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Rules of Resurrection

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  1. Seed (Something) has to be alive – the “word” God gives you

  2. Seed has to die – that “word” God gave you

  3. Seed has to live again - have God breathe upon it again – Let Holy Spirit breathe life back into that “word”

  4. Seed has to fulfill the purpose for which it was resurrected.

  5. Abortions of destiny and purpose can occur all along the way.

  6. In the first life – you can give up on the word and never wait for it’s resurrection

  7. A necessary part of seed growing is for the seed to die

  8. After the seed dies, if no one breathes life into it again, if you quit on it ever living again it will remain dead.

  9. After it is resurrected it can still miss fulfilling its purpose – that is up to you!

Resurrection is potential in action – not the action itself!

See it as a multi-act play

ACT 1 Jesus pre-resurrection ministry was only setting the stage for the next act.

ACT 2 When he commissioned his followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

ACT 3 He ascended to the Father’s right had to intercede for us and left the task to his followers

We are in Act 3 NOW!

ACT 4 The final showdown and Jesus’ return.

Anywhere along the way, things could have been aborted.

Rules of Resurrection:

John 12:24 Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.

  1. Seed must die or it abides alone – Your dream/word will die

  2. Your dream does not die, to stay dead – it dies in order to live again

  3. Once it is resurrected – it must grow to its maturity

  4. Help it grow –

  5. Nurture it - feed it

  6. Water it – give it life-giving nourishment

  7. Protect it from the elements – too much heat, too much cold, too much rain

  8. Protect it from natural enemies –

  9. Don’t let it get devoured by the “harmless critters”

  10. Don’t let it get devoured by the “mean critters”

  11. Once it is mature is must—not merely reproduce –but replicate (produce a copy of itself). You produce fruit for the purpose of replication

  12. You must

  13. provide an environment conducive to replication In the human arena replication requires:

  14. Relationship

  15. Intimacy

  16. Action borne out of the intimacy

  17. The giving of seed

  18. Conception

  19. Gestation

  20. Birth

  21. Provide an environment conducive to growth

  22. Shelter

  23. Clothing

  24. Food/Water

  25. Protection


Resurrection is potential in action – not the action itself!

Resurrection is the activating of potential!

What in your life needs resurrecting?

Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Now Jesus wants to resurrect in you that which has died.

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Rules of Resurrection
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