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Shields of Protection

Lucas, a man in white, met us this morning to teach us about veils (aka shields). We went to the Place of Receiving. It felt like a classroom of sorts.

Lucas began, “I am here to give you a linear explanation of veils (otherwise known as shields). You must free yourself of earthbound thinking and engage with your spirit understanding to engage the realms of Heaven for the download of this information.”

We declared, "I engage the realms of Heaven and ask angels to come and assist me in every way in Jesus name. All right, Lucas. Thank you."

He continued, “A discussion of veils includes a discussion or an understanding of spheres. Let us start with the most common veil known to man–that veil written in scripture. In the temple of God, the veil was torn from the top to the bottom. It was completely torn apart by the power released to earth through the body of Jesus, given in payment, that sons and daughters of God may know Him. The Heavens welcomed the removal of a veil that hour. This hour had been foretold by prophets of earth and by councils of Heavenly places, even the council among the Godhead.

Tornado Dream

“Veils separate. They divide. They create a place of division.”

He said, “Donna, in your dream you saw lot of streets and people crossing streets (just imagine the street is the veil). In your most recent dream, you saw the tornado come across the street. It came out of an unseen invisible realm. It crossed the veil, which is the dividing line. And it intersected the earthbound realm. So did spiritual things on the day Jesus gave up his spirit and descended into hell. The tearing of the veil was a manifestation of His accomplishment of the mission for which He was sent. He came to remove the veil.

“Think of veils in large strokes with broader meaning. It is true that there remains now no enmity between God and man due to the veil removal. However, veils are still perceptible to mankind with your spirit being sensitive to veils of darkness that have been impinged upon the earth, put there by forces of darkness. But also veils (also called shields), in this case of protection have been put in place by angels in light who hearken to or carry out the Word of the Lord.

“Jerusalem is described as the apple of the Lord’s eye. Do you not have an eyelid that protects your own eye? It is a shield to your eye for what enters in that gate. Most often the shield must often come down to prevent unwanted intrusion through that gate. So, just as your eyelid covers your eye, so a shield covers the apple of the Father's eye, which is the place of His rest, the place of His passion–Jerusalem. This shield is a created being of some classification.”

Shields of Darkness

Lucas continued, “The shields that are erected by darkness are what you would call which you would say are conjured using an occult pathway of darkness to achieve a similar effect. The saints of God have power over these illegal shields due to the occult shields’ power coming illegally. According to the Justice of Heaven, decrees of the nature you are involved in regarding the pulling down of shields of an occult variety is important in this hour and is part of the work of your hands. By that, I mean the work of your mouth. Darkness has to have a shield covering it lest the light of the world would penetrate the light of His Glory through His sons and daughters.”

We asked, “How do people who are deceived into operating in league with darkness maintain their darkness? “

He replied, “By a shield, a conjured veil whose effect is to confuse, blur the lines, and distort vision so that workers of darkness can carry out secret deeds in darkness. But the light of the Lord who dwells in you richly is greater than their darkness. As son and daughters of God, the release of light needs to go in tandem with the pulling down of veils–pulling down of the covering darkness is hiding under.

“When the saints agree with the work of Heaven that the timing is right for the pulling down of shields, in their dawning realization of their capacity to release angels who bring these shields down, their agreed faith, their decree, and the work of their mouth instructs the angelic realm in this destructive work. The removal of occult shields is a powerful tool to be used against those geographical places in the earth realm, which occult darkness has put in place.

Shields Over Cities

“For example, there are certain cities that have these ungodly shields, these occult shields over them. One example in recent times is the city of Los Angeles which had an occult shield over it. But due to the work of the saints, the prayers of the saints, the decrees of the saints, the boldness of the saints, the shield began to lose power. It began to be very weak and then there came a moment where angelic forces were released, and the shield was removed. Now the light can penetrate into LA in new ways.” Lucas said, “This came to Donna’s ears through Doug Addison. This is what she was hearing him talk about. On the day LA had a terrific electrical storm, that was that day that the shield was removed.

“You have heard of intense battles in the heavenlies by angels. This is true. And, if you could see it, it would look like the battle of frequency sound waves, because often what is holding an occult shield in place is lack of worship from the saints. But where the King is worshiped, worship rises to begin to influence the occult shield. Know that the release of the sound of praise and worship with those who are releasing faith, love, honor, respect, acknowledgement, and the pure praises of God and of the King Jesus weaken the shields that are in place. This has happened in Washington, DC.

“Following those among you who operate as generals and commanders on earth (yes, I am speaking of the apostolic sons and daughters of God). The body of Christ does well to engage a unified voice for the release of angels to reckon with these shields. Now is the time for the pulling down.” He said, “Donna’s understanding of the supernatural story over Jericho is true as you have described that.”

Lucas says, “You are wondering how shields get established?”

He answered for us, “Works of darkness, the intent and will to engage with evil, whether the human is deceived or deluded, or has intentional rebellion against God to gain power from darkness. These ritual engagements have something to do with putting these occult shields into place. They do have to maintain them, and they often become children of wrath in the recognition of the ever looming need to keep these shields in place.

Shields are Beings

“This is in contrast however, to the shields of Heaven that are being placed in dimensional places, not just geographical earth realm places by Yahweh. These shields that you refer to as beings are such and have their own classification. These shields have a life form. They are in place on the pillars of the foundation of the earth.

Shields are also Objects

“However, shields are also objects. They are heavenly in dimension that the forces of angels build. The work of worship, praise, proclaiming truth–just the simple proclaiming of truth helps the angels establish the shield. Thus, homes of believing saints can have shields. (That was Donna’s vision) and evil cannot penetrate that. People can have these shields, groups can have godly shields, places can have them– earthbound places. Gatherings can have them.

“Ask of the Father, ‘Let the shields of the Lord be put in place,’ is an excellent prayer and decree of the saints. As they gather the shields themselves have innate understanding of their boundary. These are the shields of the Lord. They know their boundary.”

He asked, “Which is greater? The shields of the Lord or the shields of the darkness. You know the light conquers all and has done so since eternal times when they were first established. Therefore, you can look at shields as a light wave being and its formation of light frequency resonates with the breath of God in the children of God, His sons, and daughters. Therefore, their praise, their expression of truth, their verbal release of righteousness, their verbal release of the precepts of the Lord and their verbal release of kindness, are frequencies and tones that agree with the working of the Heavenly shields.

“Remember what I told you? Occult shields distort vision. If you will look for it, you will see this in your day.

“It is where you second, guess what you thought you saw if this is true or not. If it clouds your understanding, chances are you have looked through or you are trying to discern through (looking with natural eyes through an occult shield when you must have discernment from your spirit man, because your spirit man, in conjunction with the discernment of the Lord by the Holy Spirit can discern through and penetrate through these shields. Therefore, the occult shields work so easily against the saints when they are not utilizing their spirit realm, their spirit eyes, and their spirit senses to discern with the power of the Spirit of God, even His voice, and the winds of God, the messengers to decipher what is being seen. Therefore, saints often have a hunch that something is not as it should be. That can be paid attention to because you are beginning the introduction, or you are being beginning to connect to the introduction of the messengers of God, the Holy Spirit of discernment and truth to reveal what is trying to be hidden from your sight by a works of darkness. We would refer to these as the occult shields that we have been talking about.

“Your discernment being liquid like a soap bubble is correct. Think about a soap bubble. In the physical earth, it is a manifestation of surface tension between the water and the soap. It is held together by the linking of those atoms or molecules. This is somewhat similar. This is somewhat like this. The heavenly shields that can be placed by saints. It is a type of liquid forming the shield.”

Donna interjected, “I have every thought Lucas, that when you say it like that, you are meaning it is a formation of Holy Spirit, which is liquid, which is a metaphor, or a euphemism for the liquid protection.

Lucas replied, “Its consistencies operate in what you would term liquid.”

Requesting Not Decreeing

Lucas noted, “Light always overcome darkness.”

“Lucas, should I call them Shields of Light?” Donna asked.

He replied, “Yes. When requesting them (notice I said requesting). We are not necessarily decreeing here.”

“When we are talking about placing a shield, do we need Heaven’s input on it?” we asked.

“Yes and no, because sometimes shields of light are placed because the saints get together to worship–they have gathered to seek the Kingdom, they have gathered to prophesy…they have gathered to be the conduit through which Heaven is expressed among themselves and the angels are building that.

We asked, “So, when the occult shields of the earth are being torn down, the saints would decree this in agreement with Heaven. Is that right?”

Agreed Voices

Lucas replied, “An assault by light upon shields of darkness comes through the magnification of agreed voices of the children of God. These voices must stand in faith, trust, belief, and a firm stance. They must take hold of the grace of God for this. They must take hold that while their spirit finds its flow of agreement. The natural senses will not assist in this. One must be okay with using the spirit senses to engage this decree that the bringing down of occult shields occurs at the hands of the angels assigned to bring them down.”

“Ancient pagans knew about these shields. They did not know how they operated or what they had become engaged with, but they recognized a greater shield when they saw it. This is the story of the child, Moses in the basket on the river. That basket represented the shield in which the baby lay. The pagan princess somehow recognized that was what that was at that time–a greater shield. The supernatural was a greater part of their day. Their intellect scientifically did not leap forward to make explanation, but her darkened senses of the invisible world gave her pause to consider this child who was not swamped but protected,” Lucas explained.

“Lucas,” we asked, “Is there anything else?”

Foul Birds

He began pointing out the connection between a shield erected or built by angels and the inability of foul birds to penetrate. He was just reiterating that as it related to a recent dream Donna had.

Replacing Occult Shields

We asked, “As a shield is dismantled, how is the godly shield put in place replacing the occult shield?”

Lucas replied, “As angels dismantle an occult shield, the shield of the righteous needs to fill the void. This is done by the expression of thanksgiving, the expression of joint unified voices expressing the power of God, the overwhelming victory of the King, the superior force of light, and the manifest expression of that, through their words–their conversation they acknowledge the battle has been won. They testify. They release their witness and their agreement of the triumph of the Lord of Hosts through angel armies. This is the spark. This is what the angels then use to build the sphere, the godly sphere of protection that would fill that place. It is hard to imagine it, but it is a war of the spheres. Which one will fall? Which one will remain? Which one will overcome the other? Which one will force out the other? Think of it dimensionally, like a soap bubble, not within a soap bubble, but one bubble vying for the same space as the other soap bubble. The greater kingdom power wins. This must be decreed by the saints as they are residents of earth realm. ‘Let the high praises of God be upon your lips’ (Psalm 149), does not the scripture say that? This is for the purpose of maintaining the placement at the hands of the angels of God these shields and prevent the activity of darkness from using the delusions and distrust of men.”

The Football Stadium

Lucas then gave an example. “Think of the football arenas that you have been to. You go for fellowship, enjoyment, and activity. You go innocently. You go only with good thoughts, but you have entered under a sphere that you know not. Here is how I can tell you this, Donna.”

He said, “Do you remember that day you thought, ‘Why is it so hard to have a thought about Jesus in this place?’ That is due to the shield that is over that arena. Think of the unrighteous activities that you are not engaged in, but others are. There is betting, there are spirits of anger, spirits of division.”

He says, “You have often wondered why a simple game of moving the football can get so heated that it affects the entire stadium. Have you noticed where it does this to the unwitting, to the unknowing, and to the people who engage in it without understanding? Think of that. Where you entered an ungodly sphere, you were under its influence. It was harder to have a thought of the will of God, the purposes of His destiny for the people in that place while you are in that place.”

He explained, “Look at marketplaces. Take Disney. When you are under the shield of that place, it not being entirely righteous, but built with deception. You come under a space that makes it very hard to have thoughts of actual reality. He says, do you think this is done by happenstance? It is not. You have entered a shield.

“Let me show you another place. Remember years ago when giant shopping malls were popular? It was covered by a shield. I am not saying that everyone engaged in shopping was engaged in evil. But when you entered that place there were forces of darkness trying to impact the behavior and activity of humans to manipulate and control what they thought about and what they said. That is what these occult shields. Do not be naive. Occult shields are put in place with intention. Yes, they use deceived and deluded humans–humans that are in league with darkness, whether due to bloodlines or whether due to trauma inflicted in their life that induces them to rebel against God. People have created a shield of darkness over those places so that you are manipulated when you get there. Some of this is just the activity of evil prayer. It is the working of darkness.

“Those who hear you speak of this will be prone to this that I am about to describe. There is a pendulum swing that people are going to go through where they see ‘everything is a shield’. And then it will swing back the other way, where their thoughts will be, ‘Nothing is a shield.’ This is complete stupidity. Eventually that pendulum of new truth that you release will land in the middle and the Holy Spirit will bring about a balance in His people. Where you do not see the balance in someone's grasp of this is where they have not consulted with the Holy Spirit to let him teach them about this revelation. Nevertheless, is it right to hold light under a barrel?”

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