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Secret Weapon of the Saints

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Times are changing. Deftly, they change. The word 'deftly' means skillfully, cleverly, adroitly. (It's great to hear Holy Spirit speak to you using a word you aren't familiar with such as the word 'deftly' and then go look it up to get the full meaning of what He meant! I love that!)

It’s not difficult for Father to change your times and eras. He enjoys when you set your mind for change with Him and do not resist His movements toward change.

What has been is not what will be.

Hanging on to hope for what has been leads to stress and to disorder within your body and soul.

Peace from within will help you flow and float through your day.

Many are the problems of the world. These will diminish as God’s people take their places. Their places wait and beckon them, and Almighty God moves them into place. Agree with His movements. Let change take place.

God has many Esther’s “for such a time as this” that He is moving into place. Don’t resist change but agree with Heavenly councils and petition the Father to move His Esther’s into place.

Your role is to arrange angelic help on your own path! Arrange angelic help to help you, to move you through the changes in your life. Peace is yours in the midst of change. Agree with peace! Activate Peace!

Jesus took up the conversation that Holy Spirit had begun with me this morning:

Your inner world is connected to My peace and to My kingdom. You, individually, are my outposts. My peace I give to you, not as the world gives you peace.

Stress requires leaning upon Me and refusing to accept the stress. Spiritually you can refuse stress in your realms.

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. (John 14:17)

[Verbally] tell your body, “Don’t react with stress to stress". Much of your world is experiencing varying levels of stress, many of the people around you have internalized stress and are burdened by it.

React in the opposite spirit? How?

Holy Spirit is there to help you! Holy Spirit will lead you to the right reaction. Your soul must re-learn this “following” activity.

And when He had said this, He said to him, “Follow Me!” (John 21:19b)

Follow Me.

Your body and your soul must connect to My peace. I love your soul. I have one too! But divine Spirit in your spirit can be given room to expand and operate. Holy Spirit already knows all things. Lean into Holy Spirit with your human spirit and receive peace as STRENGTH.

Not many have this strength, which is My peace. When you operate from My peace within you, it will transform you to operate from strength.

Peace within you is My strength. Your peace is strength.

Peace is strong not WEAK. (Here the stronghold of my mind and thinking was suddenly revealed by the light of Truth. Inside my mind I associated peace with weakness, and the activity of being a "wet noodle" or "milk toast". Pierced by truth, I knew I needed to repent of this and confess it as sin, and ask Jesus to cover with His blood, to forgive me, and to cleanse my mind of the lie and impurity of this manner of thought. I immediately stepped into His courts to accomplish this.)

A person with peace appears strong!

A Prayer Template

Father, I step into your Mercy Court in the name of, and through the blood of Jesus, my Redeemer. I ask that You hear my repentance and confession of sin. I have viewed Your Peace as weakness. I have embraced a lie. I ask for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. I ask that Holy Spirit and Your angelic host would tear down the stronghold within my mind that believes Your Peace is weakness and replace it with the truth that Your Peace is strength. I ask Holy Spirit to pull down the stronghold within my mind, emotions and soul that translates Peace as weakness.

Spirit to Soul Instruction

I speak to my soul in the name of Jesus. You are loved. You are invited to rest and to let my spirit, in oneness with Holy Spirit, instruct you and our body. Soul, you will release peace from my spirit to our body. We have peace, we live from peace and stand in peace. We will react only from peace.

I am a human in agreement with peace and I am strong in the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace, through Holy Spirit to my spirit. I will trade from peace and strength. I will trumpet peace around me, through me and in me; the peace that passes the understanding of my intellect.

I am at peace with my fellow human. I am at peace with members of my family and the groups to whom I am connected. Peace knows me and I follow after Peace. Peace is limitless within me, and powerful, abundant. I invite peace into my being, my realms, my home and my body.

Jesus continued His release of truth:

How is peace going to come into the world if it does not come through you?

Everyone everywhere is looking for Peace. Peace is in My Presence. Peace has already been given. Peace, that is strength, is sturdy and sure.

My response to Jesus as Holy Spirit began to download visions and examples to me of the strength of peace:

Peace is rock solid. I can anchor myself into this rock of Peace. I am moored to this Peace.

Peace is trusting God for the outcome of every circumstance. When I try to control the outcome of things I can not control, I invite stress. When I trust God to show me and reveal to me the things I can control and should accomplish with His Wisdom and Truth, stress is barred from the party! Barred from mental paths, barred from my flesh container.

Peace is access to a King and to a Kingdom, to angels, to Courts, to Council Rooms, and to Counsel.

I have peace because I honor the Prince of Peace upon His highest throne, and the three-fold cord of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Peace is the secret weapon of the saints!
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