want these thoughts I'm thinking, or do I want a different set of thoughts?’ Choose the thoughts you will have.

“Your spirit in oneness relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit gives you this right to of choice from this comes the change in the frequency of the physical realm vessel, which is your body.”

Donna noted, “I can see that is so resisted. But do you know who that is resisted by? It is resisted by Christians. It is from all the wrong associations and wrong teaching that they got when they were young, but we can learn a new way.

Lydia continued by saying, “Woundedness or fear. These two things will prevent those focusing on woundedness or focusing on fear–from changing their thoughts. Woundedness or fear will keep you from considering, ‘Do I want the thought I'm thinking?’”

She said, “I do want to tell you a secret. The world is full of things telling you how you should think. Everywhere you see things telling you how you should think. The sons and daughters of God need to consider, is this what the Holy Spirit is telling me to think about this?’”

Lydia said, “It is as if there are loudspeakers on planet earth directing your thoughts. But the sons and daughters of God in oneness with Jesus Christ, through the infilling power of the Holy Spirit, have the right to make a new thought to think or to consider. ‘Am I thinking the thought I choose to think?’, or ‘Am I thinking a thought that I've fallen into thinking or I've been taught to think?’, or ‘Am I thinking the thought that has been presented to me to think? I choose with the willful intent of my spirit man to overcome this and think the thought that I want to think.’”

Donna again noted, “You are right, Lydia, they will persecute us for this because it is taking back ground from the enemy, but it is an awakening to your truest identity in Christ and to your seamless oneness with Him. You are right. It is a good time to say hallelujah. Hallelujah.”

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